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your ancestry and relatives. Someday, you’ll pass this family history onto your own children and grandchildren. The holidays are also an ideal time to bring the generations together and let your kids spend quality time with their grandparents and other older relatives. Not only do children often lift people’s spirits, but they’ll also get the chance to bond with the people who raised their parents and hear stories about what Mom and Dad were like at their age.

holiday cheer to the elderly As the Christmas season begins, it’s important to plan when you’ll visit your elderly friends and relatives. Christmastime can be difficult for seniors, especially for those who’ve lost

Even if you don’t have an elderly rela- tive who lives nearby, you can still bring Christmas cheer to older people in your community. Many nursing homes and assisted living facili-

loved ones, who live far from their families or are no longer as active as they once were. A visit from a loved one at Christ- mas can mean a lot to an elderly person who might otherwise be alone.

Christmastime can be difficult for seniors

ties host holiday activities and invite community members to participate. Taking part in one of these events could be just what you need to get into the true spirit of the season.

Visiting elderly friends and relatives will be rewarding for you too. The more time you spend with your older family members, the more you’ll learn about


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