Hola Sober Sunday


editor's note Welcome to our Sunday morning at Hola Sober where we enjoy a little motivation, inspiration, colour, joy, beauty, and fashion over morning coffee. In a week where at home people visited the graves and reflected on lost loved ones, I came across this lovely poem by Donna Ashworth which sums up so much of the month in which my late Mam + Dad would have celebrated birthdays..


There is something about November that says ‘survival’, ‘keep going’.We are not quite through the year, yet the finish line looms ahead. We are plunged into darkness by Mother Nature. We are faced with the ‘season of joy’ , and yet many of us wonder where we will find it. And I think November is a great time to take a little peek behind you, and see just how much you are. To take stock of your achievements, your endurance, your survival. To rest, reinforce before the festivities envelop us all. Before beautiful new beginnings. And most importantly, November is a time to seek out light. As the natural order darkens, we must find it ourselves. We must do whatever we can to brighten our day, our home, the world. Seek out light wherever you can my friends, and pay no heed to those who condemn your sparkle.

You are much needed.

Susan Christina Creamer EDITOR + PUBLISHER Keep showing up, in that special way only you can do. And show up for yourself too (which can sometimes mean not showing up at all). This year has been hard. But beautiful. As is the way of life. Susan Christina Creamer


before you


Today we dare not forget that we are the heirs of that first revolution; let the word go forth that the torch has been passed to a new generation of women. Let all who hear us speak know we will bear any burden to support our Hola Sober sisters on this journey. To all sisters on high, know we are here fighting a new fight as a new set of revolutionaries who will oppose all who stand in our path, to assure the survival and the success of our sobriety, at our very core this much we pledge.



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The actress has noted that growing up in Los Angeles made her lose herself as she tried to fit in. She partied and drank alcohol to overcome social anxiety. I tried really hard to be the social butterfly,' she said, adding: 'Becoming a part of this popular show…everyone just says yes to you, so you get away with a lot, and then you make mistakes.' She added that she has 'no interest' in the Hollywood party scene anymore, and she’s given up alcohol. Now, the 28-year-old has given priority to a quiet and sober life so she can discover who she really is. Read in full here



live each

day with purpose. Or else, what is the fecking point?


"Daily I practise yoga in an online zoom room which makes it easy for me to continue this as a daily habit in sobriety. I started it during the pandemic and have continued the class finding it grounding and a lovely kick start to my day." L.D.S.


"I was never an artist and giving up liquor hasn't turned me into the new Picasso BUT, I have discovered painting by numbers and I really enjoy it. It is just a few minutes of an evening but I find the routine of it keeps me focused and well." -L.M.R.-

Hola Sober


TARA + THOMOND Online Class Wisdom

Pledge 100, in all its glory, has broken that which I was sure would NEVER ALLOW itself to be broken. That 5 PM comes and goes without the habitual walk of eventual shame to the wine fridge is truly miraculous—didn’t know I had it in me…and I celebrate that break daily. On the non-alcohol-related front: I am also actively working on implementing the proverbial “biting of the tongue” when it comes to making uninvited comments about my kids and their lives…their parenting habits, their financial decisions, and the cleanliness of their homes (!!)…it takes its toll on me AND them and I need to let it be. Not my rodeo, as they say…I’m getting better—mainly because i have many other life things to keep me busy these days…now I’m actually trying to wait for the cue of being asked my opinion! What a concept! (But I am so wise and my pearls of wisdom are epic….ok ok…there I go again :-) -J.M.- Team Tara 2022

I think it takes courage and knowing your inner self very well, to honour your principles and who you are. I'm finding this need altering in sobriety, although small in the changes, I'm finding my feet, and discovering who I am, and where I see my growth. A person dear to me said recently, we need to adjust our sails accordingly. I like that a lot, as I take ownership, but allow the adjustments to happen ” -Y.B.- Team Thomond 2022

daily email


sobriety gifts me the peace of mind to allow myself feel this wonderment over crazy silly shite and I love it.

