New Jersey Institute of Balance - June 2018

JUNE 2018


s of May 23, we’re in the second month with our new twins, little Michele Stella Russo and Michael Dean Russo. Lisa’s C-section went as well as we could have hoped, and the twins are at home with us, safe and sound, eating like crazy, thriving, and gaining weight just like they’re supposed to. Meanwhile, Lisa is recovering like the champion she is. I’m constantly amazed by her ability to juggle everything at once while being the best mother in the world for our kids. To say it’s been a hectic couple of months would be the understatement of the century, but regardless of the chaos, I’m lit up with that incredible feeling that comes every time a new child enters our world — this time multiplied by two! Right now, I’m just so thankful that the entire process has gone as smoothly as possible, despite the kids arriving earlier than we’d expected. The twins are still sleeping in our room in the bassinet, but soon we’ll be transitioning them to the nursery, where everything is perfectly set up to accommodate Lisa’s and their needs. People keep asking me how I’m managing four kids at home (two of them newborns), opening our new New Jersey Institute of Balance location, and continuing to see patients full-time. To be honest, I have no idea! It just kind of happens. When I wake up in the morning, I set my goals for the day, determine exactly what needs to be done, and get to work — that’s basically the whole game. As much as I can, I stay on some semblance of a schedule, trying to maintain as much of a sense of Michael & Michele Moving Into the Second Month With the Twins A

normalcy within the family as possible. So far, luckily, this strategy seems to be working!

I’m also happy that our other kids, Jack and Lia Grace, have been totally thrilled to have a new brother and sister. Lia Grace, 7, is taking on the role of mommy whenever she can, holding the babies and helping feed them. Jack, 2, is starting to fully grasp just what these new additions to the family mean for him, and he’s eager to play, though he’s just learning how to not be so rough with his new brother and sister. The other day, he looked over and said, “Look! I’m doing nice!”while he was just kind of lightly smacking them in the head — he’s still on that learning curve for how to treat a baby. But it’s been really, really cool to see how he evolves along with the infants; it’s a whole new world for him. All in all, it’s an absolutely unreal experience. It’s difficult to express just how it feels to have more kids in the house, but whenever I’m reminded of that fact or come home to a newly full apartment, I’m overwhelmed with this awesome rush of emotion. I’m so excited to watch Michele and Michael grow and learn alongside each of us.

–Dr. Michael Russo


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