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welcome The start to 2022 has been not without its challenges, but for most, the new year is still a time to reset and rebalance your mind and body and of course to set new goals. When it comes to your health and wellness goals, no longer is immune health a once-a-year focus, rather now it has become a key health priority all year round. If prioritising immune wellness is one of your goals then check in with a Go Vita health consultant at your local store. They can help create a personalised immune wellness program that is specific to your needs and your own health situation. The Go Vita team is passionate about what we do and committed to creating better health outcomes for all our customers. We have over 300 natural health practitioners working across our stores nationwide, so wherever you are on your path to good health from novice to enthusiast, we can provide specific wellness advice for you. I would recommend you check out our Immune Wellness article on page 2 for some great tips to get you started! If 2022 has been a particularly challenging time for you I would also suggest a read of our article on ashwagandha, a new stress- relieving herbal medicine that is fast gaining popularity due to its many positive health benefits! With Easter just round the corner we have provided some delicious and healthy recipes for you to try on page 31! Speaking of cooking - our Spelt Flour Carrot Cake on page 17 is a simply delicious must-try! As you begin the year, focus on simple achievable goals – eat better (not less!), take the stairs, go to bed earlier, drink more water and every day find something that you are grateful for!

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Immune Wellness NOW

The battle against CoVid has taught us that boosting the body’s own healing powers against disease is more important than ever.

You do everything you can to avoid germs – wash your hands, use sanitiser, wear a mask – but toxic bacteria and viruses remain determined to invade and infect your body. However, if you strengthen your immune system with these must- have supplements, your chances of staying healthy, strong and energised will soar. The super six 1 Vitamin C: This operates in several ways to support and improve immune function, as it is required for the optimal T-cell activity as well as collagen production; this in turn supports skin, tissue and cellular health and slows the entry and progress of infection in the body. Besides its role in immune health, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that plays a role in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease and cataracts. 2 Vitamin D: Despite living in ‘the sunburnt country’, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals one in four Australians has a vitaminD deficiency – with seven percent being severely deficient. Food alone cannot provide an adequate

amount of vitamin D, and sunscreen curtails the body’s ability to manufacture enough of it from sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for immune function, along with strengthening bones, normal muscle contraction, and keeping blood fats and blood pressure at correct levels. 3 Zinc: A zinc deficiency can trigger poor wound healing, leading to colds and flu, compromised smell and taste, skin problems such as acne, and poor immune function. Zinc protects the body against colds, flu, mouth ulcers, a sore throat, conjunctivitis and gum problems. It also strengthens the body’s resistance to more serious health problems, including arthritis. 4 Quercetin: A bioflavonoid and potent antioxidant that is found in onions and apples. Its disease- fighting and immune- boosting potential stems from its ability to reduceinflammationandpreventtherelease of histamine, which causes symptoms widely associated with infection, like a blocked nose and a sore throat. Quercetin also fights free radicals, strengthens blood vessel walls and increases blood flow.

Children’s immune care

Kindy and school present prime opportunities for children to catch the latest bug, and bring it home. Thankfully, herbs and vitamins fight colds and flu in children, as well as relieve symptoms. Herbs such as echinacea are traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to decrease respiratory tract infections, while zinc, vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids are important to improve immune function in children.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


5 Echinacea: A wealth of evidence shows that this herb is highly effective in fighting viruses that cause colds and flu, as well as improving resistance to other infections and recurrent ailments, such as vaginal yeast overgrowth, urinary tract infections and ear infections. It stimulates immune system cells that fight infections and boosts the T-cells’ production of interferon, a natural virus fighter. 6 Probiotics: These bolster immunity by actively growing the population of beneficial bacteria in your gut, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria, which prevent the overgrowth of ‘bad’ bacteria and yeast. Clear your throat Throat lozenges provide fresh-tasting relief for a sore throat when needed; however, not all lozenges are created equal. Throat lozenges which are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as complementary medicines have therapeutic active ingredients, and provide all-round assistance via essential oils, nutrients and herbs specifically targeted at different areas of immune system support and symptom relief. For example: Menthol Evidence on the therapeutic attributes and safe use of menthol dates to the early 1900s, and it is commonly used in throat lozenges. Menthol has a long history of use in traditional Western herbal medicine as an analgesic, to relieve the symptoms of sore throat and pharyngitis. It has a

cooling effect, which is also indicated in traditional Western herbal medicine to relieve a scratchy throat. As an active ingredient in lozenges, menthol therefore provides effective symptomatic relief and is beneficial for people with sore throats.

harder to help your immune system when

you are fighting infection, is even better. Lozenges that contain therapeutic

amounts of zinc and vitamin C have been scientifically indicated to support immune system health and function. Vitamin C is internationally recognised as contributing to the normal function and maintenance of the immune system, by aiding immune functions of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. Zinc is essential for many of the bodily functions and systems, and is a key nutrient for the immune system and immune response. Zinc affects numerous aspects of the immune system and is essential for normal development and function of cells mediating innate immunity. Vitamin C and zinc are also antioxidant nutrients, reducing free radicals formed in the body. So - next time you need symptomatic relief for a sore throat, try a lozenge with a formula that is based on clinical evidence of the efficacy and safety of echinacea, eucalyptus, peppermint, vitamin C and zinc to both ease a sore throat and support your immune system, and which contains these ingredients in therapeutic amounts.

