FC1000E/SF1000E/X1020/L1020: EPA 2020 Certification Report

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TEST REPORT FOR HY-C COMPANY, LLC Report No.: 104415176MID-002AR2 Date: 11/09/21


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Particulates were sampled in strict accordance with ASTM E2515-2011. This method uses two identical sampling systems with Gelman A/E 61631 binder free, 47-mm diameter filters. The dryers used in the sample systems are filled with “Drierite” before each test run. In order to measure first-hour emissions rates the a third filter set is prepared at one hour into the test run, the filter sets are changed in one of the two sample trains. The two filter sets used for this train are analyzed individually to determine the first hour and total emissions rate. INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION DRY GAS METERS At the conclusion of each test program the dry gas meters are checked against our standard dry gas meter. Three runs are made on each dry gas meter used during the test program. The average calibration factors obtained are then compared with the six-month calibration factor and, if within 5%, the six-month factor is used to calculate standard volumes. Results of this calibration are contained in Appendix D.

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