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The Mystery of Orgasm and HowWe Can Help Part 3 of a 7-Part Series G eorge presented to my clinical practice at age 40, when he decided to settle down. He was marrying a beautiful and accomplished woman in a few months. There was Loneliness has been shown to increase vascular resistance, elevate blood pressure, and lead to an early death. You're more likely to die from loneliness than you are from obesity or excessive alcohol consumption. When I educate women, I say, “If you're not having sex with your husband, someone else may.” They get upset, and they say that I'm blaming women for men's bad behavior when in

home parent, that quick swipe right can lead to a passionate, online love affair. From texting to sexting to secret phone conversations, the more two people communicate online, the more likely an in-person encounter is to occur — but you can always blame your genes. The gene DN4N has been isolated in cheaters, and the sexless marriage is just the environment to turn on that gene. It's based on a system of pleasure and reward. The stakes are high, the rewards substantial. It is the perfect cocktail to turn that love drug PEA back on, and the cycle begins again. Historically, marriage was not based on mutual love but was rather an institution to acquire things in law, like property and physical labor. At the turn of the 20th century, in America, egalitarian ideals and the emerging Hollywood movie industry burdened marriages with the promise of romantic love forever. Now we're living forever. Fantastic! Congratulations, you get to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life. The second most common question that I hear from patients is, "When does sex end?" Well, a 44-year-old asked me, "When does sex end, Maureen, 65?" I answered him this way: “A 22-year-old asked me, ‘When does sex end, Maureen, 35?’” Everybody's older until you get there. I'm here to tell you that sex never ends. If you're healthy, you can have a great sex life well into your 80s and 90s. Sex is good for you, sex is healthy, yet sex is shrouded in shame. In the ancient aristocracies, the wealthy men had courtesans for pleasure and concubines for quick sex. The way we're going, computers will be our concubines, internet pornography our mistress of the day. Technology is replacing human connection at high speed. So how do you rev up the sexless marriage? To see the full video, go to the following website: Oshot.com/sexless .

only one problem: George was gay. George could not bear to tell his family that he was gay because he felt it would have shamed the entire family. I said, “George, you're going to end up in a sexless marriage!” He said, “Tell me something I don't know!” George told me his plan was this: “Well, when my parents die, I'm then going to divorce this woman and I'm going to marry the man that I love.” And I said, “George, you are not thinking straight.” Sex is the barometer of the state of affairs in a marriage. People who live in sexless marriages report feeling frustrated, unloved, undesirable, unattractive, and worst of all, lonely.

actuality I'm doing a community service. You see, men in sexless marriages cheat to remain in that marriage in general. Women cheat to leave a sexless marriage. Women cheat too. Nobody ever thinks we do, but we're just sneakier about it. We just don't get caught or socialize very differently — this is one thing we have on you guys. Women cheat with other men and women cheat with other women. Technology has made cheating accessible for everybody. From the politician to the stay-at-




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