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3 Essential Email Tips Every PT Clinic Needs to Drive Appointments

Click-Through Secret Weapon There is one trick that will improve email performance every time – choosing your audience. An email about sports injury recovery is not likely to be opened or clicked by my grandmother. In the same way, an email about avoiding back pain while gardening gets ignored by a single, athletic 20-something. Both of these could be great emails! That said, if you want the best results from each you should choose who your emails are sent to based on factors including: • Condition treated (Try to keep these to a few basic categories such as chronic, sports, surgical) • Therapist seen These factors can be kept in your database and/or tagged in your email service. If you’re having trouble sorting them, try exporting to Excel, sorting by column, and uploading different lists from there. If you use MailChimp, learn to use custom fields here. • Age • Gender

1) Use a Grid If your email list isn’t broken into groups based on conditions or age, a simple layout using a grid allows you to include content for several ages and pain points – increasing the chance of relating to the reader. 2) Create a Quiz Thanks to social media, quizzes are a very popular, highly-engaging content piece. You can use a free quiz creator to make simple quizzes that ask about pain or well being and gently direct towards having their problem evaluated or getting advice from your website or blog. Some examples might be:

Victoria Marcouiller Director of Websites and Online Marketing

Are your emails driving appointments?

If you’ve been email marketing for any amount of time, you know that one of the main statistics to judge your emails is Click- through Rate. If this area is low, that’s an instant opportunity to increase your new patients per week! You already have their contact info, you just need new email ideas to engage them better. To improve click-through rates you need to engage with the reader and pique their interest just enough to want more information. The email also needs to be easy to read on any device and be about something the person expected when they joined your list. Below are some examples of companies doing it right. Try some of these email ideas in your practice this year!

Is Your Back or Leg Pain Actually Sciatica? Is Your Foot Pain Plantar Fasciitis?

3) Focus On an Event Button Hosting a workshop or other event? Don’t drown out your message in a sea of text. Few things get the point across as well as “Register now”. Feel free to support your event with more information below, but keep your main message clear.

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