after UCPR council’s September 23 session when it decided against renewing the lease agreement with VIA Rail. The signature goal for the petition is 5000 and as of Thanksgi- ving Monday, there were almost 4900 names on the petition. Misinformation 8IFUIFSUIFQFUJUJPOXJMMDPOWJODF6$13 council to review its September 23 decision is unknown at present. But Mayor Pierre Leroux, current UCPR warden, said during an October 9 phone interview that “there is a lot of misinformation” about the Prescott- Russell Trail issue. i8FSFOPUDMPTJOHUIFUSBJM u-FSPVYTBJE i8FBSFKVTUFOEJOHUIFMFBTFBSSBOHFNFOUu The lease arrangement that the UCPR has had for many years with VIA Rail made the UCPR responsible for maintaining the 72-kilometre-long hiking and biking trail, in exchange for some financial support from

An online petition has almost 5000 signatures asking the United Counties of Prescott-Russell council to reconsider its decision regarding the Prescott- Russell Recreational Trail. Geneviève Duval launched a petition through seeking support for a plea to the United Counties of Prescott- Russell council (UCPR) to change its decision about ending the lease arrangement with VIA Rail for use of the former railway route that serves as the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail. i8JUIUIJTQFUJUJPOXFIBWFUIFDIBODFUP show that we, as citizens of Prescott-Rus- sell, want to keep our trail,” states Duval’s petition. Duval launched the online petition soon

Une pétition a été lancée en ligne afin de demander au conseil des Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell de reconsidérer sa décision de ne pas renouveler son entente avec VIA Rail concernant le sentier Prescott-Russell. La pétition, disponible sur www.change. org, comptait près de 5000 signatures au 12 octobre. —archives

the rail company. VIA Rail had proposed a two-year extension of the current lease with an offer of $40,000 each year towards maintenance costs. UCPR council’s decision not to continue with the lease arrangement followed a review from its public works department on the cost for existing maintenance and future upgrades to the trail to deal with public safety concerns. The potential cost would be $6 million spread over a 10-year period. “I’m always open if VIA Rail comes back with a counter-offer,” said Leroux, indicating that such a counteroffer would require VIA Rail increase its offer of financial support. Trail history Leroux noted that the Prescott-Russell

Trail existed before the UCPR became res- ponsible for its maintenance through the leasing deal with VIA Rail. “I’ve talked to a few people,” he said, “and they say they’ve walked the trail long before the counties got involved.” If there is no counter-offer from VIA Rail for the UCPR to consider then the current lease arrangement lapses 90 days after the refusal-to-renew notice was sent to the railway company. But, Leroux noted, that does not mean that people would no longer be able to use the trail route. Leroux also noted that user groups like UIF&BTUFSO0OUBSJP4OPXNPCJMF$MVCDPVME contact VIA Rail themselves and arrange for their own lease arrangements for the trail.


The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) says business closures imposed in Ottawa and Toronto last week are not yet necessary in the Prescott-Russell area. As of Monday, October 12, there were 90 BDUJWFDBTFTJOUIF&0)6BSFB PGXIJDI were in Prescott-Russell. Six cases were confirmed within the Prescott and Russell 3FTJEFODF JO)BXLFTCVSZ XIJDISFDPSEFE its first case of the infection on Friday. An outbreak also continued at the Foyer St- +BDRVFT/VSTJOH)PNFJO&NCSVO A United Counties of Prescott and Russell statement on Monday said the Prescott and Russell Residence was still waiting for the results of tests taken on Friday, as the laboratory had been closed over the XFFLFOE'PVSQFPQMFBDSPTT UIF&0)6 region were hospitalised, though none were in intensive care. Russell Township had the highest number of active cases in the region, at 25, followed CZ$MBSFODF3PDLMBOEBU 5IF/BUJPOBU  )BXLFTCVSZBU $BTTFMNBOBU BOE Alfred and Plantagenet and Champlain at UXPFBDI&BTU)BXLFTCVSZIBEOPBDUJWF cases recorded as of Monday. Despite the increased number of cases EVSJOH0DUPCFS &0)6.FEJDBM0GàDFSPG )FBMUI%S1BVM3PVNFMJPUJTTBJEIFGFMUUIF

business closures mandated in Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel were not necessary for UIFSFHJPO)FTBJESFDFOUMPDBMDBTFTIBE not been connected to any of the areas the province had imposed closures on. i8FSFLFFQJOHBDMPTFFZFPOMPDBMTQSFBE of COVID-19, but at this time we feel that business closures aren’t necessary in the &0)6SFHJPO uIFTBJEi5IBUTBJE JOPSEFSUP help keep our local businesses running, we need everyone to continue following public health measures to prevent the spread of the virus.” Dr. Roumeliotis said that closures may become necessary in the future if a “signi- ficant increase” in new COVID-19 cases affected the region. Le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario affirme que les fermetures d’entreprises mandatées dans les points chauds de l’Ontario en raison de la COVID ne sont pas encore requises dans Prescott-Russell. — photo d’archives

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