FC1000E/SF1000E/X1020/L1020: EPA 2020 Certification Report

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TEST REPORT FOR HY-C COMPANY, LLC Report No.: 104415176MID-002AR2 Date: 11/09/21

SAMPLING LOCATIONS Particulate samples are collected from the dilution tunnel at a point 20 feet from the tunnel entrance. The tunnel has two elbows and two mixing baffles in the system ahead of the sampling section. (See Figure 3.) The sampling section is a continuous 13 foot section of 6 inch diameter pipe straight over its entire length. Tunnel velocity pressure is determined by a standard Pitot tube located 60 inches from the beginning of the sampling section. The dry bulb thermocouple is located six inches downstream from the Pitot tube. Tunnel samplers are located 60 inches downstream of the Pitot tube and 36 inches upstream from the end of this section. (See Figure 1.) Stack gas samples are collected from the steel chimney section 8 feet ± 6 inches above the scale platform. (See Figure 2.) FIGURE 1 – DILUTION TUNNEL


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