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Benefits of Standing Desks and Alternate Seating Options at Work

Did you know that standing burns between .7 to .15 more calories per minute than sitting does? It may not seem like a lot, but by simply standing for longer periods of time, you can easily burn more calories throughout the day. Sedentary lifestyles, such as those traditionally associated with desk jobs, can increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, or other serious health issues. However, investing in a standing desk or alternate seating option at work can help in greatly decreasing these risks! What’s the best desk for you? Using a standing desk as opposed to a traditional sitting desk has been proven to lower one’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Nevertheless, standing desks are not for everyone, especially those with joint or vascular conditions. You may be asking, “doesn’t standing all day long have its own implications?” The short answer is – yes. Anything without moderation can have its pitfalls. Standing can boost your energy levels, concentration, and even your mood, but if you have a traditional 9-5 job, chances are that level of productivity will dissipate after a while. Standing for too long can cause you to run out of energy quicker and can take a toll on your physical comfort. Many medical professionals recommend adjustable desks for workplace environments, so employees can spend a large amount of their day standing or stretching, with the opportunity to rest when they become tired. Making the most out of your work day. Studies suggest whether you chooseastandingoradjustabledesk foryourworkday, integrativesupport can be beneficial in easing yourself into the new setting. In fact, those who participated in some sort of integrative support program for their standing or adjustable desk stood for an average of 50 minutes longer each day than those who did not.

In addition to the type of desk you stand at, ergonomics is also an important concept to keep in mind. Ergonomic laptop desks and chairs can promote proper posture and decrease the risk for back problems, while workplace design can make an impact on employee happiness, productivity, and well-being. Get assistance from a physical therapist. At Marathon PhysicalTherapy, we can provide specialized programs for making the most out of your work day. Our programs focus on integrative support for beginning a new workplace lifestyle, such as implementing a standing or adjustable desk into your daily routine. We can also provide you with tips and techniques for arranging the best ergonomically efficient area to work. Don’t let the stresses of work take a toll on your physical health! There are several steps you can take to improve your posture, strength, energy, and overall wellbeing throughout the workday. Schedule an appointment with Marathon PhysicalTherapy today to get started on some integrative lifestylechanges thatcanhelpbrightenyourmood,enhanceyourcreativity, and reduce your risk of developing health issues while you are at work!

TOP REASONS TO PURCHASE A STANDING DESK 1. Lower Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity. 2. Lower Blood Sugar Levels. 3. Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease. 4. Reduce Back Pain. 5. Improve Mood and Energy Levels. 6. Boost Productivity. 7. Help You Live Longer. 8. Decrease Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

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