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Celebrating Dr. Sam Cascio


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Applicants Needed for 2025 Downstate Delegates/Alternates to ADA

Applications are now being accepted for downstate Delegate and Alternate positions to serve Illinois in the Eighth District Delegation to the 2025 ADA House of Delegates. Election of the Delegates and Alternates will be conducted at the downstate Dental Society Caucus on Saturday, September 14, 2024, during ISDS Annual Session at the Embassy Suites by Hilton East Peoria Riverfront & Conference Center in Peoria, IL. According to the ISDS Bylaws, Chapter XV, eligibility is as follows: ADA Trustee and Delegation to the American Dental Association Section 4. Qualifications. Only an active, life or retired member of the Society may be eligible for election as a delegate or alternate. The following requirements shall apply to members in order to serve in the ADA delegation: a. A member must have served previously as an ADA delegate or alternate delegate, an ISDS officer or trustee, or have served as a delegate to the Society’s House of Delegates before becoming eligible to serve as an alternate delegate to the ADA. b. A member must have served a minimum of one (1) year as an ADA alternate delegate, or served as an ADA delegate previously in order to serve as an ADA delegate.

c. Current members of ADA Councils and Commissions, except the ADA Council on ADA Sessions and International Programs, shall be strongly considered for positions in the ADA delegation. 5. Term of Office. Delegates shall be elected for a two- year term. Delegates may serve a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms. Alternate delegates shall be elected for a one-year term. Members may serve a maximum of six (6) consecutive years, after which time a member may not serve as a delegate or alternate delegate for at least one year. Interested in applying? Send a cover letter declaring your intent for the Delegate or Alternate position and a one-page CV to: Tara Conway, Executive Assistant OR Mail to: Illinois State Dental Society

3100 Montvale Drive Springfield, IL 62704 Deadline for submission: August 1, 2024


Scholarship Announcement

The ISDS Foundation board of directors announced they would award six scholarships at $6,000 each (2 for each dental school) for 2023. Current D3 students enrolled in the third year of an accredited four-year traditional pre-doctorate dental program in Illinois may apply, with scholarship recipients being announced

in early July. The application deadline each year is May 31. For information, visit:

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Celebrating Dr. Samuel J. Cascio by Dr. Joseph Hagenbruch, ISDS Historian

In addition to the numerous advantages of being a dentist, which certainly includes faithfully serving the persons who choose us to provide their necessary dental care, it would be not easy to fully list them all. However, being fortunate enough to serve the profession through crucial endeavors of organized dentistry must be, for many, at or near the top of the inventory. A whole host of professional and personal rewards also come to mind when I think about time devoted to the service to the public, colleagues, and among the countless individuals affiliated with dentistry, in one form or another. Truly thoughtful, gifted, and selfless people seem to invariably become part of our extended family, a variety of individuals whom we come to value, trust, cherish, and even love. As the Illinois State Dental Society Historian, it has been a distinct privilege for me to not only work alongside many of our most esteemed and trusted colleagues throughout the state and nation but, more importantly, befriend them and hold their friendships near and dear. Over the years, I have written about a few of them, but I am miles away from being able to touch upon, write about, and dutifully offer adequate recognition for most of them. However, for most of us, one distinguished individual that requires no introduction whom I am featuring in this article is our exceptionally esteemed friend, leader and colleague, Dr. Samuel J. Cascio. Samuel J. Cascio, D.D.S., was born on August 27, 1924, the son of the late Joseph and Josephine Cascio. His mother was born in Cefalù, Sicily, and his father in Baltimore, Maryland, both of Italian ancestry. Joseph and Josephine were married at Our Lady of Victory Church on the Northwest Side of Chicago. They became the loving parents of four children: Rose, Viola, Marie, and Sam. Joseph and Josephine were of modest means. Sam’s father was a barber who worked on the 10th floor of the Clark Adams Building in downtown Chicago. However, despite humble earnings and financial challenges, Joseph and Josephine always believed in

