Crest Ink - Volume 30 - Number 03

Crest Ink

Volume 30 • Number 03 July, August & September 2018 Ashton, IL 61006

It’s hard to believe that sixteen employees have called Crest Foods their home for the past forty years. We are fortunate to be able to say that ten of those sixteen employees are still actively working with the company today! While some of these sixteen say that they were only going to work here for a little while, or that they hadn’t intend- ed on staying long, we are humbled and appreciative that they all decided to stay and make their career here. Many things have changed over the past forty years: buildings, uniforms, number of employees, products, pace, jobs...but the one constant that has carried us to the company we are today is the people. While we will never be able to thank this group of people enough for their dedication, we do find it fun to get together as a group and reminisce about all that they have experienced here over the years. At the annual Forty Year Dinner this spring, we had tweleve of these sixteen employees get together for dinner, drinks and some good quality reminiscing. It was great to have those who have since retired join us this year, and we look forward to this celebration for many years to come! Thank you again to this group of employees. We would not be the company we are today without you. Cheers to Forty Years Neil Henert, Jim Spangler, Guyla Pfeiffer, Andy McCannon, Tammy Williams, Pam Kelley, Connie Schumacher, Chris Pfoutz, Kim Gallagher, Carol Milens, Morine Snodgrass & Steve Meiners at the Forty Year Dinner. (Unable to attend: Lila Burhenn, Jerry Waters, Ken Drew & Linda Myers)

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