Dear Sober Queens,

at the wonderment I felt cherishing each and every second alone on the sofa sipping tea as my nails dried without one thought of alcohol and wondered how the hell I had lived like that for so long…. I painted my nails last night at 10.35 p.m. and felt I wanted to put it on a neon t- shirt in wild celebration of the simple yet MONUMENTAL sober gold moments that litter your life when you show courage, tenacity and a desire for substantive change. You find yourself having a wee cry late of an evening in soulful gratitude that the only thing you smashed was addiction o'clock and you got her right between the eyeballs emerging with all fingernails intact and sparkly. In the greater scheme of life with all that is going on in the

sat and painted my nails last night…….

sat and pinched myself..

So fecking what you say. I sat and painted my nails last night at 10.35 p.m. alone on the sofa before a late- night zoom meeting. If I am in your inbox you are FULLY aware that the time stamp is relevant. I sat and painted my nails last night at 10.35 p.m. as my husband went up to bed. So fecking what you are saying, we are not particularly interested in your husbands nocturnal habits. And again I say, I sat and painted my nails last night at 10.35 p.m. as my husband went up to bed leaving me solo, unsupervised….on the sofa on a Wednesday night. I painted my nails last night at 10.35 p.m.whilst sitting solo on the sofa and sipped tea. I painted my nails last night at 10.35 p.m. and cried

“Nothing truly beautiful ever asks for attention. This quote has stuck with me ever since I heard my coworker speak the words. Nothing truly beautiful ever asks for attention –it just naturally exists, as it is, in confidence and boldness.” - Bianca Sparacino. That was me last night, sitting in confidence and boldness, sober as a judge painting my nails a shade of dark navy blue (Chanel here) I felt celebratory which again sounds utterly ridiculous that any woman would celebrate being left alone after bed-time… But you reading this will understand why these moments are so very important, yet simple, but HUGE.

world, the painting of fingernails is hardly a

rallying cry to the shadows of the kitchen but for me,

Wept, the little things that bring joy in sobriety, I painted my nails at last night at 10. 30 p.m……alone in my sitting room…… and here I am in your inbox in an act of early morning volunteering ❤️ "A person I met in recovery early on who was very dear to me and is responsible for saving my life used to tell me if you can get the gift of sobriety and don't give it back, you are a shoplifter. This is how I live my life. I shouldn't be alive. I have an obligation to give back what was FREELY given to me. Service keeps you sober." M.T. Gottlieb Founder Loosid. Please ladies join me in the dawn sober chorus as we say, not today lady, not today.

Lots of love Susan

Tell me how you are editing, organizing and containing your sobriety. The actual state of being sober, for me, has accomplished what I shall now refer to as the J-Edit. The clarity, the focus, and the pride that keeps that engine going has resulted in an easy and natural cleansing and organization of my life, filled only with people, places, and things that fit my "new narrative". Quite simply, the rule of thumb is that I don't have time for bullshit anymore. What I do have time for is renovating my life into a sanctuary for me, and for my husband as I care for him and be a cheerleader for him (his desire for unwavering positivity from me is very hard sometimes...but less so because I don't have the cry-inducing rocket fuel in me). I edit, organize, and hold close and dear those family and friends, those places that bring us joy comfort (our local beach or park), and those things (Ummm, like good dark chocolate- -very good for you!!!!). Before becoming sober, I wouldn't have had the CHUTZPAH (look it up :-) to do any of it...So far, so good. -J.M. Tara 2022 What do you do if you have a craving? What is your top ti p to create the PLEDGE 100 list of solutions? I’m usually thirsty when I get a craving so I test that first. I get a large glass filled with ice ( it had to have ice) and then top it up with fizzy water and either fresh lime juice or lime cordial. It usually does the trick and if I’ve ever given into a craving and thought about it afterward I have gone straight to the booze without the soft drink first. If I’m still twitchy I will have a slice of cake or some chocolate. I will also go and sit on my bed with a book from time to time - so removing myself from anything stressful and cozying up. On a previous occasion of giving up, I went to bed very early on a couple of nights with the excuse of a headache - I was technically hiding from everyone and everything but it worked. I’ve not had to use that this time but I would if I needed to. -A. S. Tara 2022

