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&/#3&'r#3*&'4 ARSON INVESTIGATION Hawkesbury OPP is investigating an arson attempt at a house on Petite Quatorze Road in East Hawkesbury Township. Sometime around midnight, October 9, a window was smashed and an attempt made to start a fire inside the building. The fire was extinguished, with minimal damage and no injuries. Anyone with information on the case can call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or the CrimeStoppers confidential tips line at 1-800-222-8477. ASSAULT The Labour Day weekend saw police deal with a public disturbance Septem- ber 6 on Calypso Street m between Limoges and Casselman. Mario Parent, 28, of Casselman is charged with assault, mischief under $5000 value, breach of probation, and two of failure to obey the conditions of a release order. He was held in custody for a bail hearing and his case will be scheduled for a future provincial court session in L’Orignal. LEFAIVRE HOUSE FIRE An overnight house fire September 28 in Lefaivre is the subject of an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Fire Marshall’s Office. Police and the Alfred-Plantage- net Fire Department responded to an early-morning call about a house fire on Concession 1 in the village. The building was destroyed. There was no one inside at the time. Anyone with information can call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477. CDSBEO AIR QUALITY In August the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) received $354,400 as part of pro- vincial funding to all Ontario schools to improve their ventilation systems. The goal was to improve air quality in schools as part of COVID-19 prevention before the start of the new term. Air filters were replaced in all CDSBEO schools and will be replaced every month as part of regular testing of the ventilation system. Classrooms without a direct connection to their school ventilation system will have standalone air filtering units installed with regular monitoring of operation.



Champlain Township councillors have turned down the opportunity let others vote in their place while absent from municipal meetings. Amendments to Ontario’s Municipal Act in July gave municipalities the option to autho- rize proxy voting for members of council. &OBDUFEBTQBSUPGB$07*%FDPOPNJD bill, the changes would allow councillors to appoint a fellow member to vote on their behalf if they could not attend a municipal meeting. Champlain Township’s councillors dis- cussed the options at Thursday night’s meeting, but ultimately voted against consi- dering a bylaw to permit proxy voting locally. Councillors Peter Barton, Sarah Bigelow, and André Roy voted in favour of moving forward XJUIQSPYZWPUJOH XIJMF(FSSZ.JOFS 7JPMBJOF Tittley, Jacques Lacelle, and Michel Lalonde voted against it. Councillor Troy Carkner was absent. Tittley said the matter was important, was recommended that proxy voting be discussed further rather than being approved that night. i7PUJOH JTBO JNQPSUBOU SFTQPOTJCJMJUZ GPS a councillor, and this matter should be discussed at a committee of the whole,” she said. .BZPS /PSNBOE 3JPQFM FYQSFTTFE reservations about the proposal. He said new information could be presented about

Les conseillers du canton de Champlain ont rejeté jeudi soir une proposition qui aurait permis aux membres du conseil de voter pour un autre membre absent lors des réunions. —photo d’archives

including the City of Ottawa. But Barton, speaking in favour of the change, said proxy voting was a matter of accessibility. He encouraged the council to act as a leader on the issue. “I think society’s becoming more acces- sible, we’re trying to create situations or XBZTXIFSFQFPQMFDBOQBSUJDJQBUF8FSFOPU trying to find reasons to exclude people,” he said. “This evening, we’re short a councillor who may have strong opinions on some of the subjects and he could have his vote heard should we put this process in place.”

important resolutions during the council meetings that could change a councillor’s mind. “It might jeopardize the voting process by giving your proxy to somebody else if you EPOUIFBSBMMUIFGBDUT uIFTBJEi%FDJTJPOT are sometimes made on the spot because there’s new, additional information that comes to a meeting. Therefore, you’re not always prepared.” 8IJMFQSFTFOUJOHUIFQSPQPTBM DMFSL"MJ - son Collard noted that few municipalities in the area had yet introduced proxy voting,



phone interview. The system will get tested again towards the end of October and should be ready to HPMJWFJO/PWFNCFS3FTJEFOUTXJMMCFBCMF to sign in through the municipal website and watch a livestream of the council meeting on YouTube. Township staff began researching the fea- sibility of a virtual council system at the start of the pandemic. Other municipalities have teleconference systems that allow residents to watch their local councils. Some systems allow write-in questions for council to deal with during the question period portion of the meeting. Cost for the system will be covered through a municipal modernization grant the township received ast year.

East Hawkesbury residents may soon be able to watch their local council at work without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Township administration is working on an electronic teleconferencing system that will allow residents to watch the local council meetings. A beta version of the system was tested during last month’s session of council, but it was limited to viewing from the laptops of municipal staff and council members. i8FSFQVTIJOHUPIBWFJUSFBEZBTTPPO as possible,” said Luc Lalonde, township chief administrator, during an October 8

Avant la fin de l’année, les contribuables de Hawkesbury Est devraient pouvoir voir leur conseil municipal s’occuper des affaires municipales dans le confort de leur propre maison. La municipalité évalue actuellement un système de vidéoconférence qui permettra de regarder les séances du conseil à distance. —photo d’archives


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