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D o Y ou B elieve in L uck ?

Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call (623) 544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 gift card! CALL 623-544-0300 It can be pretty offensive when someone tells you that something happened in your life because of luck. Instead, what happens in your life is a result of how hard you work, the choices that you make, and how badly you want to achieve your goals. People have control over their futures, and it all depends on the choices they make along the way. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! This time of the year, we dress in green, drink beer, and talk about the luck of the Irish. I believe there are lucky moments that have nothing to do with a person’s actions, like winning the lottery, or being born healthy and to good parents. However, I don’t believe in luck being the reason for success. In fact, I think it can take credit away from people’s hard work, drive, and perseverance.

“The things that I worked my whole life for happened because I wasn’t afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to me.” for my school, so I took out loans, earned scholarships, and worked full time. Luck isn’t what put me in college; rather, it was hard work. I enrolled in school and worked for the lifestyle I wanted for myself and my future family. In my opinion, luck is not the pathway to success. If you feel like you’re down on your luck or if you feel as though life isn’t going as you expected, I would encourage you to maintain a positive attitude. Don’t make excuses for yourself or blame it on bad luck. Instead, focus on your goals, work hard, and take advantage of the opportunities that cross your path.

Sometimes luck can be confused with miracles, or what my mom calls, “God winks.” I do believe in miracles and fate. I believe that certain things are meant to be, and that God or fate will often lead you toward the right path in an unexpected way. If you’ve ever listened to Garth Brooks’ “Unanswered Prayers,” I think he describes this sort of scenario perfectly. When we pray for something and it doesn’t happen, we often get discouraged or angry. We don’t realize that the unanswered prayer is really a blessing until something better happens down the road. I have had people tell me that I am lucky to have a good marriage, a nice house, and a good job. I’ve even had people tell me that I’m lucky to have my doctorate degree. But when I look back on my life, I know that luck had nothing to do with those things. The things that I worked my whole life for happened because I wasn’t afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to me. When I was accepted into my Physical Therapy Doctorate program, it wasn’t because of luck. I decided for myself that I wanted a college education, and I knew it was going to be a difficult journey. My parents couldn’t pay

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We look forward to seeing you soon.

–Andrea McWhorter

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Everyone faces the prospect of growing older. When it comes to aging, people’s primary concerns include aches, pains, and changes to their physical appearance. But perhaps even more important is mental health. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your mind sharp as you age so you can enjoy your retirement. EXERCISE Working out is inextricably tied to wellness in all its forms. A simple, light workout now and then not only maintains physical health, but it also boosts your mental well-being. A 5-mile walk once per week can increase brain volume and prevent mental diseases, including Alzheimer’s. It’s no wonder exercise is the go-to solution for maintaining wellness. LEARN NEW HOBBIES Do you want to reduce memory loss by 40–50 percent? Dan Buettner, a researcher and best-selling author on studies about happiness and longevity, suggests learning a new hobby. Whether you learn to knit, paint, or discover a new board game, you’ll enjoy improved mental health. Get W ord on the S treet LINDA AND DEBBI’S STORIES “The staff is excellent! They listen and hear what you have to say. I had neck pain, and they were the first physical therapy company that heard and helped me. They have empathy, compassion, and a willingness to help. I recommend this company. I want to thank them for all of their help and support.” -Linda Candelario “My experience with Vital Care was excellent. Andrea and Abby were exceptional. When I had a question, it was answered with an explanation about what I should or should not do. I highly recommend Vital Care for your physical therapy needs.” -Debbi Olson

your hands moving, and your mind will surely follow. (Note: Watching TV as a hobbie doesn’t count! People who regularly watch TV may suffer up to 50 percent more memory loss.) SOCIALIZE If you want to maintain mental health, make socializing a priority. Having an active social life increases your resistance to mental diseases and improves your mood. Furthermore, a healthy social network of friends and family (and we’re not talking Facebook here) helps give you a support system to fall back on when times get tough. TAKE A BREAK Take a step back from your everyday life and enjoy the small things. Set aside time to sit down with a good book or another activity you enjoy. While on that 5-mile walk, why not take a few moments to slow down your pace and look at the world around you? As the famous saying goes, “Stop and smell the roses.”

