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This holiday season may feel very different. For me, one of the greatest lessons of 2020 is a simple reminder: Life is fragile. Anyone’s health and finances can be drastically affected in a very short amount of time. And whether you’ve accomplished a lot in 2020 or not as much as you hoped, you might be looking forward to 2021 as much as I am. But will it be better than the last? As I recount the year’s public health crisis and economy’s ups and downs, I realize how important it is to be thankful for the current moment and the future ahead of us. By December, it’s up to us to begin planning our yearly resolutions or else tomorrow will be just another day, and — before we know it — it’s already 2022. But how do we keep a profound awareness and motivation all year long to better our lives? You can certainly create mega goals or long- term goals that’ll inspire you to feel certain fulfillment. However, you don’t have to answer questions about your annual goals if you don’t feel like you can. The best parts of life are in the current moment, too! Consider a daily resolution instead of annual resolutions, especially if you haven’t had much luck with New Year’s resolutions. Why daily resolutions? To put it simply, it’s a daily reminder to make your day count. Instead of having a vague goal to achieve something by the end of the year, you can have specific daily goals, which you can either meet or make up if you happen to

miss a day or two. This is also known as habit tracking, which can empower you to accomplish huge goals, like writing a book or finally building that cabinet. By putting in a little effort every day, you’ll start to form a habit of productivity and reap the rewards and benefits of your new habits all year long — and possibly for many more years to come. It’s tough to form habits, but there are plenty of mini-rewards you can create for yourself after finishing tasks to help with motivation. You can create a spreadsheet or write a daily checklist to check off once your tasks are completed, which is always very satisfying. You can also invest in smaller rewards for yourself, like treating yourself after an entire week of maintaining your new habits with new food or a new item to support your hobbies. One habit I truly encourage every single reader to adopt is a gratitude journal, or gratitude meditation. When it comes to enjoying the present moment, there’s no

better way to get in sync with your day- to-day blessings than reflecting on them through writing or meditative thought. Studies show that practicing gratitude can even improve your long-term happiness by 10%, plus improve your blood pressure and lessen your risk for heart disease! Amazingly, keeping gratitude close to our hearts is one of the most physically and mentally healthy habits we can have, and it doesn’t even require going to a gym. So, don’t sweat your New Year’s resolutions if you’re worried about making 2021 better than ever. Try a daily resolution, and you just might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

–Jim Yeargan



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As a business leader, you’re likely well-versed in making decisions, but in the midst of a global health crisis, a political minefield, and environmental disasters, planning for the upcoming year is different territory for even the most seasoned business professionals. So, how do you make the right decisions for your 2021 plans? Start with these three steps. NO. 1: LOOK AT THE DATA. Data has never steered you wrong before, so don’t stop using it now. However, you have to use the right data and contextualize it with today’s lenses. For example, when choosing a new marketing campaign or direction, continue looking at the cost, revenue, potential errors, and risk factors. Use those to make an informed decision about which step to take. For example, is the campaign empathetic to the needs of your clients, or will it come off as tone-deaf? ( Hint: Try split testing in 2020 before fully deploying a new campaign in 2021!) NO. 2: DON’T GO WITH THE STATUS QUO. “This is how we’ve always done it” will kill your business. Nothing is the same as it was just one year ago. The entire world has transformed, and attempting to continue with what’s “normal” will only cause you to miss what could be . As you plan for 2021, consider the abnormal. Look at options you would have never considered doing and test their efficacy. If one fails, move on. But there’s a big chance that you may

stumble into something that is totally unique and completely worth your time.


You’ve set your course. You have your team in place. You’re excited to begin. Now, get ready to change everything. Sounds exhausting, right? But it can happen. Rather than being resistant to what isn’t working, admit defeat and move on. If there’s one benefit of the COVID-19

pandemic, it’s that we were all given a crash course on how to adapt quickly. Take those lessons and apply them to your 2021 plan. Be prepared to admit when your original plan isn’t working because staying on an ineffective course can do more harm than good.

Don’t avoid it. Planning for 2021 is necessary — even if you need to change course quickly.

Can Smoking Affect Your Breathalyzer Results?


One study from South Australia suggests that cigarette smoking can significantly influence your body’s absorption of alcohol. Gastric emptying, or your body’s ability to digest and empty food from your stomach into your small intestine, was also found to be slower while smoking. This means that the alcohol will remain in your system longer and may take longer to impair you. You might think: Wait a second, if it takes longer for my body to process alcohol, I should be able to drink safely if I can drive immediately after! Not exactly, because here’s the kicker: Your breathalyzer test doesn’t necessarily test alcohol alone. Breathalyzers are designed to report any compound from the methyl group in its molecular structure, including acetaldehyde.

That’s a compound your liver produces as a by-product of alcohol.

