Big G Express - Sept/Oct 2019

Sept/Oct 2019

BE AN OWNER October kicks off Employee Ownership Month, and we will celebrate the fact that Big G Express is 100% employee-owned through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). We want to introduce our “Be an Owner” campaign that will focus on how we can make a difference in OUR company and increase Big G Express’ stock value! The ESOP gives employees of Big G Express a beneficial ownership of our stock without any money out of their pocket — a FREE RETIREMENT! The value of our stock depends on the success of Big G Express, particularly our profitability and growth. To be successful over the long term, each employee must take ownership of their job by being responsible, acting with empowerment, and fully investing in the mission of Big G Express. • Take care of our drivers. As internal support, office and maintenance employees ensure our drivers have mechanically sound trucks, the information they need for pickups and deliveries, and the time to make deliveries legally and safely. We support our drivers so they can provide excellent service to our customers. • Take care of our customers. Provide on-time deliveries and treat our customers with respect. Customer service is a team effort that begins with the customer order being accepted and lasts throughout planning, dispatch, and ultimately, our professional drivers who make the final delivery. At every level of the customer journey, we can provide respect and attention to detail. Communication is critical when issues arise. We should always be proactive and not reactive if we are unable to meet customer expectations. Just imagine the results we could accomplish if we were able to establish a stronger culture of ownership at Big G Express! Let’s look at a few ways employee-owners can “Be an Owner.”

• Represent Big G as an owner. As an employee, you are the face of Big G Express to our customers and the general public. Remember to look and act the part as the professional you are! Our trucks are a moving billboard for Big G Express, and any unsafe driving habits or illegal actions taken will be a reflection on our company. Social media gives the general public a way to share what they see with everyone. • Drive safe and obey the law. Unsafe driving can increase our CSA violations, leading to alerts on Big G, which causes a loss of PrePass access and decreases HOS productivity. Furthermore, this increases the chance of multiple violations, costing the driver and Big G money and reducing our profitability (which has a negative impact on our ESOP value). • Take care of your equipment. Keep it clean and make sure you address any mechanical issues when you do your pre-trip inspection. A clean truck in good order will decrease the chances of inspection violations. • Maintain a professional appearance. While we do not require a uniform, we do provide Big G logo T-shirts and polos for you to wear. Please take care of your hygiene and wear clean, neat clothing avoiding offensive graphics or language. We are challenging everyone to “Be an Owner,” and we welcome your feedback on how you think employees can take ownership of their job. Also, we encourage you to share how you or someone you know has shown a great example of ownership behavior. Please reach out to us at



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