What would your headlines be when drinking and now ? "Woman heard arguing with her husband in the kitchen again tonight ..in the morning she doesn't recall what the argument was about." (THEN) "Woman seen smiling and gazing at the sky at dawn and dusk" clear-headed and content." (NOW) -H.B.- Tara 2022 I think I have been in a process of acknowledging and healing ever since my divorce four years ago. Since then, I have spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting… Seeing clearly the many mistakes that I I have made throughout my life and realizing that the failure of my marriage was not 100% my alcoholic husband‘s fault. That being said, I now need to face and acknowledge that I have a mindset of either thinking that the next catastrophe is right around the corner… Or… That at some point up ahead life is finally going to get easier and I just need to “grin and bare it” until I get there. I need to acknowledge that because we are human, shite happens. That’s life. Sometimes it’s our own fault and sometimes it’s out of our control, but no matter what, it’s inevitable. I need to be OK with that. When I am experiencing strong emotions that I want to run away from (as fast as I can,) I have had success with writing those emotions down in my journal and then sitting with them, allowing myself to feel them and examine them. For me, this requires quite a bit of courage. However, I can usually walk away from these sessions with clarity and healing. This is not an easy subject! Alcoholics use alcohol to run from their feelings and I am no exception. -L.D.- Tara 2022 This morning as I sit here with my coffee, listening to the birds and enjoy the view of my fall baskets I am also feeling joy and peace. My husband asked me this morning if I have had time for my pledge 100. He has asked me this a few times lately and it fills my heart having him sincerely ask and care if I have made this time for myself. He must see that it’s making a difference in me�. I have shared a couple Ted Talks with him along the way. So for me I continue to take the step into the straight path in front today. Doing the things that have been serving me well along with stepping a few more steps forward. Circles are exhausting! -A.B.-Tara 2022

Are you prepared to continue to break the habit loop of alcohol? Can you use it in any other areas of your life? And if so, what areas require the habit loop break treatment? This is really cool. The two "triggers" that stand out for me are 1) location and 2) people. It made me think about quitting smoking in my 20's. It was in the 80's and we could smoke at work, in restaurants, etc. Anyway, I got what they called back then "walking pneumonia", so for weeks I had this low grade illness that made me not want to smoke (thank goodness). I gradually got better and never started up again. Getting sick broke the feedback loop. Pledge 100 is doing the same thing. No Chardonnay is in the house so there goes the location trigger. I'm having a bit more trouble with the people trigger. Let's face it, we can't stop the world from drinking in our presence. At first, it makes me feel annoyed, like, "don't those idiots know they might be triggering me?" Because, it's all about me, right? 😂 . Then I go to judgment: "If only they'd listened to the Huberman podcast, they wouldn't be drinking that poison"! But then I put on my big girl pants and chuckle at myself and get on with my life. When I quit smoking, it was easy. Right now, not drinking feels easy. Don't drink and the habit loop gets stronger, right? So, like my bracelet says, "Keep fucking going"! Not taking This is a good lesson for me. I am embarrassed to say that I am not very good at breaking bad habits and starting good ones. I think I need to wrap my mind around this lesson a little bit more, as I’m not sure I fully understand the actual steps I need to take. With all my heart, I don’t want to drink, but with part of my heart, I do! I don’t know how to change that! I also know I would like to be better about exercising every day, as well as making a daily commitment to my spiritual practices. My days always seem to completely get away from me! I like the slower life pace that I have developed in retirement, but it’s not very productive. I see where I would like to be… But just don’t know how to get there! -L.D. -Tara 2022 anything for granted and feeling grateful..... Sending love and gratitude to you, friends! -J.G. - Tara 2022

