saying that most of the towns were ‘ghost towns’, with people staying home because of the snow.” Clermont noted that the lack of any real traffic on county roads made it easier for plow trucks to move fast to clear the snow away before it could pile up too deep. Slow and steady snow removal “It was a good storm,” said James McMa- hon, Champlain Township’s public works superintendent. “It’s been a real Canadian XJOUFS8FXFSFWFSZCVTZu McMahon noted that “minimal traffic” on the roads in Vankleek Hill, L’Orignal and other parts of the township made it easier for the seven plow trucks to get streets cleared fast as the snow fell. Post-storm snow removal

continued with all major streets and side streets in the villages and the rural areas cleared and opened for regular traffic after the Family Day long weekend. Public works crews are also trying to get snow cleared away from around fire hydrants, which ended up buried during the storm. Homeowners who have fire hydrants located near their properties can help out by clearing the snow away from those hydrants if public works crews have not already done so. McMahon noted that garbage collection in one ward was cancelled because of the snowstorm. The collection schedule wias adjusted for the following week with double- shifting, to get neighbourhoods in the ward served.

Public works crews all across Prescott- Russell had their hands full to keep roads open after the February 13 snowstorm. The storm dropped about 30 centimetres of snow onto the Five Counties region and UIF$JUZPG0UUBXB BTJUTXFQUBDSPTT&BTUFSO Ontario. Snow removal crews for the United Counties of Prescott and Russell and local municipalities worked through the night to keep ahead of the piling drifts of snow. “It tested our system,” said Marc Cler- NPOU 6$13QVCMJDXPSLTEJSFDUPSi8IBU helped us a lot was that most of the snow fell during the night. Some of the guys were

CHOI X DU RÔT I SSEUR C’est la cuisse ou la poitrine. Tendre, juteuse et cuite à point. CHEF ’S CHOI CE Choice of leg or breast.Tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection.

Tye Carpenter aide sa mère, Michelle Black, à déneiger l’entrée de leur maison de L’Orignal après la tempête de neige de mardi dernier. Au moins 30 centimètres de neige sont tombés pendant la tempête du 13 février, forçant de nombreux résidents à rester chez eux en raison des conditions de déplacement difficiles. Des écoles de toute la région ont également été fermées à cause de la tempête. —photo Gregg Chamberlain PATCH PAVING WORK



Traffic through the village centre of Vankleek Hill was a bit slower than usual last week. A paving crew from Cornwall Gravel worked on hot-patching a few spots in the pavement around the intersection of Route 34 and Main Street, on February 27 and 28. An OPP officer was stationed at the intersection to assist with any traffic direction issues. 1VCMJD 8PSLT 4VQFSJOUFOEFOU +BNFT McMahon explained the paving patch work deals with any weak spots in the temporary pavement laid down last year, as part of the first phase of the rehabilitation project for the section of Route 34 and High Street in UIFWJMMBHFDPSF8PSLPOUIFTFDPOEQIBTF of the project is expected to begin later this spring. Cornwall Gravel, the contractor hired for the project, is doing the paving patch work at no extra cost to the township and should be finished by the start of the first week of March.— Gregg Chamberlain certains des points faibles du revêtement d’asphalte temporaire qui avait été mis en place pour l’hiver. —photo Gregg Chamberlain Cornwall Gravel a fait appel à une équipe de poseurs de pavage dans le centre de Vankleek Hill pour réparer

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