Lozenges containing therapeutic amounts of zinc and vitamin C have been scientifically indicated to support immune system health and function.

Eucalyptus and peppermint These two essential oils produce a mild vapour, comforting the senses and also giving the throat a cooling sensation. Zinc and vitamin C A lozenge that reduces symptoms of a sore throat is important because we want to feel well – however, one that actively works hard to keep you healthy, and works even

16 ALL-NATURAL PREMIUM INGREDIENTS Good source of fibre Australian macadamias Antioxidant rich cranberries


ISSUE 63 • 2022 *T&C's: Discount applies to Brookfarm Toasted Muesli Cranberry 1.5 kg. Offer ends 31st March 2022.

Australian owned & made in Byron Bay


Reboot with Breakfast

Y ou can’t feel energised and focused if your brain is starving, which is what happens if you don’t eat breakfast. The brain needs around 120 g of glucose daily in order to work properly, and when you wake up in the morning your glucose levels need to be topped up. A well-balanced, nutritious breakfast will keep you on top of your game and get your day off to a great start. If you don’t eat breakfast, the body releases extra insulin, which disrupts blood sugar levels and causes cravings. If this continues long term, it can lead to metabolic syndrome and adrenal exhaustion. Need more motivation? Studies indicate a strong correlation between being overweight and skipping breakfast.

Since being overweight lowers energy levels - making you more likely to reach for sweet foods and less likely to feel like exercising - eating breakfast can help fend off unwanted kilos as well as improve physical and mental performance. Eating breakfast is very important for children and teenagers. In addition to refuelling their bodies and brains with essential nutrients, research shows that children who eat breakfast tend to be healthier overall – they are more likely to be physically active and socially responsive, as well as to eat well for the rest of the day and to maintain a healthy weight. Critically, there is a strong link between eating breakfast and school performance. Studies collated by the US Food Research and Action Center show that children who do not eat breakfast were less able to learn; in particular, they had lower maths scores, attention and behavioural

Research shows that teens and university students who eat breakfast score higher on tests, are better able to concentrate and exhibit greater overall mental performance than those who don’t.




problems, and emotional, academic and comprehension problems. Research also shows that teens and university students who eat breakfast score higher on tests, are better able to concentrate and exhibit greater overall mental performance than those who don’t. However, a sugary muffin or a hasty piece of toast will not do the trick. You need protein, good fats, and high-fibre, slow-burning carbohydrates, such as those found in oats and barley, to provide sustained energy, kickstart your metabolism, get your digestive system moving and fire up your brain. If your excuse for not eating breakfast is that you have no appetite in the morning, or no time, or both, try these tips to re-educate your brain and stomach:

Not used to eating in the morning? Your appetite needs to be reprogrammed. Start with something simple and quick, like a smoothie or a vitamin-rich green juice. Amp up the nutrition by adding a teaspoon each of protein powder, flaxseed,

spirulina, oat bran, LSA mix and chia seeds. Get into the habit of prepping ingredients for breakfast the night before

and having them all ready and waiting in the fridge. Peel and chop fruit, place smoothie ingredients in a blender, and fill cereal bowls and cover them with beeswax wraps. Make breakfast a sit-down treat to look forward to on weekends, with berry-yoghurt parfaits, free-range eggs, spinach, avocado, tomato and wholemeal sourdough.

Drawn from goodness Herbs of Gold Children’s Immune Care is a strawberry-vanilla flavoured chewable tablet that contains a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals to support immune system health in children.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.


Life’s golden formula


ISSUE 63 • 2022


Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders?

H ave you tried heard your friends raving about this herb, but what does it actually do? This Ayurvedic herb has been traditionally used in India for centuries and its popularity has seen it spread around the world. That’s probably got a lot to do with ashwagandha’s stress-relieving properties - something many of us could use! ashwagandha? You may have already Here’s everything you need to know about how this popular herbal medicine could benefit you, shared by Erika Bass. What is ashwagandha? Ashwagandha, also called withania, winter cherry or Indian ginseng, is a shrub which has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India since 6000 BC. Its root is used in Ayurvedic medicine as an adaptogen, which helps the body to cope with stress.

The Sankskrit word ashwagandha literally translates to ‘smell of a horse’, and this herb is thought to traditionally give the ‘power of a horse’ when consumed in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a rejuvenating tonic.

can be taken to help the body to adapt to, or cope with, stress. It’s thought to do this through its ability to reduce stress levels. Most importantly, ashwagandha is known to reduce the symptoms of both stress and mild anxiety.

Why is everyone talking about ashwagandha?