What do you do if you have a craving? What is your top tip to create the PLEDGE 100 list of solutions? Top tip? Squeeze my trusty kangaroo ball keychain, of course! You gotta love this fabulous group! 😂 . I never had so much fun till I quit drinking! OK, top tip: Remember the last two times I drank. Mine was a completely disgusting shitshow with the hangover from hell. That sends me to the sparkling water for sure! If that doesn't work, then chocolate or sweets. Ice cream won't make you stalk your ex on social media or trip over your cat. Warm cookies from the oven and a cold glass of milk aren't a recipe for picking a fight with your spouse. Try mixing Skittles with M&Ms in a bowl. A taste sensation, ladies! Those cravings will disappear. In a year or so I'll address my possibly over- zealous sweet tooth, but not today, lady! � Happy Wednesday! Can't wait to hear your answers . Oh, I love the idea of giving the "urge" a name. Mine is The Charlatan. Because I'm sure Asshat is already taken. Are there things in your life that you need to acknowledge, before moving on to healing? Do you see that by acknowledging things were not perfect and accepting life IS UNFAIR, you give yourself the chance to move on to healing? Again, powerful and perfectly timed lesson, Susan! I have been taking a class in the enneagram, a psychological/spiritual way of understanding aspects of self. It has helped me shine a light on my past and acknowledge how came to approach life in mistaken ways and how I ended up using fermented grape juice poison for coping. At the moment, I'm feeling compassion for this person who tried so hard and I'm also proud of how strong I really was. Despite feeling alone and unsupported, I managed to get two Master's Degrees, have a rewarding career, move my household and my parents and take care of them in their final years. Yes, I made many unwise choices rather than facing my pain, but I'm looking it in the eye now. There is so much compassion for myself and for those who are suffering with addiction and have not gotten out of it yet. Gratitude for Hola Sober and for all of you for getting me free and for the road ahead which is finally looking bright. Sending love to you all! -J.G. -Tara 2022

I believe it is Spirit that brought me to sobriety. I never had a stereotypical rock bottom, thoughts of self-harm, or even anyone telling me I had a problem with alcohol ( unfortunately it was the opposite, those close to me and including a therapist told me I didn’t have a problem ). But I have always watched for signs, I have always listened for whispers from Creator, and after enough nudging, I felt the answer in my marrow that alcohol needed to be removed from my life if I truly wanted to live in a good way. So far, this has proven to be the case. Spirituality for me is listening to my gut. Talking to Creator and my ancestors every night. Expressing my gratitude, voicing my challenges, asking for help, and a sign. They always come. A dream, an Eagle flying overhead, opportunities opening up to me. I’ve never found Spirit in the high ceilings of a church. It’s always been within the depths of myself. -H.M.Thomond 2022

I have always leaned on the spiritual side of things and this supports me in getting through difficult times. It also helps me to feel grateful for all the good things in my life. I find a feeling of inner peace when I use spiritual elements in my day, it helps me to keep grounded. -M .M. Thomond 2022

I've thought a lot about resilience over the years as I have witnessed, often in awe, other people cope with enormous loss and challenges. In to my sobriety, yes, being part of Pledge100 is teaching me that I can be resilient in this too. Each lesson, each challenge to dig deeper, each time putting my thoughts 'out there' for people to see has been hard and when it's done and I click to complete button I am practicing resilience. When I look at resilience through the lens described, as "the ability to bounce back from adversity and perhaps even become happier, smarter, stronger, and healthier than you were before." I recognize the truth in that statement because I am finding that without numbing myself with alcohol every evening I am indeed truly becoming happier , smarter, stronger, and healthier than I was even a few short months ago. I am grateful. -A.H.-Thonond 2022 I think knowing life is hard, not fair, and not expecting it to be easy has made me a very resilient person. Being sober has just reaffirmed what I already knew, every day is a gift, health is a gift, and shite happens, none of us are immune. Knowing these facts helps me build up my sobriety resilience every day. -Shana E.- Thmond 2922