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HAVE YOU CONSIDERED LASER THERAPY FOR CHRONIC PAIN? Not only does the team at Vital Care Physical Therapy specialize in manual therapy, we are also experts in using laser therapy. The LaserTouchOne is a revolutionary tool in alternative pain relief, and we are proud to provide it to our patients. Doctors, nurses, and physical therapists have already seen how this breakthrough technology is proven to accelerate the healing process of severe injuries and other causes of chronic pain. The relief provided by LaserTouchOne’s cold laser and microcurrent technology is often more effective than habit-forming pain medications. And it’s completely painless! When administered, you’ll only feel a slight tingle. What makes LaserTouchOne so effective is that it treats the source of the pain, not just the symptoms. Typical pain relief treatments often forego the process of stimulating damaged cells to promote regrowth and healing. But not LaserTouchOne. There are very few limits to what this device can provide to sufferers of chronic pain. Average treatment times range from 2 to 10 minutes per area. While multiple treatments can be done in one day, experts recommend that patients wait a few hours to give the body time to respond. Since LaserTouchOne promotes the repair of damaged cells, it’s important to remain hydrated while your body is responding to the treatment. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, running, tennis, racquetball, or any activity that can lead to muscle pain, LaserTouchOne can keep you in the game. To learn more about what LaserTouchOne can do for back pain, neck pain, leg pain, foot and ankle pain, and TMJ pain, visit our website at for helpful hints, testimonials, and instructional videos.

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• 3 pounds potatoes • 2 sticks butter • 1 1/4 cups hot milk • 1 head cabbage, cored and shredded

• 1 pound cooked bacon, chopped into small pieces • 4 scallions, finely chopped • Parsley, for garnish • Salt and pepper, to taste


1. Steam potatoes for 30 minutes. Peel skins and mash flesh thoroughly. 2. Chop 1 stick of butter into small cubes and add to warm potatoes. Once melted, slowly add milk, stirring constantly. 3. Boil cabbage in water. Add 2 tablespoons of butter to tenderize. 4. Add cabbage, bacon, and scallions to mashed potatoes, gently stirring to combine. 5. Serve garnished with parsley and a pat of butter.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. Besides the monuments and historic buildings, one of the biggest attractions in Washington, D.C. is the cherry tree blossoms. Travelers who visit the Tidal Basin during the spring can witness 3,000 trees, which were a gift from Tokyo in 1912, flaunt their beautiful pink blossoms. The best time to see the spectacle is from the end of March through the end of April. ANZA-BORREGO DESERT STATE PARK Desert lavender, flowering cacti, pygmy poppies, and rock daisies are just a few of the many wildflowers decorating Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The various native species are often seen weaved together to form a colorful carpet over any barren patch in the park, which is located just two hours from San Diego. In addition to flowers, visitors often spot bighorn sheep. Wildflower blossoms vary in intensity each year, but they typically begin to bloom in late February or early March.

Spring is here, which means flora will soon be in full bloom. Flowers can be an easy pick-me-up or a great way to add color to your home, but some people take their flower obsession to the next level by planning botanical-themed vacations. Here are some of the most impressive gardens and flower displays in the world. NETHERLANDS Holland, most famous for its tulips, always draws visitors at the first sign of spring. One of its most famous destinations, Keukenhof, located in Lisse, is among the world’s largest flower gardens. The park is 79 acres and boasts approximately 7 million flowers each year. This colorful garden is open annually from mid-March to mid-May, but mid-April is the ideal time to see the tulips.

Next time you’re planning a spring trip, consider visiting one of the world’s most beautiful flower displays. No green thumb required.

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