What herbs can be used alongside ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is often taken with many other herbs, some of which include polygala, citrus peel, poria mushroom, holy basil and magnolia. Polygala is a popular herb used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to reduce symptoms of mild anxiety, restlessness and irritability. In TCM, polygala is traditionally known for calming both the mind and the spirit, also known as shen. Another herb to look out for to combine with ashwagandha is citrus peel, which is traditionally taken in Chinese medicine to improve digestive weakness, and regulate qi (or life force energy) to relieve abdominal bloating and fullness, nausea and excessive burping.

How can ashwagandha help me? As the interest in ahwagandha increases, so does the research into its benefits. The research shows that this adaptogenic herb Worldwide, people are looking to the herbal world for ways to help cope with stress, and to relieve stress and mild anxiety symptoms. Fun fact - India consumes over 100 metric tons of ashwagandha every year, making it one of the most used herbal medicines in the country. And for good reason. The epidemic of stress and mild anxiety symptoms doesn’t exist in India alone.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


Wondering what else you can do to reduce stress? Try these easy tips ... Talk it out: Chatting to trusted loved ones and/or a health professional such as a GP, counsellor or psychologist, is beneficial in times of increased stress. Mindful nutrition: Look after yourself by sticking to a nutritious, balanced diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables, good sources of protein such as chicken, fish, legumes and nuts and seeds, a variety of whole grains and healthy fats such as omega-3s from oily fish, chia and flaxseeds, and walnuts.

Exercise your body: If you need a pick-me- up, exercise is an excellent tonic. Moderate- to-strenuous activity is best for boosting your levels of feel-good hormones, but even a brief walk may help to lift your mood or calm your stress. As a general rule, aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week. Train your brain: Meditation is an important part of the picture when it comes to reducing stress levels. Walking meditation, guided meditation, classes, visualisation and meditation apps for your phone are all equally beneficial.

Things to avoid: Avoid stimulants and mood- altering substances, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and recreational drugs. Despite giving you a buzz in the short-term, they often lead to a slump or ‘crash’ later. Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Life can get the better of us all sometimes. If your usual stress management techniques are not quite cutting it, a little extra herbal support from ashwagandha could do the trick!

References available on request. Erika Bass is Technical Support team leader at Fusion® Health. She has over a decade of experience in the natural health industry, and a particular passion for helping women look and feel their best.



KEY ACTIVES Ascorbic Acid Zinc Menthol Peppermint Oil

The original THROAT-CLEAR lozenge with the lingering sensation of cooling minty menthol Pretorius THROAT-CLEAR Sugarfree Herbal Lozenges contain menthol, vitamin C and zinc. ✓ Menthol is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve the symptoms of sore throat and pharyngitis. ✓ Vitamin C and zinc support healthy immune system function. ✓ Vitamin C and zinc provide antioxidant support to reduce free radicals formed in the body.



ISSUE 63 • 2022 Do not use if tamper evident seal is missing, torn or broken. Use in children under 12 years is not recommended. Do not use if pregnant or likely to become pregnant. Do not use while breastfeeding. Contains 5.97 g of maltitol per maximum recommended daily dose (8 lozenges). Products containing maltitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.



Brain Health FOR 18-35s

A s any parent knows, young people think they are immortal – and they take risks. However, they can also protect themselves. A certain degree of memory impairment is a normal consequence of ageing. However, what is less widely known is that this decline begins as early as the mid-30s, and permanently affects memory and recall. What is even less widely known among people aged 35 years and under is that many of their behaviours can damage their brain. However, the good news is that there are many simple proactive and empowering strategies which they can adopt that will safeguard their brain health, both now and long into their future. Don’t wait for cognitive and memory problems to appear before doing something about them – prevention is always better than cure. Here are the risk factors and how to significantly reduce their impact. Poor diet Young people can have an inadequate intake of essential nutrients due to many factors. These may include stresses and pressure of study and work; late nights and

excess partying; smoking and recreational drug use; and overindulgence in alcohol, which strips the body of B-group vitamins and magnesium that are crucial to neural health, brain development and performance. Additionally, young teens

Eat foods rich in carnitine, such as lean meat, cheese and eggs; non-animal sources include beans, wholegrain breads and cereals and asparagus. Beans and wholegrains also contain lecithin, needed to make acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter. The antioxidant vitamins C and E protect the young brain from damage by neutralising free radicals andreducing the protein plaques associated with impaired memory. The B-complex vitamins are specific for brain development, with research showing even slight shortfalls in vitamin B12 and folic acid cause mental sluggishness by elevating levels of homocysteine (an amino acid). Change your thinking Adolescence and young adulthood is a time of experimenting, questioning and learning what works for you, including thinking habits. The toll that stress, overwork, long study hours and career concerns take on your brain depends largely on how you cope with challenges. If you tend to withdraw, get angry or discouraged, blame yourself and put more pressure on yourself, or reach for a stiff drink or other unhealthy distraction, you’re letting stress win. However, if you train yourself to think differently and see the situation as temporary and manageable – (“This person has a problem

