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If you have trouble falling and staying asleep and are wary of the side effects of sleep medications, you’ve probably resigned yourself to a life doomed by poor sleep and groggy days. However, that no longer needs to be the case. Dodow is a bedside device designed to soothe your brain activity and relax your body through timed breathing and metronome blue light. It’s a sleek, white device that you place on your

What do painting, planting, woodworking, and candle making all have in common? They’re crafts that people love to do together, especially when the good time is accompanied by a little wine. Formerly known as Paint Nite, Yaymaker is the premier business for hosting craft nights where you can drink a few glasses of wine, leave with a custom piece of personal art, and create some great memories along the way. led to the realization that when people relax just a little, gather together, and try their hand at something new, the result can be inspiring. “We continuously expanded with the goal of encouraging creativity, empowering communities, and inspiring connections, all while having fun,” says David Krauter, CEO of Yaymaker. The business has grown to include events for planting and gardening, creating personalized wooden signs, arranging fresh flower bouquets, and crafting scented candles. Yaymaker continues to develop new events across the country by collaborating with local partners, hosts, and guests. They operate on a franchisee platform that allows entrepreneurs to own and operate their own branch of the Yaymaker business, which means they can plan for and interact with their local communities in a unique way. They also offer private events, including fundraisers that have raised more than $5 million for worthy causes. Your ticket always comes with all the supplies and professional guidance you’ll need to walk away with something you can be proud of — or at least have a lot of fun making. Yaymaker has hosted over 300,000 events across 1,400 cities, with over 6.5 million tickets sold. Their Innovation Lab tests each craft idea to ensure that it’s not only doable but also fun and engaging. Bringing people together for one-of-a- kind experiences isn’t meant to create competition; it should foster togetherness through creative outlets. YAYMAKER BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER IN THE BEST WAY Born inside a Boston bar during a blackout in 2012, Yaymaker began as an impromptu night of painting in public. But it

bedside table and tap to activate for either an 80-minute or 20-minute cycle. Dodow projects a soft blue light onto the ceiling above you that pulsates in and out in a timed pattern that you can match your breathing with. Deliberate deep breathing and the blue light work together to relax your body and mind without inhibiting your melatonin production. Once the cycle has ended, Dodow turns itself off and leaves your body in the proper state to fall asleep easily. It was designed using inspiration from behavioral cognitive therapy, yoga, and meditation and will retrain your brain to fall asleep naturally with no harmful side effects. It’s time to get back to a great night’s sleep with Dodow.

DEREK GAUNT’S ‘EGO, AUTHORITY, FAILURE’ Using Emotional Intelligence to Succeed as a Leader

Nearly 50% of employees resign in order to get away from a manager whose practices they can’t stand. The ones who feel this way but decide to stay with the company become disengaged. This leads to a poor work ethic and a negative environment, all because the leadership team is unaware of the damage their methods are causing. Derek Gaunt is a 29-year law enforcement veteran who spent the majority of his career on hostage negotiation teams. He has spent over 17 years providing leadership and negotiation training to corporate and government personnel

and has now written “Ego, Authority, Failure” in an effort to continue educating those in leadership positions on his successful tactics. Gaunt has discovered that it takes more than technical skills to be an effective manager. It takes tactical empathy to create a truly productive work environment that employees actually enjoy. Gaunt demonstrates how the fundamentals of hostage negotiation, which is founded on tactical empathy, can be used to understand what it takes to lead. With the 12 simple skills outlined in the book, readers will build their trust-based influence in order to inspire their employees. The book also details eye-opening cautionary tales about inflated egos and the damage they can cause. This is a necessary read for anyone ready to get real about their capability to lead a stellar team.

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