IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Preface This Research Report has been completed by Project Group 10, a group of five international students from the Hotel Management School Maastricht who all took the Horizons in Hospitality minor in the third year. During this minor, students learned about hospitality in a variety of industries. The expertise and experience acquired here are well-suited to this project and are being applied to this deliverable. Our task was given to us by the Hotel Management School Maastricht in collaboration with Mark Cooper, CEO of the International Association of Conference Centres. We would like to thank Mark Cooper and Rik Hüsken, director and owner of Kapellerput, for their knowledge, trust, and enthusiasm during the meetings as well as Eugène Staal for obtaining this assignment and the introduction to IACC. Furthermore, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation towards our first supervisor, Maria José dos Santos Freitas, for her constant patience, guidance, and support as well as our second supervisor, Jogien Wilms, who provided us insightful constructive feedback during the pitches. Finally, a special thanks go out to all the survey respondents and interview participants. Despite the impact of COVID-19, we were able to conduct all interviews via Microsoft Teams, we would like to thank all the interviewees for their time, flexibility, and openness. As a way of showing our appreciation, we planted a tree in the name of the company of the persons interviewed. Together we contribute to a better and sustainable world.

Without the help of all the parties mentioned above, this advisory report would not have been possible.

Kind regards,

Amélie van den Akker Santusha Felipa Merel Jansen

Pia von Putbus Marleen Schuit

20 December 2021, Maastricht



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