IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

Q10. In the future, what type of in-person business event might be hosted most often within your company?

Q11. Please rank the following business events according to their suitability to be done online or in-person

Q12. How much international business travel, with the intention to meet, did you do before the pandemic?

Q13. How much business travel, with the intention to meet, would you expect to do after the pandemic?

Q14. Which aspects are relevant when considering travelling for meetings in-person?

Q15. Which aspects are/are not relevant when considering virtual meetings?

Decentralisation of the work environment Q16. Before the pandemic, how many days a week did you work?

Q17. During the peak of the pandemic, how many days a week did you work?

Q18. How many days a week do you currently work?

Q19. How would you like to work in 2022?

Q20. ‘’I feel safe returning back to a physical office’’

Impact of the pandemic on the business Q21. To what extent did these organisational changes apply to your business during the pandemic?

Q22. If your organisation is using more virtual meetings compared to before the pandemic, how are they being used?

Your vision on the future of the meeting industry Q23. After the pandemic, what best reflects the change in demand of in-person meetings for the business event industry?



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