My resilience muscle was severely atrophied when I was drinking. Rebuilding it has not been an easy task. Trusting myself to weather difficult situations is an ongoing resilience workout. With every challenge, conflict, responsibility, every up and every down, my resilience becomes more reliable. Stronger. I am able to trust it more knowing that by facing it all, by being here (and not thinking about being somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else) my resilience muscle is getting stronger and more reliable. The biggest flex of all was putting the glass down. And every day that I commit to not today, lady, not today, I’m just stretching that muscle and it just keeps getting stronger. -M.O.S.-Thomond 2022

Ann Dowsett Johnston

MY 14 AFTER 14 Here are some of the things I have learned after celebrating 14 years of sobriety this week.

1. and community : these are the opposite of addiction. Take your seat with others, and stay smack-dab in the middle. Connection, kinship, 2. Choose your mentor . Stick close to them on a daily and weekly basis. Stay in the middle of the pack.

went to dinner and the theatre with one of my oldest friends to celebrate 14 years. Make room for joy, to honour your days.

9. Make room for the newcomer . Pass on what you were so freely given.

10. Alcohol is ethanol. Poison. A carcinogen. I am no prohibitionist, BUT…..you got sober just in time: the news is not good. Remember that.

3. Make time for meetings: that’s where the magic happens.

4. Write a daily gratitude list —with a twist: for the good and the bad! Watch the miracles happen. I am being serious. 5. Stay humble . A terrible affliction got you to your knees. Never forget it. 6. Start being the most you, you could ever be . Hell, you used to lose hours drinking. Find your favourite pastime and dedicate energy to it. 7. Always have a drink in your hand ! Early in sobriety, Bengal Spice tea saw me through. Now it is ginger and lemon drinks. Always lime in my Pellegrino. This is NOT an exercise in deprivation.

11. Do not feel sorry for yourself . This is the road to hell.

12. Unpeel the ever-unfolding artichoke of life: go deep, have new adventures. Me? Back to school at 65. Fell in love at 67. We get to choose: go big or go small. I choose BIG. 13. Have rituals, and honour them : candles, praying to your ancestors, praying to a higher power, and so much more. 14. You lost yourself in the burdensome habit of being addicted to an addictive subject. Now, find yourself through writing, reading, walking, and so much more. Do this simple exercise chart what you will choose to do with your 168 hours every week. Love yourself back to vibrant life, day by day, year by year. Authenticity is the key. Value what you have, knowing this---as Mary Oliver says—is your one “wild and precious life.”

8. Honour your anniversaries as if they are holy days. Yesterday, I

Ann Dowsett Johnston is the bestselling author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol, and the driving force behind Writing Your Recovery and Writing Your Discovery , two popular memoir-writing courses .She is working on her first book of fiction. Click HERE

It has taken me a little longer for editing people in my sobriety. The pandemic slowed but also helped in this process. I was able to really look at the people in my life and be selective with who I started to start spending my time with again. Now I can recognize right away when I am spending too much time around energy zappers. I value friendships a lot differently now in sobriety. The ones I value the most, I try and spend the most time and effort cultivating.

-A.B. (Pledge 100 TARA)

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

Act I I walk down the street,

there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in...I am helpless...It isn't my fault.... It takes forever to find a way out. Act II I walk down the street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend that I don't see it. I fall in again. I can't believe I am in the same place, but it isn't my fault. It still takes a long time to get out.

Act III I walk down the street,

there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it is there. I still fall. It's a habit. It is my fault. I get out immediately. Act IV I walk down the street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Act V I walk down another street.


