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The FDA and the O-Shot ®

The Mystery of Orgasm and HowWe Can Help “Vaginal Reconstruction” vs. “Vaginal Rejuvenation” Helpful Tools 12 Reasons You Should Offer Altar ™ to Your Patients



12 Reasons for Offering Altar™ to Your Patients

… Including THREE Profit Models and Very Outstanding Science

4. Third profit model: Vending machine profit. Don’t need a prescription, so you can sell in an online store or staff can sell without your time involved. 5. It works (SBD-4 backed by $2,000,000 NIH study). 6. Altar™ advertising will help feed the procedures (as procedures will help feed the cream). 7. Your patients WILL buy creams for their face. Make it something from you and something that they cannot buy next week on Amazon. 8. Celebrities WILL be talking about Altar™. 9. You will not be billed until it ships. 10. The first 100 to order will receive a free sample.

11. Only those who order will be listed on the directory of Altar™ providers ( VampireSkinTherapy.com/members/directory ). You will still be listed on the Vampire Facelift™ or Vampire Facial™ directory. 12. Supported by world-class production and marketing. When we see that this product does well, then we can invest money to develop new products. But the people we are working with will not continue to work with us if we do not show results (the same people who did Proactiv). Suggested lowest retail price to your patients: $147 per 1.7-ounce bottle. Yes, we can ship to some countries other than the U.S. For a video explanation of the above points and to order Altar™ at wholesale prices, go to VampireSkinTherapy.com/members/altar- order .

For a video explanation of these 12 points, go to VampireSkinTherapy.com/members/altar-order . 1. You will be one of the few who carry this brand. (It will not be sold to physicians outside our group.) 2. First profit model: Trademark Profit. Altar™ matches your Vampire Facial™ and our Vampire Facelift™ O-Shot® … Vampire Wing Lift™. 3. Second profit model: Installed base profit. Ongoing profit to refill the base installation.




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