and managed to provide their children with a safe, supportive, wholesome home environment and a faith- based Catholic education. Dr. Sam attended Our Lady of Victory Grammar School and went on to Saint Mel High School, receiving a reduced tuition of $5.00 per month instead of $10.00 per month, through a generous arrangement made between Sam’s father and an influential Saint Mel staff person, the principal, Brother James (a member of the De La Salle Order of Christian Brothers). When Sam graduated high school, he went on to Saint Mary’s College in Winona, Minnesota, an all-men’s institution (it is now coeducational and is called Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota) still located in Winona, Minnesota. Both Saint Mel’s and Saint Mary’s were administrated through the La Salle Christian Brothers. After one year at Saint Mary’s and the nation at war, Sam enlisted in the United States Navy because he thought he would prefer service in the United States Navy rather than being drafted into the United States Army. Upon enlistment and considering himself as being proficient with his hands, as well as harboring a keen interest in health care, Sam requested to be trained in and assigned to the Navy’s Medical Corps, but to his surprise, he was instead assigned and trained as a radioman, serving three and one-half years in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He served aboard the USS LST 281. LST, which stands for Landing Ship, Tank, although not as large as an aircraft carrier, was at the time the largest U. S. Navy ship of its specific nature and was explicitly designed to place tanks, troops, and cargo onto hostile beaches. As a result of Sam’s training, he became a master of the Morse Code and developed a proficiency at typing. After receiving an honorable discharge as a radioman second class, Sam returned to completing his education at Saint Mary’s College, utilizing the advantage of funding from the G.I. Bill. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Biology. One of Sam’s fond extracurricular memories at Saint Mary’s was organizing dances with the nearby women’s college, the College of Saint Teresa. Although the two schools never formally merged, they did experience a coeducational partnership regarding the mutual sharing of some educational programs. Saint Teresa


officially closed in 1989. An interesting fact: our very own Dr. Mary Starsiak is a College of Saint Teresa graduate. Incidentally, Sam’s sons, Joseph, Daniel, and Michael received their Bachelor’s Degrees from Saint Mary’s University. Of particular interest, Saint Teresa was operated by the Sisters of Saint Francis of Rochester, Minnesota. A few years after Dr. Sam received his dental degree and license, he would frequently provide pro bono dental care for the Sisters of St. Francis while they were serving in the Chicago area and even provided care for Sister Evangelista, a longstanding Dean of Women at the College of Saint Teresa and friend of Dr. Sam, when she was in Chicago. Getting back to Sam’s return to school after his military service, sometime along the way at Saint Mary’s, Sam chose to pursue Dentistry and in his final year of 1948 was accepted into the dental class of 1952 at the Chicago College of Dental Surgery. As most will recall, in the 1950’s this institution became Loyola University School of Dentistry. Sam earned his D.D.S. in 1952. While helping to make financial ends meet, Sam earned money as a taxi driver while in dental school. Sadly, Loyola University School of Dentistry closed its doors in 1993; this, of course, was very heartbreaking and disappointing to Dr. Sam and a whole host of other alumni who instantaneously became dental school orphans. Unfortunately, and tragically, private dental school closings also became a sad reality for several other fine dental schools in Chicago and around the country.

Sam received the Humanitarian Award from the Italian American Executives of Transportation. The organization honored him and reflected upon his time as a taxi driver during his dental school years. Dr. Sam readily credits the quality of his education from the La Salle Christian Brothers with beginning the strong foundation for his successful professional career as a general dentist on the Northwest Side of Chicago. Dr. Cascio’s first office was located at the corner of Addison and Neva Streets. Selecting this location seemed providential for Dr. Sam in that he was driving by the area and saw that a physician was building an establishment designed for his medical office. Sam wisely noticed that the physician appeared to have room to spare. Dr. Cascio approached him and in a short time the physician and Sam worked out a mutually acceptable arrangement, commencing a decades-long partnership in the building. In 2002, after the building was sold, Dr. Sam and his son, Dr. Michael, moved to the present site at 7340 West Lawrence Avenue, Harwood Heights, Illinois. Dr. Sam greatly loves dentistry, and he practiced as a general dentist for fifty-six years. Dr. Michael joined the practice in 1987, and they worked together until Sam retired from the profession in 2008. Michael continues their successful practice presently at the Lawrence Avenue location, which is managed by Micheal’s lovely wife KK. Michael’s interest in dentistry began at an early age. As a child, in times of leisure, he would often go to the dental office at Addison & Neva and find jobs to do for his father. Dr. Sam taught Michael a plethora