A certain degree of memory impairment is a normal consequence of ageing. However, what is less widely known is that this decline begins as early as the mid-30s, and permanently affects memory and recall.

may experience growth spurts which increase nutrient requirements. Follow a low-fat diet to regulate cholesterol, as fatty foods will gradually clog arteries and reduce oxygen flow to the brain.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


with me, but most people don’t”; “Things will get better soon”) – you’ll be more immune to life’s ups and downs. Lack of exercise Exercise is most beneficial way to deliver oxygenated blood to the brain. Researchers have also found a clear link between high blood sugar levels in young people and reduced volume of the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in memory and learning. University students with impaired blood sugar regulation commonly perform more poorly in memory tests. Since weight loss and exercise will normalise blood sugar levels, improve sleep and reduce stress, it makes sense to lock both of these healthy habits into your lifestyle from as early as possible. Learning to slow down the breathing rate and improve abdominal breathing is a quick and efficient way to improve the delivery of brain-boosting oxygenated blood, and it is easy to learn at any age and perform in any setting, such as in a classroom or meeting.

Breaking news

Preliminary findings from a study into the effects of sage (Salvia officinalis) extract on cognitive performance in adolescents aged 12-14 years, and young adults aged 18-25 years have important benefits for these two age groups.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study that involved computer-based word recall tasks was conducted with two single doses of Sibelius Sage (an extract of the herb sage), which resulted in consistent and significant effects on the cognitive performance of both age groups. Consistent with previous studies of Sibelius Sage in older people, specific improvements were noted in the following aspects of cognitive performance: attention, working memory and short-term episodic memory (immediate recall).

Given the importance of maximising cognitive potential during high school, tertiary education and training, and then when starting and establishing a career in a competitive and fast-changing world, this natural

memory booster should be of interest to younger people as well as older people who have, up until now, been considered the only ones who need this support.

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world

Fusion Stress & Anxiety features the herb ashwagandha, which relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, and improves the body’s ability to cope with stress. Available at your local Go Vita store.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen, or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


The Gut-Brain Axis

W orld-renowned therapist and wellness expert Marisa Peer explains how plant-based prebiotics nourish the mind-body connection. A leading pathway to healing themind is to heal the gut, which is why I am endorsing Kfibre™ - a plant-derived, vegan prebiotic that is designed to heal and nourish the gut-brain axis. As a therapist, speaker, best-selling author and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), my work focuses on the power of the mind. It is very important to understand why healing and supporting your gut has powerful effects on the mind, a dynamic referred to by scientists as the “gut-brain axis.” When we talk about the mind-body connection, there is an emphasis on how our thoughts create physical and emotional reactions in the body. However, it actually works both ways, particularly when it comes to gut health, because the gut-brain axis covers the bi-directional communication between the central nervous system and the gut microbiota, and back again.

Prebiotic power One thing that your body, mind and gut all absolutely need is a natural prebiotic. I have been using Kfibre for several months as part of my morning routine, and I have found that it has made an amazing difference to my gut health. Doctors call the gut ‘the second brain’ and we really need to take care of it.

it supports the all-important microbiome, helps normalise digestion, addresses the dietary causes of bloating and indigestion, and assists with weight maintenance. For people who suffer from uncomfortable digestive problems, Kfibre is a welcome addition to a holistic treatment protocol. Not only can it help reduce physical symptoms and promote regularity, it also alleviates the low confidence and self-esteem issues that come with chronic bloating and digestion problems. Kfibre’s unique flour-like formula is backed by four independent human clinical trials, three in-vitro scientific trials, and over eleven years of research and development at the University of Queensland and the University of Tasmania. It is now available worldwide. It is vegan, sugar, gluten and dairy free, and contains no known dietary allergens, making it an accessible choice for every lifestyle and preference. Kfibre is easy to integrate into a healthy lifestyle. I recommend adding the powder to a smoothie or yogurt, baking it into a breakfast bar, or simply adding a spoonful to a glass of water. Produced in the Burdekin region of far North Queensland, Kfibre’s powdered formula is derived from sugarcane, but is 95% sugar reduced with a neutral taste. (Only 4 calories per serve)

“Kfibre is the world’s first sugarcane-based prebiotic.”

Kfibre is the world’s first sugarcane-based prebiotic. It is a virgin prebiotic and functional fibre source that can be used for gut health management and microbiome support. Developed in Australia by leading wellness company Health Food Symmetry,


ISSUE 63 • 2022


Delicious inspiration Kfibre is one of the most versatile products on the market. Not only will it assist with increasing your dietary fibre intake, but it can be easily added to multiple meals and drinks across the day, because it is tasteless as an additive. Note that Kfibre is a prebiotic which is mainly insoluble (with a small percentage being soluble) and will not dissolve in liquids or food. Try these ideas: Smoothies: Follow any new or favourite tried-and-true recipe, and add 1 teaspoon of Kfibre per person before blending with other ingredients.

