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2019 budget. According to the last Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) report, the Town of Hawkesbury will see a QFSDFOUJODSFBTFJOUIFCVEHFU *O  XBTBEEFEUPUIFUPXOT long-term debt repayment, which already stood at $1.6 million. 5IF 8BUFS 5SFBUNFOU 1MBOU :FBS Strategic Plan that was recently adopted is one such example of a project that could significantly impact the upcoming budget. The total investment for this project stands at approximately $17.85 million, $7.7 million of which will be spent in the first four years. According to administration, a few reserves are available to finance this amount, but the Town will need to look for grants and other

The Town of Hawkesbury held its first public consultation regarding the 2019 budget. The administration presented challenges and issues to be addressed during budget proceedings, while mem- bers of the community shared their thoughts as to where money should be spent, which mainly included various community projects. The administration presented an overview of the town’s budget matters for 2019, during BQVCMJDDPOTVMUBUJPOIFMEPO/PWFNCFS  including short- and long-term expenses, as well as possible significant impacts to the

La Ville de Hawkesbury a tenu sa première consultation publique concernant le budget 2019. L’administration a présenté les défis et les questions à aborder au cours des procédures budgétaires, tandis que les membres de la communauté ont fait part de leurs réflexions sur la façon dont l’argent devrait être dépensé, ce qui comprenait principalement divers projets communautaires. Ce sera le nouveau conseil municipal entrant, dirigé par la mairesse élue Paula Assaly, qui prendra les décisions et rédigera le budget 2019. Les premières présentations budgétaires auront lieu les 13 et 14 décembre, au cours desquelles deux propositions de budget seront présentées au Conseil. Le trésorier et le directeur général présenteront une ébauche finale au conseil le 9 janvier, dans l’espoir de tenir une révision définitive le 14 janvier. —photo Alexia Marsillo means to fund this project. Hawkesbury has also made some significant infrastructure investments over the last couple of years and will have to continue investing to upgrade and replace old infrastructure. This is another budgetary matter to be addressed, through grants and other means. After the Town made its general pres- entation, community members took to the podium to share some of their priorities for the 2019 budget. Most of those who spoke out would like to see more investment towards community projects, such as youth projects, the beautification of the waterfront on Chenail Island, and reparations to the fence on Chenail Boulevard. Mayor Jeanne Charlebois would also like to see at least $5000 of the recreation budget allocated to funding a project, organized by the Town, giving youth the chance to put on talent shows and concerts for the community. This consultation was held with the goal of presenting a general report regarding the upcoming budget and to get a sense of the wants and needs of the community. It will, however, be the new incoming municipal council, headed by Mayor-elect Paula Assaly, that will be making the decisions and drafting the 2019 budget. The first budget presentations will be held PO%FDFNCFSBOE JOXIJDIUXPESBGU budget options will be presented to council. The Treasurer and Chief Administrative Offi- cer will then review the budget and present a final draft to council on January 9, with the IPQFPGIPMEJOHBàOBMSFWJFXPO+BOVBSZ

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