of constructive tasks and eventually Mike learned how to do various dental laboratory procedures. Michael’s proficiency and enthusiasm grew, and he dove headfirst into dentistry. His fervor and expertise continue to this day with the same laser-focus exhibited by his father those many years. Dr. Mike has expressed that there are third and fourth generations of grateful and loyal patients that continue to choose their office to receive dental care. Many of their superb staff have been with the office for notable periods of time. Dr. Michael likes to tell the story of how his father could often distract and calm an apprehensive child in the dental chair by asking the child to watch him wiggle his ears. More often than not, Dr. Sam could wiggle his ears while, at the same time, performing local anesthesia or completing a needed dental procedure. Another clever idea implemented in the office to distract anxious children, and some adults too, I imagine, was keeping their gentle and friendly dog, a cocker spaniel-poodle mix, in the office for patients to hold and pet during procedures. Dr. Sam has, through the years, served in a whole host of selfless projects and leadership roles. He has been chairman of many fund-raising events. Sam raised funds for Saint Mel High School through its Cadillac give-away raffles and dinners. The raffle tickets were $100.00 each, with only a given small number sold. The Cadillacs were secured for the raffle at a reduced rate, and the event would often garner $5,000.00 to help support the school. Sam and the committee, always willing to interject a bit of humor into the raffle equation, would bring the Cadillac to be raffled off to the parking facility for the event. Therefore, the winner would need to pay the parking fee for the vehicle before driving away in their new automobile. On one special occasion of this event, Sam was enthusiastically presented with the Saint Mel High School “Mel Man of the Year” Award. Dr. Sam served as chairman of the Saint Mary’s Chicagoland Capital Campaign, with a lofty goal $1.5 million, which was achieved. Sam served on that Board of Trustees for 10 years. As a charter member of the President’s Council from 1974 to 1994, he established the Cascio Family Court in honor of the La Salle Christian Brothers and their faithful mission of quality education at Saint Mary’s. He also served as co-chair for the $100 million campaign for the Dental Alumni Division of Loyola University.

Dr. Cascio received the Marshall H. Smulson, D.D.S., Humanitarian Award at the Ed Kelly 41st Annual Giant Awards Banquet in June of 2015, and the Founder’s Day Award from the Loyola University Dental Alumni Association in 1987. At the same time, Dr. Sam served as the Commencement Keynote Speaker for the Loyola School of Dentistry graduation ceremony of 1987, which included the graduation from dental school of his son, Dr. Michael A. Cascio. Dr. Sam was a member of the University of Illinois Eye Fund Board for 26 years, including 18 years as its vice- president. Being a dentist, he never ascended to being president of this group, despite his rather humorous allegation that “people do have ‘eye teeth’ and didn’t that qualify?” Dr. Sam’s other achievements and accolades in dentistry are so numerous that there is not room enough to list them all. However, additional service would include former presidencies of the ISDS, the Chicago AGD, the Illinois AGD, the Arcolian Dental Arts Society (an organization of Italian American dentists in the Chicagoland area, where he received the Arcolian Person of the Year Award in 1981), the CDS Progressive Club, CDS Northwest Branch and the Columbian Club of Chicago (as well as being a Lifetime Member of the Columbian Club of Chicago). Sam was a President’s Council member and U of I Foundation member. He established the Samuel J. Cascio D.D.S. Scholarship for Italian American students at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry, perpetuating today. Dr. Cascio has been awarded Fellowships in the American College of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and the Academy of General Dentistry among others. He has received the ISDS Distinguished Dentist Award, the Loyola University Dental Alumni Founders Day Award to name just a couple other tributes. There are likely not many dental or community honors for which Dr. Sam has failed to be nominated or won in his many dutiful, committed years of service. To this day, during the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Dr. Sam regularly serves as a Presiding Chair for speakers who are presenting educational programs. Essentially, the Presiding Chair oversees the presentation room, introduces the speaker, makes sure everything necessary for the presentation goes smoothly and at the conclusion of