Water and juice: When adding a teaspoonful of Kfibre to a glass of water or juice, make sure you stir it in very well to ensure that you are getting all the soluble and insoluble fibres. Always sip a little extra water after your Kfibre drink, to rinse your mouth and throat thoroughly. Baking: Kfibre can be added to any type of flour. Use 1 tablespoon of Kfibre per cup of flour, and then follow the recipe as usual. For a crumble topping, bliss ball mix or biscuit base, add 2 tablespoons of Kfibre to the ingredients. Always add Kfibre to the dry ingredients first, and mix well. Tip: You may need a little more rising agent or liquid in the mixture. Kfibre has no know allergens and is FODMAP accredited by Monash university for IBS Symptoms. Marisa Peer’s RTT training has close to 13,000 practitioners globally and is using a compilation approach with HFS/Kfibre to ensure healthy gut healthy mind. https://marisapeer.com/kfibre/

Soups, stews and curries: Using any recipe you have, add 1 teaspoon of Kfibre per serving to the main cooking pot when ready to serve. (Do not add Kfibre during cooking, as this will reduce the potency of the antioxidant ingredients.)

YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED... NOW IN GLASS JARS & 120 PACKS ESSENTIAL NUTRITION VITAMIN K2 • helps maintain normal bone mineral density* • Supports the development and maintenance of strong healthy bones *in healthy individuals. Vitamin supplements do not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. VITAMIN K IS IMPORTANT FOR BONE HEALTH Essential Nutrition’s Vitamin K2 has been formulated with ™


Available exclusively in Go Vita stores Australia wide.


ISSUE 63 • 2022

CHPAUS 30951-1219

Healthy heart nutrients

C omplementary

can navigate with your health practitioner. Recently another promising nutrient emerged. Long known for its role as a coagulant, researchers have discovered a specific version of vitamin K, vitamin K2 as MK-7, is a strong cardiovascular ally. Research has shown vitamin K2 as MK-7 helpsmaintain and use calcium in the bones. Calcium not used by bone-building cells can accumulate in the arteries and soft tissues, contributing to cardiovascular disease.

in the bones and away from your arteries. Amid the bounty of recent research on MK-7, one 2015 study stands out. Researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands monitored 244 healthy post-menopausal women for three years using pulse wave velocity and ultrasound techniques. The participants, aged 55-65 years, were randomly assigned to take a nutritional dose (180mcg) of a specific form of vitamin K2 as MK-7, called MenaQ7®, daily for three years, or placebo capsules. After three years, the outcome was amazing. Vitamin K2 as MK-7 not only inhibited age-related stiffening of the artery walls, it improved vascular elasticity. The Stiffness Index ß in the MK-7 13.0 group decreased significantly compared to the slight increase in the placebo group. Results confirmed vitamin K2 intake is linked to cardiovascular risk and a nutritional dose of vitamin K2 does promote cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 delivers vital cardiovascular support, and in a recent study that used MenaQ7®, the MK-7 worked well with other nutrients, including magnesium and vitamin C. This is important since taking a variety of supplements improves our prospects for cardiovascular health. Two options to consider are magnesium and ubiquinol. Ubiquinol Ubiquinol is a more advanced form of coenzymeQ10, the heart’s energy source. Research shows the body can absorb ubiquinol five to eight times more readily

nutrients like vitamin K2 and coenzyme Q10 can be game-changers for those seeking to improve their cardiovascular health. Leading cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker investigates. Smart supplements can help keep your heart healthy, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Cardiovascular disease claims more than 17 million lives annually throughout the world. In Australia someone has a heart attack every 10 minutes, with one-third of men and half of women having at least one risk factor for heart disease. The great news is that probably close to 90 percent of deaths from cardiovascular disease are preventable. Exercising for at least 30 minutes daily; maintaining a healthy diet and reducing destructive daily habits, such as smoking or drinking, all count towards keeping our hearts healthy. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help protect your heart. Look for lean meats, fish high in omega 3 such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring and trout, and avoid too much salt and sugar. Smart supplements Seeking out smart supplements also plays an integral role in maintaining heart health with many good options you

Smart supplements can help keep your heart

Vitamin K2 as MK-7 helps puts calcium where it belongs. Think of MK-7 as the body’s light switch. It activates or “turns on” important proteins in the body, such as osteocalcin for strong bones and the matrix Gla protein (MGP) for heart health. By activating these K-dependent proteins, vitamin K2 helps keep calcium healthy, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


than supplemental CoQ10. The highest concentration of ubiquinol in the body is found in the heart. Published studies state ubiquinol may help maintain a healthy heart by providing the cellular energy needed to keep it pumping efficiently. Separate research found it also helps in maintaining healthy levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in healthy adults. Ubiquinol is proving promising as an additional therapy for people with cardiac complaints as well as those taking statins. While statins are commonly prescribed for cholesterol issues, they can inducemyopathy, a condition featuring muscle tension, weakness and pain. Statin drugs work by inhibiting your body’s production of cholesterol but they also deplete your natural ubiquinol levels. One study found taking statins and ubiquinol together reduced muscle pain by up to 54 percent and muscle weakness by 44 percent. Another study on the effect of

ubiquinol supplementation on lipoprotein cholesterol plasma levels, found both a reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol and an increase in CoQ10 levels within the body of each person. Talk to your health practitioner about the right options for you. And remember, lack of exercise and sleep, a poor diet and

other unhealthy habits can take their toll over the years.

Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practicing cardiologist, author of

seven books and a regular presenter on TV and radio in Australia. Article adapted

from Go Magazine Issue 47: ‘Heart Healthy Nutrients’ by Dr Ross Walker.

Sage Advice... Salvia officinalis (Sage) is traditionally used in herbal medicine to maintain and enhance memory and mental recall.

Sage is also traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a tonic and can aid in the maintenance of general well-being.

Follow some sage advice… ...choose Sibelius Sage

Available exclusively in Go Vita stores Australia-wide.


Use only as directed. Always read the label.

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F ood is only as healthy as the soil it is grown in, or grazed upon. Learn about two brands that are leading the way in this important work. The founders of Brookfarm, Pam and Martin Brook, have proved that a commercial farming operation can coexist with nature, and that it is possible to implement critical regenerative agriculture that works with nature, not against it. Through regenerative farming, Brookfarm has become a biodiverse ecosystem: while operating a commercial macadamia operation, it is also home to native insects, platypus, owls, koalas, turtles, water dragons, snakes and rare sugar gliders. Natural solutions “We seek nature-based solutions to improve the taste and quality of our produce,” explains Martin. “Regenerative agriculture allows us to implement farming principles and techniques that pursue land and soil rehabilitation while strengthening the entire ecosystem.” Ueli Hurter, biodynamic farmer and member of the Weleda board of directors, explains: “We see our gardens as ecosystems, with plants, soil, animals and organisms thriving both above and below ground. Having all these elements healthy and in harmony is the only way to protect the natural environment and keep people healthy. Our founder Rudolf Steiner helped to bring the idea of biodynamic agriculture and organic farming to life. Now, we are helping our raw material partners to adopt this sustainable way of farming as well.” The eight Weleda medicinal gardens around the world are centres of biodiversity, with resilient ecosystems and soil that is kept healthy, aerated and fertile using natural methods, like fermented nettle tea. Weleda is committed to an open-pollination seed strategy to safeguard natural raw materials, and is a founding member of the Sunflower Initiative for Bio-Seeds, which breeds organic seeds. Regenerative Farming? Examples of the results of regenerative agriculture at Brookfarm include: After regeneration, breeding owls returned to the farm. Each pair of owls can consume up to 1,200 rats and mice per year, keeping the farm bait-free. “Regenerative agriculture allows us to implement farming principles and techniques that pursue land and soil rehabilitation while strengthening the Brookfarm uses Trichogramma wasps to manage the population of nut borers, an invasive species that eats macadamia nuts, thereby eradicating the need for nut borer pesticides. Brookfarm’s soil is now up to 60 percent more effective in capturing carbon, thanks to regenerative agriculture practices. Biodiversity benefits everyone Everything that grows in theWeleda gardens is cultivated according to the principles of biodynamic farming. This approach supports biodiversity, which is the rich variety of all life forms on the planet. entire ecosystem.” Martin Brook, Brookfarm founder. what is

SUPERFOOD FOR DRY SKIN. Skin Food intensively nourishes, restores and protects dry and very dry skin for soft smooth skin from head-to-toe. Rich, thick and nourishing Multipurpose for face and body Intensive care for dry hands, elbows and feet Packed with powerful plant botanicals



ISSUE 63 • 2022

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The innovative team at Beforeyouspeak is on a mission: to help you get more out of each day by swapping to a new type of coffee. What is ‘functional coffee’ and how is it different from ordinary coffee? It’s a simple idea, but a pioneering one. Beforeyouspeak has found a way to combine your daily coffee habit with your health care routine. The proudly Australian-owned and operated brand adds premium vitamins, minerals and superfoods to their single origin premium Colombian coffee blends, meaning that you can get your daily dose of all the nutrients you need plus your morning caffeine boost, all at the same time. What blend are you? Whether your goal is general wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle or enhanced physical performance, each keto-friendly and dairy- and gluten-free Beforeyouspeak blend has been infused with a different combination of 100 percent natural nutrients to support your health and lifestyle goals. Choose from: Beforeyouspeak Functional Coffee

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Performance Coffee: With Siberian ginseng, turmeric, green coffee bean extract and black pepper extract to promote vitality, clarity and longevity. Collagen Coffee: With beauty-loving ingredients marine collagen, camu camu, silica, lysine, proline, biotin and vitamin B6 to help you glow from the inside out. Thermo Coffee: Packed with well- researched ingredients l-carnitine, l-tyrosine, green tea extract, gamma butyrobetaine, zinc, fulvic minerals, chromium and selenium to assist with focus, energy and support your fitness goals. Adrenal Decaf Coffee: To relax, reset and rest, with ashwagandha, camu camu, aquamin, valerian, l-theanine, zinc and cocoa.

