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INSIDE: • What Can I Do On My Own? • Patient Success Spotlight • Exercise Essentials • Follow Us On Instagram A FATHER’S DAY CRAFT FOR THEIR SPECIAL DAY DADS ROCK! NEWS LETTER

You Will Need: • Cardstock in colors of your choice • Markers • Glue

2. Grab some glue and glue your rock person onto a piece of colored cardstock paper. 3. Using your markers again, write a fun message to dad: “Dad, you ROCK!” Decorate the rest of the cardstock however you like.

• Rocks—look around outside for a variety of shapes or buy a bag of polished river stones How To Make It: 1. Use the markers to decorate your rocks in, the shape of a person, to look just like dad!

Dad Rocks: Father’s Day Craft | CBC Parents http://www.cbc. ca/parents/play/view/dad-rocks-fathers-day-craft


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