the seminar provides the continuing education code for attendees to use to record their CE credit for the course. Those who attend the Midwinter meeting learn about all sorts of dental related subjects, products, equipment, techniques, and there are even hands-on classes as well, everything from A to Z. Indeed, the Chicago Dental Society always provides a vast number of educational programs for every member of the dental team. At the most recent meeting in February 2024, Dr. Sam served as a Presiding Chair for Amber Auger, RDH from East Weymouth, Massachusetts (near Boston, Massachusetts). Amber is a practicing dental hygienist and, according to Sam, is a very dynamic and informative speaker, as exemplified by her seminar offering in February, 2024. Ms. Auger expressed to those in attendance the day of her program that Dr. Cascio’s introduction of her was the best one she had ever experienced and even expressed that she would welcome him to come to Massachusetts to provide more of her program introductions. To those who know Dr. Sam, this is no surprise because Sam happens to be an excellent public speaker and he has addressed countless audiences through the years, providing introductions, invocations, and benedictions among a host of other informative exhortations and allocutions. Sam expresses that he always learns new things through serving as a Presiding Chair, which attests to his firm belief that a dentist must devote themselves to be a lifetime student in order to best serve their patients. Although these days Dr. Sam spends the winters in Florida, he frequently returns to Chicago for many functions, mainly dental functions such as CDS Northwest Branch meetings, CDS Officer Installation Ceremonies, the Midwinter Meeting, and the Arcolian Dental Arts Society meetings. Sam’s vitality, vigor, sharp wardrobe, and acutely keen sense of humor are exceedingly inspiring and certainly serve to be highly contagious. Point of fact, it would be impossible to effectively measure the positive impact, friendships, and general goodwill Dr. Cascio has perpetually generated throughout his esteemed professional career. Even now, his continued visibility and participation musters a summit of esteemed respect and generates a pinnacle of fond admiration bestowed upon and experienced by very few in the dental profession or community.

Unfortunately, Sam’s beloved spouse, the late Rosemarie departed this earthly life in 2003. Dr. Sam and Rosemarie are the proud parents of four adult children. Son Joseph, who served as a commodity trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, is presently retired in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife Susan. Daughter Geraldine and her spouse Phillip are owners/ operators of Mama Maria’s Pizza in Elmhurst, Illinois. Son Daniel is President of Cascio Communication, Inc., a leading advertising company in the Chicago area that is well known and is responsible for the advertising signs often seen on roofs of city cabs. Of course, I have already mentioned his son, Dr. Michael, a practicing general dentist. Of crucial importance, Sam’s wonderful daughters-in-law, Joanne (married to Daniel) and KK (married to Dr. Micheal) were of inimitable assistance with providing photographs and identifications for this article. I must also thank Dr. Cissy Furusho, Dr. Lou Imburgia, and Dr. Michael Biasiello, who assisted me with pictures. Dr. Sam Cascio will turn 100 years young this August 2024. He has indeed accomplished a lifetime of awesome selfless service not only in the profession of Dentistry but also exemplary service to the vast number of patients he has cared for and treated. In addition, Sam’s prolific years in serving as a leader in Organized Dentistry and his myriad of altruistically noble endeavors, financial support, and impressive contributions toward improving the condition of humankind have nearly reached mythical proportion. His exceptional dedication and involvement can only be described as immensely philanthropic, enormous in depth and breadth, and extraordinary. To borrow a perfectly fitting phrase, Dr. Samuel J. Cascio is truly a superb gift that keeps on giving.



Community Grant Awards Application Deadline

Dentists are required to attest that they have completed a minimum of 48 hours of continuing education over the three-year licensing period. Hygienists will be required to attest to 36 hours of continuing education over the three-year period. Anyone who renews late or is audited by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, will have to show proof of completion of all courses. For more information regarding the Illinois License requirement, visit, click on Continuing Education>Illinois License Requirements. ENFORCEMENT ORDERS There were no orders taken against Illinois dentists in March 2024. Visit disciplines/discreports.html for full information.

