IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

For the third research method, semi-structured interviews were used. They were conducted with the clients of IACC's venues. This approach was used to acquire a better understanding of their needs and wants for the future of business events. These interviews revealed five factors that clients will be looking for in successful business events in the future. These are more collaboration between meeting participants, high quality of technology, a valuable way of communication, and the venues to come up with new innovative ideas. Moreover, the clients will be looking for venues that share the same values as their own corporations. The outcomes of the exploratory research, survey, and interviews were compared and analysed. Additional literature research was conducted, as mentioned in the first research method, to identify five overarching topics that are relevant to the study: flexible meeting spaces, outdoor meetings, technology, the creation of experience, and loyal customers. Collaboration and flexibility are key aspects in all these topics.



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