Immunity Coffee: With potent antioxidants like cocoa, elderberry, curcumin, manuka honey, cinnamon, ginger and medium chain triglycerides to help blow off the burnout and keep you running at 100%. If you are used to adding milk to your coffee, upgrade to one of the creamers in the Beforeyouspeak range. Choose from: Keto Creamer: A low calorie source of healthy fats and fibre, with acacia, olive oil and coconut powders, for medium chain triglycerides. Collagen Creamer: With three types of collagen, prebiotics, probiotics, l-glutamine, silica, vitamin C, medium chain triglycerides from healthy fats and oils, and digestive enzymes.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


Better Baking at home

B oost the nutrition bread by swapping plain white flour for one of these alternative flours. Wholemeal wheat flour Wholemeal wheat flour and white wheat flour may be made from the same plant food – but they are very different. Wholemeal flour is made by grinding the entire wheat kernel into a fine powder, while white flour production removes the best and most nutritious parts, the wheatgerm and the bran. Wholemeal flour provides protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins, especially the B-group. Go Vita loves ... Organic Road Wholemeal Wheat Flour. Unbleached wheat flour ‘Unbleached’ means that the flour has not been treated with chemicals and whitening agents that are often employed in conventional refined bread manufacturing, such as chlorine gas or benzoyl peroxide. However, the flour is still processed to remove the bran and germ. Enjoy it in all manner of homemade baked goods – bread, muffins, pizza dough, rolls and pancakes. Go Vita loves ... Organic Road Unbleached Wheat Flour. content of homemade cakes, muffins and

Spelt flour wholemeal and unbleached Spelt is an ancient grain, a type of wheat (Triticum spelta) that is native to Iran and parts of Europe. It was one of the first species of wheat to be cultivated. Spelt flour is made from the whole grain – bran, endosperm, germ – and it has a lovely nutty flavour. Its nutritional profile is similar to wheat, being high in carbohydrate and a good source of fibre, protein, essential minerals like iron and zinc, and B-group vitamins. It also has antioxidant properties. The unbleached variety is stone-ground to sift off the bran, and can be used as a substitute for plain or all-purpose flour. Go Vita loves ... Organic Road Spelt Flours, Wholemeal and Unbleached. Buckwheat flour Buckwheat is a highly nutritious wholegrain with an earthy flavour, supplying good quantities of protein, fibre, minerals like manganese and phosphorus, and the B-group vitamins, especially niacin, which converts carbohydrates to energy for the body’s cells to use. Buckwheat is used to make traditional Japanese soba noodles as well as flour. Studies suggest that buckwheat helps to lower blood pressure and manage blood glucose levels, which improves heart health. Buckwheat is also a good choice for weight management because it encourages satiety – the feeling of fullness. Go Vita loves ... Organic Road Buckwheat Flour.

Besan flour Besan, or gram flour, is made from ground dried chana dal, or split brown chickpeas. It is a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine, where it is used to make roti and naan. Besan flour is lower in carbohydrate than regular flour, and a good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre, protein, folate and magnesium. It has a stickier texture than all-purpose flour when added to wet mixes, which makes it useful as a binder for veggie burgers, and a thickener for sauces and soups. Go Vita loves ... Organic Road Besan Flour. Coconut flour Made from dried coconut flesh which has been

ground into a fine flour, this is low in carbohydrates

and rich in fibre, minerals like iron and magnesium, and

medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which help to maintain stable blood sugar, support healthy cholesterol and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Coconut flour is very absorbent, so you will need to adjust baked recipes if you are substituting for regular flour as it will soak up large amounts of liquid and result in dry textured baked goods! Go Vita loves ... Organic Road Coconut Flour.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


Ingedients: • 2 cups grated carrot • ½ cup Organic Road Coconut Sugar • ¼ cup Organic Road Eucalyptus Raw Honey • ¼ cup melted Organic Road Virgin Coconut Oil • ¼ cup non-dairy milk, e.g. soy, oat, almond • ½ cup mashed banana • 2 eggs • 1 tsp vanilla extract • 1½ cups Organic Road Spelt Wholemeal Flour • 1 teaspoon allspice • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda • ½ tsp aluminium-free baking powder • ¼ tsp Salt of the Earth Celtic Sea Salt (fine)

Directions Preheat oven to 180˚C. Line a loaf pan or square cake pan with baking paper. Place carrot, sugar, honey, coconut oil, milk, banana, eggs and vanilla in a bowl and whisk to combine. In a separate bowl, stir together flour, allspice, bicarb, baking powder and salt. Add dry mixture to wet mixture and stir thoroughly. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until a skewer comes away clean. Let cake cool completely in pan.