The ISDS Foundation is currently accepting applications for 2024 community grants. Qualified organizations must promote, encourage or provide improved oral health in Illinois. Community Grant Award applications are available on the ISDS Foundation page at Applications must be postmarked no later than May 28th. Wanting to sell your practice? Have an opportunity to expand your team? The Illinois Dental News Advertising and Classified section is just the place for your posting and advertising needs. For more information, contact Misty Glass at Did you know that you can publicize your local component events on the ISDS website? To have component events added, contact Misty Glass at Please list the name of the event, date, a contact person and phone number/email, and the registration link, if applicable. Dental Auxiliary Courses ISDS offers certification courses throughout the state to enable dental assistants and hygienists to fulfill the educational requirements as stated in Illinois law for expanded functions. Dental auxiliary staff of 2024 ISDS Members receive a discount! ISDS offers these Dental Auxiliary Courses: • Administration and Monitoring of Nitrous Oxide • Anesthesia/Sedation Assistant Monitoring • Coronal Polishing & Application of Pit/Fissure Sealants • Basic Intraoral and Panoramic Radiographic Techniques Visit, click on "Continuing Education," then "Dental Auxiliary Courses" for more information and to register! 2024 ILLINOIS LICENSE RENEWAL 2024 is a license renewal year for Illinois. General dentist licenses, dental specialty licenses, dental hygienist licenses, controlled substance licenses, dental sedation permits and temporary licenses credentials expire on September 30, 2024.

May 8 Nitrous Oxide Monitoring Course (UIC)

May 10 ADA 1st Caucus (Virtual)

May 27 ISDS Office closed (Memorial Day)

June 11 Access to Care Conference (Virtual)

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June 14 Board of Trustees Meeting (Springfield)

June 28-29 ISDS Foundation Mission of Mercy (Peoria)


Student Higlight: Julissa Quiñónez

Growing up in the small town of Rochelle, Ill., with parents who “very much valued education and hard work,” Julissa Quiñónez is a first-generation Mexican- American student. She received her bachelor’s degree from Quincy University, where she was very involved as a resident assistant, orientation leader, supplemental instructor, and active in various clubs. Julissa is wrapping up her fourth year at Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. Last year, she received an Illinois State Dental Society Foundation Scholarship. When she learned about the ISDS scholarship and read the essay prompt, Julissa was inspired to write a paper discussing everything she’s learned about organized dentistry due to her involvement with the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). “When I heard that I was a recipient of this scholarship, I was truly so grateful and excited,” she says. “One of the most rewarding aspects was knowing that my involvement and efforts to learn more about organized dentistry were evident and well conveyed.” In her second year of dental school, she got involved with ASDA, first holding a position as Wellness Chair and then Chair of Communications. As an ASDA representative, she’s made valuable connections with dental students and dentists, attending many conferences, including ASDA District 7 meetings, the ASDA Annual Session, the ISDS Annual Session, the National Leadership Conference (NLC), and ADA Lobby Day. Thanks to those experiences and connections, Julissa realized she would be an excellent fit for the ASDA Legislative Liaison position, which introduces students to all aspects of organized dentistry. “Before taking this position, many students at our school knew very little about the ADA and the importance of organized dentistry,” she notes. Julissa undertook several new initiatives, including a program called Advocacy Bytes and a Trivia Night. The most successful, however, was a panel event called Women Powerhouses in Organized Dentistry , which drew more than 50 participants and featured successful female professors from SIU and an award-winning dentist from the ADA.

“The goal of this event was to empower female students and convey the importance of our voices being better together. We care for our profession and the patients we serve,” Julissa says. “Through our panelists, we displayed that being involved with organized dentistry is a great way to continue to make connections out of dental school

and that the extent to which someone is involved is up to them—it could be as simple as donating to ADPAC or holding a position in a local component. I believe traveling to DC each year to be a voice for the ADA and taking up positions at the national level is of utmost importance.” Julissa was named the 2024 ASDA Legislative Liaison of the Year thanks to her incredible involvement and leadership. “I am so grateful to our awesome SIU ASDA president, vice president, and legislative liaison elect who were very helpful and supportive with these initiatives and ASDA for igniting my interest and fueling my passion for organized dentistry,” she says. As she looks ahead at her future, Julissa reflects on being grateful for the ISDS scholarship that will provide financial relief as she pursues her dreams of being a dentist. After graduation, Julissa will move to North Carolina to work as a general practitioner, where she plans to continue her involvement with the ADA and organized dentistry. “The ISDS scholarship has made a huge impact by helping pay for many expenses that students are often burdened by: board examinations, licensure, and moving expenses after graduation,” Julissa says. “I hope to gain a lot of experience in all areas of dentistry and would like to learn much more about implants. The ISDS Foundation scholarship and my experiences with ASDA will continue to help as I move on from this chapter and into the next one of my career.”



