IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Chapter 6: Research limitations This chapter highlights multiple limitations that the group encountered throughout the project and the effect that it had on the research process. 6.1 Survey Limitations Finding the target audience for the survey and making direct contact proved to be challenging, resulting in a slight difference between the desired number of survey respondents of a 100 and what the group eventually reached, which is a total of 77 completed surveys. This can be explained by the target audience's demographic characteristics, as employees in high managerial positions in large companies are less likely to be easily approachable and have the time to reply to a survey. As the project was done during the COVID-19 pandemic, survey respondents were often unable to answer a question when asked about their ideas on the future. 6.2 Interview limitations Because of COVID-19 and the locations of the interviewees, all six interviews were conducted with the help of virtual tools, this could at times be challenging as technical problems such as a slow connection occurred, which resulted in complications and a possible risk of missing information. As the project was done during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was at times difficult for interviewees to predict how their work environment might evolve in the future. 6.3 General limitations The Project Group conducted its research during the pandemic so getting a clear understanding of what the work environment will look like post COVID-19 was quite complex. Doing the research in a few years might provide more reliable insights. Another challenge was that the location of the venues had a rather large impact on the results of our research as every country is currently living with different restrictions. In the future, it could be interesting to look at the possible change in demand depending on the region of the facilities. 6.4 Future research The Project Group was able to identify factors affecting the demand for external meeting rooms. It would now be useful to research the extent to which the implementation of the recommendations given influences the demand. The research can be done by analysing the influence on the operations at venues and their guests.



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