I love the idea of: 1. Editing the toxic people out of my life (ITS ABOUT F***ING TIME!) 2. Editing out any unnecessary or unused STUFF I might be holding onto. ( this might be an ongoing process.) 3. Learning to edit my thoughts (Mindfulness about my mind!) 4. Prioritizing my time All of this is going to take time and patience though, with maybe two steps forward and one step back. The most important part will be learning to be gentle with myself and like Christie, allowing it to take as long as it takes.

-L.D. (Pledge 100 TARA)

And You Choose You

And then one day it will be you you will choose yourself you will extend a hand and a warm invitation usher yourself in to a welcoming home and you will see a little too late but strangely right on time that it was always you that it was always a home missing a heart without you in it that you were choosing so many others over the one you needed all along you.





It’s now getting a lot colder and there are fewer daylight hours. But don’t put your garden to bed for the winter just yet! You can still pot up some colourful winter containers, start planning next year’s garden and of course, don’t forget to feed your garden birds! There’s still some colour to be found among leaves and berries. Winter-flowering shrubs such as Mahonia media hybrids, winter Honeysuckle and Viburnum Bodnantense will bring gorgeous fragrance to the short days.




Chandeliers will never go out of style because they look good in almost any room. Traditionally, a chandelier would be installed in your foyer or dining room. A chandelier, on the other hand, can now be installed in small rooms such as a bedroom or even a bathroom. Chandelier Porn on Pinterest here Chandeliers never go in or out of fashion



Travel is a pointless effort while you are drinking . Drunk travel and holidays are not fun. Sobriety opens up a whole new world of possibilities


Travel is a pointless effort while you are drinking . Drunk travel and holidays are not fun. Sobriety opens up a whole new world of possibilities


Rosated Parsnips


500g parsnips 1 tbsp flour 1 tbsp honey 2 tbsp sunflower oil 2 tbsp butter


STEP 1 Top and tail 500g parsnips, cutting any larger ones in half lengthways, then put in a large saucepan, cover with salted water, bring to the boil and cook for 5 mins. STEP 2 Drain in a colander and let them steam-dry for a few mins. STEP 3 Heat oven to 190C/170C fan/ gas 5. STEP 4 Sprinkle 1 tbsp flour and 1 tbsp honey over the parsnips and toss to coat. STEP 5 Put the parsnips in a roasting tin with 2 tbsp sunflower oil, 2 tbsp butter and seasoning. STEP 6 Roast for 40 mins, turning halfway, until golden.

Make a batch of roast chestnuts for a festive Christmas treat to share with guests. Try our easy method and make the most of these seasonal bites Click here

Roast chestnuts

Take 16 Chestnuts , choose shiny + large


STEP 1 Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Put each chestnut flat-side down on a chopping board. Hold the chestnut carefully and, using a sharp knife, cut a long slit or a cross in the top. Make sure you cut through the shell but not the nut inside. The shell is tough and flexible like skin rather than rock hard like other nut shells, so a small kitchen knife works well. STEP 2 Tip the nuts onto a baking sheet or into a roasting tin and arrange them cut-side up. Roast for 30 mins. The cuts should open up and the shell will start to peel back. STEP 3 Leave the nuts in the tin to cool down to warm – they will be very hot inside. Put a board on top of the tin while they cool to trap the steam and make them easier to peel. Serve as they are for people to peel, or peel them yourself to use in a recipe. STEP 4 If you peel them, you may want to remove the inner, slightly fluffy, membrane as well. If the membrane is difficult to get off (it shouldn’t be if you steam them as they cool), you can soak the nuts in boiling water for a minute to loosen them. Drain and peel.

Make a batch of roast chestnuts for a festive Christmas treat to share with guests. Try our easy method and make the most of these seasonal bites Click here

Pistachio & cranberry

175g butter, softened 85g golden caster sugar ½ tsp vanilla extract 225g plain flour 75g pistachios 75g dried cranberries


STEP 1 Mix the butter, sugar and vanilla extract with a wooden spoon. stir in the flour, then tip in the pistachios and cranberries – you might need to get your hands in at this stage to bring the mix together as a dough. Halve the dough and shape each half into a log about 5cm across. Wrap in cling film, then chill for 1 hr or freeze for up to 3 months. STEP 2 Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. slice the logs into 1cm-thick rounds, place on a baking tray lined with baking parchment and bake for 12-15 mins. Cool completely on the tray.