FOR SALE ADS Midwest is endorsed by the Illinois State Dental Society for dental practice brokerage and appraisal. Contact Guy Jaffe at (800) 221-6927 or (314) 997- 0535 or if you are considering purchasing or selling a dental practice in Central or Southern Illinois or Metro East near St. Louis. BLOOMINGTON – Grossing $1.7m, eight well equipped ops, five hygienists, digital radiography and digital Pano. CARBONDALE, MARION AREA – Modern, 3400 square feet brick building. Grosses $986,000. Digital x-rays, a digital oral scanner, and a Cerec mill. We refer out all endodontics and implant placements as well as most extractions. The fee-for- service practice and does not participate in any managed-care or PPO plans. Six and a half days of hygiene per week. NEAR CARBONDALE – Turn Key $1.3m on 24 hours a week with overhead (yes! $780,000 40% overhead (yes! $780,000 take home), all fee-for-service, chartless, completely digital, including intraoral cameras, a Primescan scanner and CT machine. CHAMPAIGN – Grossing $1,600,000. SOLD! CHAMPAIGN – Grossing $2.4m, group practice with one dentist retiring. Looking for 33% partner. CHAMPAIGN – Grossing $900k, four ops, 100% fee- for-service, 45% overhead, and beautiful building. DANVILLE – Grossing $1.25 m, four ops, low overhead, fee-for-service. PERIO (Central IL) – Grossing $1.7m, nine ops, very modern and well equipped, CT room, fully digital, EHR, VoiceWorks, 100% fee-for-service. Building available. Seller will stay. MT. VERNON – Motivated Seller, fantastic opportunity! Grossing $800,000. Low 50% overhead. Four and a half days a week, Dentrix/Schick digital. Great staff. METRO EAST (O’Fallon) – Grossing $1.7million, seven ops-plus two, extremely nice offices. Immediate 50% buy- in. UNDER CONTRACT. Near TERRE HAUTE – Grossing $600,000, four ops, well equipped, turn-key office. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS – Grossing $800,000, five operatories, digital CBCT, all fee-for- service, only dentist in town, work more, make more, nice building also available for sale. If you would like additional information or would like to view any of the above practice opportunities, please call Guy at ADS Midwest (800) 221-6927 or (314) 997-0535 or

Ads Midwest – ENDORSED BY ILLINOIS STATE DENTAL SOCIETY, Peter J. Ackerman, CPA, CVA, CEPA (312) 240- 9595,, adsmidwest. com SELLERS NEEDED. NEVER HAVE VALUES BEEN HIGHER! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A TRANSITION OR SALE! CHICAGO, NEAR UIC modern facility, four ops, room for seven. CHICAGO, LAKEVIEW– SOLD. CHICAGO, LAKEVIEW – $2-plus million, 100% fee-for-service, high tech, high visibility street front premier location. WEST SUBURBS – $375,000 collections, high visibility, 14,000 vehicles a day, building for sale with practice. WEST SUBURBS – $1.3 million, SOLD. FOX RIVER VALLEY – $900,000, four ops with plenty of room for expansion in a free-standing building. NEAR NORTH SUBURBS – $1 million, SOLD. NORTH SUBURBS – $1.4 million, PENDING. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – $400,000, outstanding starter or merger in a desirable NORTHWEST community. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – Seven digital ops, $600,000 in collections, real estate available, main road signage. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – $625,000, PENDING. NORTHWEST SUBURBS – $965,000 collections, FFS/ PPO, three digital ops, CBCT, strip center location. SOUTH SUBURBS – $1,300,000- plus collections, five digital ops, free stand building for sale with practice. SOUTH SUBURBS – $1,000,000 collections, free standing building with plenty of room for expansion. SOUTH SUBURBS – $400,000- plus collections, great starter, priced right. NORTH CENTRAL IL – $1.4 million, five ops-plus, hygiene 38% of revenue four days a week. PARAGON assists both Sellers and Buyers in all their transition needs. Call for your confidential complimentary consultation. Sellers wanted Lake and McHenry County, contact Kathleen Christie-Jaroch, D.D.S. at (847) 341-4418 or Kathleen@paragon.; SOUTHWEST SUBURBS – NEW $845k collections, six ops, 2400 active patients. PPO, All Kids, Seller wishes to stay. Digital, pan. Contact Dr. Ann Mazzotti-Hood at (708) 254-7375 or CHICAGO NEAR NORTH SUBURBS – $305k collections on three day work week (24 hours). 527 active patients. This low overhead practice is on a main street. Three ops with loyal patient

