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improve performance, mindfulness, calmness and recovery.) 2. Move: is based on restoring functional abilities across all areas of fitness and eliminating physical and mental limitations. Includes strength workout, pool training, mobility, yoga, circuit training, intensity workouts (HIIT, endurance, etc), nature (SUP, hiking, outdoor activity). 3. Recover: (ice, Heat, Ice & Heat, Pool).

XPT is a performance lifestyle designed to challenge people in a variety of unique waystosynchronizethesystemsofthebody, harness the power of the mind, and restore the functional abilities of human beings to allow us to live our best lives. XPT is rooted in 3 main core values: 1. Breathe: Breathing is the foundation of health, movement and performance. (Includes breathing protocols to help

WHAT PATIENTS ARE SAYING “Ryanhasbeenextremely in tune inpinpointing issues that other physical therapist missed and is engaged and extremely knowledgeable! I highly recommend working with Ryan if you are in need of recovering from a sports injury or want to get back to high performance sports or weight training.” - P. S. Contact us today at 773.799.2795 and ask for Ryan LeFever or visit our website at to learn more about our XPT workshops and team building opportunities.


• Ages 8-13: 12PM, 2PM • Ages 14-18: 1PM, 3PM 12PM–4PM • Ages 8-13: 10AM, 12PM • Ages 14-18: 11AM, 1PM 10AM–2PM

• Ages 8-13: 12PM, 2PM • Ages 14-18: 1PM, 3PM 12PM–4PM • Ages 8-13: 11AM • Ages 14-18: 12PM 11AM–1PM

“Stephanie Ferro, DPT worked diligently with me, explained the purpose of each exercise, and devised a home program for me that I followed on my phone. Eventually, I wanted to return to the gym and workout, but was apprehensive about what I could & could not do. Thankfully, TFI offers personal training, too. I am happy to share that with Stephanie and Luigi’s expertise, I have returned to the tennis court!” - J. B.


“W” Scapular Retraction Lie on your stomach on a bench with your arms at shoulder height, elbows bent to 90 degrees. Gently slide your shoulder blades down and then squeeze your shoulder blades together gently lifting your elbows off the bed 1-2 inches. Focus on using the muscles in your mid back. EXERC I SE ESSENT I AL S USE THIS EXERCISE FOR SHOULDER BL ADE STABILIZATION Exercisescopyrightof

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Keep up with your physical therapy exercises to relieve pain and prevent further injuries If your pain doesn’t subside, consult with your therapist about what other things might be causing pain. Call The Fit Institute for a complimentary injury consultation. We will guide you so you can get back to the activities you love.



Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

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