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Yvon Simoneau announces resignation


every meeting.” Simoneau balanced his time between his councillor duties and his work as a civil engineer for the Spacebuilders construction and development outfit in Rockland. Looking back over his term for the past two years, Simoneau expressed satisfac- tion withmost of his work on council, citing development of a new neighbourhood park in the ward and several roadwork projects for the area. “I’m happy with the work I’ve done in Ward 4,” he said, adding that he alsomade a point of challenging administration for more details on its recommendations to council. “In the long term, the city and council bene- fited from that,” he said. For the City as a whole, Simoneau is satis- fied with his efforts to get five-year and ten- year plans developed for some of themuni- cipal infrastructure work, to eliminate the annual wrangling at the council table over what roads and other infrastructure should get priority for capital budget funding. Simoneau declined to speculate on how council will deal with finding a replacement for him following official acceptance of his resignation. He knows that administration is already working on a report to present to council on Feb. 6 outlining possible options. Other municipalities that have had to deal with the resignation of a council member have reviewed options that included asking the first runner-up candidate to fill the position

until the next civic election. Whoever his successor is for the mon- ths remaining until next year’s municipal election, Simoneau has one piece of advice. “It’s a full-time position if you want to do it well,” he said, noting that he has had constituents call him at home late at night, at supper time, and over the weekend, with their problems and concerns. “Be prepared to give a lot of time.” At press time a special meeting of council was scheduled for Feb. 2. The Ward 4 seat vacancy was placed on themeeting agenda. Josée Bourbonnais 613-286-9949 Service à domicile Infirmière en soins de pied 613-850-5744 La maison du store par Danny & Sandra Décor 100 stores en démonstration *Venez voir votre store avant de l’acheter* • Peinture • Tissus • Céramique • Cadeaux

After much debate with himself, Yvon Simoneau has decided to resign his seat as councillor for Ward 4 on the City of Clarence-Rockland council. Simoneau’s decision stems from his doctor’s own re- commendation. “As some of you already know,” Simoneau stated in an email letter to council and the Vision, “I’ve spent some time at the doctor’s and at various clinics during the past eight months. I don’t need to remind you that I’ve been suffering from stress.” Simoneau’s doctor has urged him to give himself and his familymore of his time and give up some activities that may be stressful. Simoneau stated that it has been a difficult choice for himbut he has decided to resign as Ward 4 councillor. During a later phone interview, Simoneau said his resignation letter should be part of the Feb. 6 agenda items for council to review and accept. As far as he is concerned, though, he feels his resignation is effective now though he is sorry to have to do so. “It’s hard,” Simoneau said. “It’s a tough decision to make.” Simoneau won the Ward 4 seat with a campaigned latform that included greater transparency in municipal business deci- sions and also restoring public confidence in and support for city council. “People who knowme, know I don’t do a

Yvon Simoneau, conseiller du quartier 4, a annoncé qu’il quittera le conseil municipal de Clarence-Rockland, à la recommandation de son médecin. M. Simoneau a déclaré que c’était une décision difficile à prendre. —photo Gregg Chamberlain half job,” Simoneau said, regarding his time on council. “I was reading everything, I was keepingmyself apprised of everything before

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