Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre_Parent Support Handbook

MORE Tips for Protecting Your Children

• Familiarize yourself with the policies and practices of organizations where your children spend time. • Confirm background checks are conducted on all employees and volunteers. • Ensure policies are in place that prohibit situations where an adult can be alone with your child in one room when no one else is around. • Make sure they actually follow these policies – ask your child, stop by, check in, be aware.

When Away from Home

• Learn about the websites your children use regularly. Visit websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram, Tinder, Vine, and others. See what other kids are doing there and how much information you can learn by doing simple searches. • Parents need to be aware of what is happening on-line. • Learn as much as you can about the issues of Internet Safety • Keep computers in common rooms of the house. • Set the rules about internet safety and your values early on. • Teach young children that they should not seek out relationships from on-line friends and that they should NEVER meet on-line friends in the real world.

While on the Internet

Recommended resource:

• Watch for changes in your child’s behavior. If your child is reluctant about going to certain places or with certain people, ask questions. • Notice their behavior before and after spending time alone with an adult. • Pass it on. Educate yourself. Educate your community. • Parents are our greatest resource. You have the power to make change happen in your neighborhood, at local schools and within child-serving organizations.

Be Vigilant and ASK Questions!

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