IACC External Meetings Demand Report 2022

1.4 Management Question For IACC’s member venues to be able to adapt to a decentralised work environment, research needs to be conducted to find the factors affecting future demand. To guide the exploratory research, the following management question has been formulated: “What are the current trends and factors affecting future demand for the external meeting venues that will enable IACC to predict and adjust to the changes brought on by a decentralised work environment?” 1.5 Purpose of Research The goal of this assignment is to gain insight into the current trends and factors that influence the future demand for the external meeting industry. The outcome of the research results in collaboration with the pieces of advice mentioned in the Advisory report will be translated into an infographic as it is easy to read, analyse and are effective for a quick and clear understanding. Furthermore, recommendations will be made regarding the future meeting industry to give IACC more knowledge about the future work environment. Will changes in the work environment, such as Decentralisation, indeed have the potential to influence demand on external business events? 1.6 Report Structure This report provides detailed information on the research’s execution and design, the results of the research conducted, and the conclusions drawn for IACC. In Chapter 2, the exploratory research will be described to review previous research findings to gain a broad understanding of the field. This chapter consists of environmental research including current trends in the meeting industry, Decentralisation of the work environment, the rising importance of technology in a decentralised work environment, the need to feel safe, and giving millennials a voice. Furthermore, exploratory research is conducted about organisational culture, organisational change, transformation post-pandemic, and the constantly changing customer expectations. Moreover, based on the exploratory research conducted, research questions were formulated to define the additional information needed to answer the management question. In Chapter 3, the methodology for the research is presented together with the justification of each research method, namely surveys and interviews. Chapter 4 consists of the analysis and results of the quantitative and qualitative research conducted. Different analysis methods will be used including Enalyzer regarding the surveys and inductive coding regarding the interviews. In Chapter 5, conclusions and recommendations are formulated for IACC. By linking and comparing the results and analysis back to the exploratory research and addressing the overall management question the conclusions and recommendations will be drawn. Chapter 6 will provide the limitations of the research and suggestions for further research will be presented.



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