IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

4.3 Literature Research The table below gives an overview of the topics that have been identified before, during, and after conducting the different research methods. The topics for desk research have been established during the exploratory research to give a good basis for the project and after conducting the survey and interviews new topics emerged creating the new and final topics. After the table, an explanation of the final topics is given.

Desk Research Current Trends



Meeting Habits

Decentralisation of the Work Environment Changing Motives to Meet

Decentralisation of the Work Environment

Decentralisation of the Work Environment

Changing Customer Expectations

Impact of the Pandemic on the Business

Strategic Decisions

Transformation Post Pandemic

Your Vision on the Future of the Meeting Industry

Decision Making Factors

Organisational Culture

Need to feel safe

Usage of External Venues

Organisational Change

Face-to-face vs. Virtual Meetings



Need to feel Safe

Rising Importance of Technology

During the execution of the interviews, new important factors were found. Additional literature research has been done to gain a better understanding of these new topics.



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