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NOV 2019

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KEEPING THE FAMILY DYNAMIC EVERYWHERE WE GO Family is a huge part of my life, both at home and at Beaumont Family Dentistry. Not only do I have a chance to work with my husband, Ryan, but I also work with many of my in-laws. Having the opportunity to work with family has been a wonderful experience, and it’s easier than many people expect. and we are all focused on working for the same purpose. At the end of the day, we’re a family unit first and foremost, no matter what takes place from a business standpoint. well before we got married. At the time, I didn’t have any interest in the dentistry field, but that quickly changed through my interactions with my soon-to-be family. I was always happy to come into Dr. Takacs’ office for my appointments, and the team made me feel comfortable, welcome, and taken care of — they still do! AN ESSENTIAL PART OF OUR LIVES

Outside the office, we still try to spend as much time together as we can. Every Sunday, we get together for a casual family dinner, where our conversations are always lighthearted and fun. We also plan a family vacation at least once a year and make sure to spend the holidays with one another. For Thanksgiving this year, we’re combining both Ryan’s side and my side of the family to have a great big dinner. We’re especially excited for this because it will be the first family gathering for my second son, who will be born at the beginning of the month. What I find most remarkable is that our family atmosphere isn’t just between us; it’s apparent throughout every office of Beaumont Family Dentistry. While it’s true that our family has a huge presence here, the office is also so much more. Every one of our patients is treated like family, and the team here works toward the same goal of doing our best to ensure our patients leave with a smile. I’ve witnessed again and again the family-oriented priorities of Dr. Takacs. With her, family always comes first, whether that’s with our patients or the team.

My interest began to peak especially after Ryan and I started dating, which was around the same time he entered dental school. As I watched him progress through his schooling and then excel later in his career when he joined the Beaumont team, I became aware of just how much passion and enthusiasm Ryan and his family have for this field. When Dr. Takacs first asked me to join her team, I was both excited and a little hesitant. I’d always heard that no one ever wants to mix family and business, as it can be difficult to keep things professional, but I am pleased to say that wasn’t the case at all. Through the years I’ve spent here at Beaumont and through my work with my family, both at the office and at home, I’ve seen just how impactful dentistry is for people and how important these relationships are. This Thanksgiving I’m very thankful to have such a wonderful family, for everything we’ve accomplished here, and for all the people at Beaumont who have helped mold it into the caring facility it is today. –Hannah Golibersuch

We are a tightknit family who sees one another quite a lot, both in and out of the office. Being around family as much as we are helps us be much more real with one another. We are comfortable having the hard conversations,

I’m very lucky to have known Ryan and his family for many years. I came to Beaumont as a patient


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