This luscious and moist cake is sweet and slightly nutty-flavoured, and it keeps well, making it a great addition to school lunchboxes during the week. Spelt flour is nutritious as well as delicious, providing essential nutrients like iron, manganese and magnesium plus fibre, unlike ‘empty’ processed flours. For a special occasion, try topping it with a mixture of ricotta cheese and honey and a handful of chopped walnuts.

certified organic flours

Our Organic Road range is 100% certified organic , and sourced from the finest organic producers

growing the highest grade organic foods.

Australian owned



ISSUE 63 • 2022


Niulife ’ s range of Coconut MCT Oils provide a fast and powerful source of energy from fats, not sugars. Our MCT Plus+ formulations are fortified with Omega 3s from chia, camelina and flax oils, which can provide a more sustained energy release over 6 hours; twice as long as regular MCT oil.



ISSUE 63 • 2022


Learn why medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) could help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Top 4 benefits of MCT Oil

Over the past decade, MCT oil has become extremely popular with people looking to build muscle and stay lean. It has many benefits, including increasing energy, maintaining a feeling of fullness for longer, boosting metabolism, helping to burn calories and fat, stabilising blood sugar levels between meals, aiding recovery and weight loss while maintaining muscle mass. The key benefits of MCT oil 1 Boosts metabolism: The ‘medium chain’ in MCT refers to the length of the chain of fatty acids in a fat or oil. About 60-65 percent of coconut oil is MCT and it metabolises much more quickly and quite differently to the long chain triglycerides (LCTs) found in processed foods, vegetable and soy oils. MCTs are sent directly to the liver, where they are almost entirely burned for fuel. 2 Encourages ketosis: This is an important and natural fat-burning metabolic state in which there is a high concentration of ketones in the blood. Ketone production occurs when fat provides most of the fuel for the body,

rather than glucose from carbohydrates. A ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat diet that can help with weight loss - this type of diet immediately removes foods such as grains, sweets and soft drinks and also limits legumes, potatoes and all fruit. On a ketogenic diet, fatty acid stores are released from body fat stores before being transported to the liver where they form ketones and provide energy. MCTs go directly to the liver where they are also converted into ketones, which means they can help the body get to ketosis faster because they will not be stored as body fat. 3 Quickly digested: and absorbed MCT oil is so easy to digest, it is often given to people with digestive problems. A post- workout shake or smoothie containing MCT oil may help prevent muscle catabolism (break down), improve protein synthesis and reduce recovery time. 4 Regulates insulin: Insulin regulates blood glucose (or sugar) levels. For a long time, body builders thought fats should be avoided post-workout. However,

MCT oil benefits those looking to build muscle by increasing the insulin spike created by a post-workout meal, and in turn improving muscle building. MCTs may also help to slow the build-up of lactate levels which can occur during exercise, as well as encouraging the body to use more fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. Try it! Choose from Niulife MCT, Endurance MCT Plus (long lasting formula) or Clarity MCT Plus (brain health formula). Start slowly with a small amount, and build up to 1–3 tablespoons a day. Add to a smoothie or coffee, drizzle over veggies or add to a salad dressing.


ISSUE 63 • 2022


Homeopathy for common ailments

H omeopathy is an effective form of natural medicine. Discover the benefits of these five common homeopathic remedies. Arnica (Arnica montana) Arnica is a herb that has been tradi-

pain, which is sharp, radiating and cramping. Muscles can feel numb or weak. Mag. Phos. is also regarded as useful for people prone to restlessness, irritability, nervousness, and poor concentration. Headaches, especially those characterised by shooting pains, toothache, colic, Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine that aims to promote good health by stimulating the body’s own natural defence systems to enable a natural restoration of health.

your Circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock). Normally, your body makes more melatonin at night, and levels decline during the day depending on how much daylight you are exposed to. Homeopathic melatonin can be very helpful for people who have occasional insomnia, defined as trouble falling asleep and/or trouble staying asleep. It may assist in treating disorders associated with chronic or short- term insomnia, such as being unwell or in pain, jet lag, sleep-work disorder (jobs that disrupt regular sleep patterns, such as shift work), sleep problems in people with autism spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, overwork or an excess of alcohol. Silica (Silicea terra) Silica is one of the major mineral elements found in the earth’s crust, and it is an integral part of nearly all plants that grow on our planet. Within the human body, silica is responsible for the growth and

tionally used in Western folk medicine as an external rem- edy for muscle pain and injury. It is an anti-inflam- matory and promotes tis- sue repair; it is also ben- eficial for shock and pain, including arthritic joint pain, sprains, strains, and bruised, aching or cramping forms of pain, such as post- operative pain. Arnica may be

given as a first aid treatment after an accident, surgery, bereave- ment, childbirth or dental work. Mag. Phos. (Magnesium phosphoricum) Magnesium is a mineral that regulates mineral balance, and a deficiency can cause neuralgic

irritable bowel syndrome and menstrual cramps may also benefit from Mag. Phos. Melatonin Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by the pineal gland in response to darkness, which regulates

maintenance of hair, nails and teeth, as well as all forms of connective tissue in skin and bone. Home o p a t h i c silica is indicated


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