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SUNDAY a r t

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Andy Warhol

This painting is by Edouard Léon Cortes READ more about artist here

This painting is by Jack Jones READ more about artist here

This painting is by Emma Howarth READ more about artist here

tarot wisdom

Colette Louise

card of the week

The Six of Wands

Our card for the week is The Six of Wands. In this card, a rider arrives at the cheers of the crowd, he sits tall in the saddle, looking proud and happy, and even his horse looks pleased with himself. The demure of these figures somehow indicates that this rider is not gloating and boastful but somehow they exude modesty while acknowledging their achievement. This card is a confidence booster, even if it is as simple as a pat on the back from someone we care about and respect. It makes us glow inside. It’s a lovely feeling and it gives us the confidence to push on. Don’t let feelings of unworthiness sneak in and ruin this. Take this moment and bask in the well wishes of those around you. You are admired for owning your truth and your story flaws and all. People see themselves in you and your win feels like all is possible for everyone so the encouragement just gets spread around some more. It’s really a win-win all the way around.

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Check out from your world at 4.00 p.m. every day wherever you are in the world, to check in with yourself. Make a tea or a coffee and have a moment of gratitude for the gift of sobriety knowing your Hola Sober Sisters are doing it with you. We hold our own gift of sobriety and all women on this journey, in our hearts daily at 4.00 p.m. Join us in this simple ritual and take a brief pause in your day.

Hola Sober October

Have you read the world's no. 1 sobriety magazine? If not. On the next page, you can sit back, relax and click our October issue. Enjoy!


Peggi Cooney asks What is Self Care

Beth MT Talks about the Cuppa

Janey Lee Grace Self Care in Sobriety

Alice Parvin with Seventy, Sober + Dating

Brian O Connell talks of running + sobriety

Ann Dowsett Johnston with The Frog Pond

Jennifer Bridgman writes Home Run



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Sober Support Meetings Hola Sober offer THIRTEEN CLOSED sober support meetings a week for small groups ensuring there is a safe and sacred space for women to share the hard things or indeed the joyful moments on their journey.

Pledge 100 Sober Empowerment Program designed for sustained sobriety within a vibrant community of women.



Hola Sober Meditations Enjoy the HUSH series in the Hola Sober Meditation library created by the talented and fabulous Alexandra Hartley-leonard.



Empowerment Program within a closed group with online kick-ass learning. Modules include science, myths, time management, and personal development. This program is designed to create sustained sobriety and a permanent upgrade to your life. It is suitable as a refresher for those in sobriety or a kick-start for those beginning their adventure. Don't bother signing up unless you are going to show up for yourself as we don't hustle at Hola Sober, we share our knowledge and support systems freely and it's up to YOU to commit and do the work. Our program includes a morning video from Susan our Founder, daily lessons, weekly closed support meetings, a chat group, and our new Tribe Online Community Platform.

Our next Pledge 100 Sober Empowerment Program will kick off on February 2023



dancing MOOD



Unexpected treasures for your Bohemian heart.


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Coffee Time We are all different, yet the same. not today lady not today




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To all ladies who give permission to publish your words. Thank you, Lisa Wilde for all your support, words, and help - thank you.

Note: I am not a professional designer, writer, or creator; I am a woman who drank wine and now talks about not drinking creating this platform and magazine in a moment of pure madness offering EVERYTHING for FREE.

If there are spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, cut me some slack as this is a FREE MAGAZINE made with love.

The HOLA SOBER PLATFORM (Magazine, Meetings, Emails) would not be possible without the financial and loving support of my husband, and three sons who support this project 100% . Shout out, as always, to Deb + Judith, Gee + Colette ❤️


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