American Consequences - December 2020


Re: Love us? Hate us? We want to hear from you! American Consequences is an absolute must- read in our house! Thank you for all of these great writers, PJ ! Have been reading you since the beginning of Automobile Mag. David E was a great friend of ours! All the best to you & God bless you all. –Wanda & Greg S., from the Commie Republic of Ann Arbor P.J. O’Rourke Response: Thanks, Wanda and Greg. Sorry about Ann Arbor’s pinko infestation from the oh-so-prestigious University of Michigan. Otherwise, it’s a great town. And this year you didn’t even get the annual Michigan-Ohio State football game where us dim-bulb Buckeyes come and pound some sense into smarty-pants Michigan’s head. (Aside to readers who aren’t car aficionados: David E. Davis Jr. (1930 to 2011) was one of the all-time great automotive journalists. He was the editor of Car and Driver and then of Automobile , which he founded in 1986. David E. was famous for replacing “buff book” hack writing with articles that had true literary merit, enjoyable whether you gave a damn about cars or not. Both publications were headquartered in Ann Arbor.) Keep up the good work PJ!! I go back to National Lampoon days with you... – Bill H. P.J. O’Rourke Response: Which makes you almost as old as me, Bill. Sorry about that. But “what we’ve lost in youth, we’ve gained

Dear readers,

We wish you joy whatever you’re celebrating this holiday season – Christmas, Hanukkah, Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, Pancha Ganapati in honor of Ganesha the Hindu God of wisdom, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Festivus, or just getting through 2020. Let us stipulate that Santa Claus is ecumenical, universal, and all-inclusive and that he comes to everybody’s house (as long as you’ve been nice and not naughty). Never mind if you’re in a grass shack or an igloo with no chimneys available, Santa will find a way. To be on the safe side this year, the reindeer are wearing N95 bridles, sleigh runners have been sterilized, and the jolly fat man is wearing a hazmat suit. May he bring you and all your friends and relatives back together again with handshakes, hugs, and kisses. But be careful when you pull on that stocking hung from the mantle. There is (ouch!) a hypodermic needle full of COVID-19 vaccine in the toe. At least we hope there is. And among the other presents you’ll be getting is a great big THANK YOU from the writers and staff at American Consequences .

Happy Holidays!


December 2020

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