While the concentration of acetaldehyde varies from person to person, research shows that smokers tend to have higher concentration levels of acetaldehyde in their breath than nonsmokers. This is why smokers are much more likely to have falsely high readings on their breathalyzer tests. So, drive safely by avoiding drinking or smoking beforehand (by possibly abstaining a little longer than most people). However, if you believe that you’ve been given a false breathalyzer reading due to smoking, don’t hesitate to call your local expert DUI team at Yeargan & Kert — we’re very familiar with these types of cases and can help you through the process immediately.

Before you get behind the wheel this holiday season, there’s a plethora of reasons to avoid drinking. However, if you’re a smoker, you just might want to be extra cautious. There are many factors that can complicate attempts to estimate your blood alcohol concentration, and smoking is one of them.



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Bizarre lawsuits don’t stop popping up just because it’s the holiday season. In fact, it might bring up some of the most unusual lawsuits of them all. Here are just a few of our favorite strange holiday-themed legal cases.



In the town of Plantation, Florida, the Hyatt family amazes the whole state with their incredible Christmas display. With 200,000 lights, a movie screen, snow, a 30-foot-tall tree and a Ferris wheel for stuffed animals, many would even call it extreme. The city of Plantation, however, would choose “obstructive.” The intense traffic problems in their cul-de-sac are nightmarish for the neighbors! Concerns for public safety brought Plantation to sue the Hyatts for their Christmas display being a “public nuisance.” However, the court dismissed the case after stating that the city failed to provide enough evidence.


It’s a mystery just how Warren J. Hayes got away with it, but in 1982, he produced a Santa Claus driver’s license in the state of Ohio. The address? 1 Noel Drive, North Pole, USA. He also has an AAA membership and checking account under the Santa Claus name! This charade would’ve continued unquestioned until Hayes got involved in a minor fender bender on Dec. 20, 2002. He gave the Santa ID to the police officer, and Ohio charged “Santa” with having a fictitious name. However, the court ruled that since Hayes maintained and renewed his Santa Claus identity for over 20 years, Santa Claus had been a “real person” since 1982.

Nothing pulls together a salad quite like a delicious Caesar dressing. This easy vegan recipe takes just five minutes to make and keeps for 5–7 days in the fridge.


• 1/4 cup hummus

• 2 tsp capers, minced

• 5 cloves garlic, minced

• 3 tsp caper brining juice

• 1 tsp spicy mustard

• 1 tbsp olive oil


• 1 tbsp lemon juice

• Salt and pepper, to taste

Although this case never made its way to court, it’s certainly worth a mention here. In this personal injury case, one man in a reindeer costume was struck in the face with shotgun pellets after a hunter mistook him for a turkey. Luckily, the man in costume recovered without any loss of vision, and the parties agreed to a $150,000 settlement. Stay safe and don’t rush into any reindeer costumes! From everyone at Yeargan & Kert, we hope you have a very merry holiday season!

• 1/2 tsp lemon zest

• Hot water, as needed

DIRECTIONS 1. In a small bowl, add all ingredients and whisk to combine. 2. If needed, add a bit of hot water to thin the dressing until it will pour. 3. Serve with salad or refrigerate for later!



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How to Boost Your Immune System Like a Celebrity



What do Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, and Khloé Kardashian have in common? Yes, they’re all high-profile celebrities, of course, but they’re also big fans of hot tea. According to the entertainment website Yaay, Angelina Jolie likes to make her own garlic tea by steeping fresh cloves in hot water, and Lady Gaga is such a big tea lover that she takes a tea set with her on tour. These famous women might be onto a health and beauty secret because aside from being delicious, tea is a great way to boost your immune system and fend off illnesses. Drinking hot tea, or another immune-boosting drink in place of hot chocolate, will still give you the cozy winter vibes you crave without compromising your health. An easy drink for beginners is lemon- ginger tea , which is a spin-off of Khloé Kardashian’s favorite drink. Ginger is a key ingredient here because it’s anti-inflammatory, raises the immune system, and may even help fight cancer. You can make lemon-ginger syrup by layering lemon slices, fresh ginger, and raw honey in a jar and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. The next morning, just add a few spoonfuls of the concoction to your hot water and you’ll have instant tea!

Homemade chai tea is another delicious option that will wow you and your guests this winter. There are thousands of chai recipes out there, but offers a simple and tasty one that’s made with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, black tea, pepper, and dairy-free milk. If you don’t want to grind the spices yourself, you can buy a premade blend. Chai gives you all of the ginger benefits with the added bonus of cardamom, which is said to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Last but not least, if you’re more of a latte drinker than a tea drinker, try golden milk ! This soothing drink is a darling of health food fanatics because it features honey (a disease-fighting powerhouse ingredient) and turmeric (an immune-booster that lowers cholesterol, combats arthritis, and helps prevent cancer). offers a delicious recipe that pairs those two ingredients with almond milk, almond butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and ginger for a satisfying nightcap.

What are you waiting for — get steeping!



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