Cellular Medicine Association - April 2018

“Vaginal Reconstruction” vs. “Vaginal Rejuvenation”

the appearance of the vaginal opening (the type of perineoplasty often performed by plastic surgeons.) In the hands of a properly trained cosmetic gynecological or urogynecological surgeon, a PP involves a meticulous removal of all of the scar tissue from an episiotomy or lacerations from childbirth, bringing together, with strategically placed strong sutures, the stretched muscles of the outermost portion of the vagina, of the vaginal opening, and of the “perineal body,” the area of the opening and vulvar vestibule, along with a meticulous aesthetic reconstruction of the appearance of the vaginal opening including the base of the labia, hymenal ring, and vulvar vestibule. Laser or RF “wands” do none of this. –Michael Goodman, MD, FACOG If you wish to be listed for FREE as a provider on VaginalReconstruction.com , you may do so as long as you are a qualified surgeon doing these procedures AND a member in good standing as part of the O-Shot® provider group. Send an email letting us know that you’d like to be listed for free to DrRunels@Runels.com.

The following was submitted by Dr. Michael Goodman. You can find the remainder of the following article at VaginalReconstruction.com . “Noninvasive” (nonsurgical) Vaginal Rejuvenation (“VRJ”) is not vaginal reconstruction. It is, literally, “vaginal skin resurfacing.” These procedures may be performed by practitioners not trained or experienced in true vaginal floor surgical reconstruction so long as they understand how to place the “wand” in the vagina, utilize proper power settings, and step on a foot switch. Both radiofrequency (RF) and laser treatments require a total of three visits a month apart for full effect. These modalities act to stimulate the generative layer of vaginal skin, the “dermis,” to regenerate more collagen and elastin “connective tissue” for modestly greater “springiness” of vaginal skin for a limited length of time … (requiring ~ 3 visits annually) … A true vaginal reconstruction includes the surgical procedures of “vaginoplasty,” “perineoplasty,” and something called a “posterior repair,” or “posterior colporrhaphy,” a procedure usually performed as part of a surgical vaginoplasty, whereby the hernia

“bulge” of a woman’s rectum upwards into the vagina (caused by weakness and separation of the levator muscles) is corrected. A vaginoplasty is a combination of surgically bringing the widely separated levator (“Kegel’s”) muscles back together (aka “levatorplasty”), reconstructing the rectocele hernia, and reconstructing the stretched-out fascial layer. A true perineoplasty (“PP”) involves much more than simply revising

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