base. WANTED: Glenview -Wilmette – Lincolnwood – Looking for fee-for-service practices for mergers. www.paragon. or contact Thomas McDermott, DDS, JD at (708) 715-5880 or tmcdermott@ CHICAGO DENTAL BROKER. THE ONLY BROKERAGE LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED BY A DENTIST AND ISDS MEMBER. Contact Dr. Rob Uhland (847) 814-4149. NEW IN NORTH SHORE – Fantastic fee-for-service practice grossing $820k with 35% overhead! Real estate also available, walk to town location. Three chairs but could be four. Call me on this jewel! CHICAGO – Five practices. NORTH SIDE – Chart sale, 1,000 active patients. Doing $500k-plus. Doctor willing to stay on and work. NORTH SIDE, Albany Park – Six chairs and FFS / PPO blend. Doing $500k-plus. Huge upside. NORTH SIDE, Jefferson Park – Four chairs and all fee-for- service. Gross of $325k with other practice close by to roll in! Huge upside. HERMOSA –Very productive four chair office, lots of cash! Has an associate in place. SOUTH LOOP – All new! Half fee-for-service and half PPO. Collecting $700k-plus. Five chairs, new CBCT and more! Rare find. SOUTHWEST SUBURBAN – Practice collecting $500k-plus on just three days a week. Many implants. Great opportunity! WESTERN SUBURBAN –Very well established practice and all fee-for-service. Doctor will help with transition. Four chairs and great staff. Real estate also! WESTERN SUBURBAN, NEW! – Four chair practice with very strong hygiene! Collecting $550k and is associate driven. Let’s talk! NORTH SUBURBAN, NEW! – Brand new build out and new equipment. All fee-for-service and grossing $650k, hard to believe but will sell fast! ORTHO – I have several practices, call me for details! ORAL SURGERY – I have two. A practice in the NORTHERN SUBURBS and one in the WESTERN SUBURBS with two locations. Please call for more details. NORTHWEST INDIANA – Huge fee-for-service practice, doing $1M on three days a week and selling brand newly remodeled office condo as well. NEW! NORTHWEST INDIANA – Collecting $400k a year on just three and a half days a week. Great opportunity with a retiring doctor. NORTHWEST INDIANA – Several listings, call me for details! CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SIDE – Cozy two operatory office - room to expand.


Owner works approximately 25 hours a week. 2023 collections $320,000. New digital Panoramic/sensor x-ray system. What's for sale? 1: Dental practice. 2: 1200 square feet office building. 3: Small house next door to generate added income. Owner can stay on to help with transition. Forward interest to (Box 202). METRO ST. LOUIS, ILLINOIS SIDE OF RIVER – FANTASTIC PRACTICE: This state-of-the-art General Practice office is in a free-standing building with 1,700 square feet, five ops and room to expand to seven. The practice has over 2,000 active PPO/FFS patients and collected over $864k in 2023. The office operates on four doctor days and 10 hygiene days per week, averaging 60 hygiene patients per week. The seller refers out ortho, 3rd molar extractions, and impacted extractions. The office is fully digital with over $300k of new equipment recently invested into the practice including a CEREC, 3D Pano, and Picasso Laser. The real estate is available for purchase or long-term lease. Excellent opportunity for investor dentist or commercial buyer as seller willing to stay on post-sale. Contact Devin Shah AFTCO Associates (800) 232-3826, Reference Opportunity ID: IL-01437 Practice for sale /Associate Buy In – Well established general practice, collecting over 1.2 million, for sale in Northwest Illinois, near Galena. Opportunity for mentorship if desired. This modern practice is 100% fee-for-service, fully digital and well equipped for contemporary diagnostics and treatment procedures, including CBCT, digital radiographs, intraoral cameras, soft tissue laser, intraoral scanners, 3D printer and paperless charting. With a motivated team, well educated in all facets of dentistry, eight operatories, and a reputation for quality care, the practice continues to enjoy healthy growth. For further details, please contact Available for sale is a General Practice nestled within the heart of the Springfield, Illinois region, presenting a golden opportunity for any dentist looking to acquire a practice with exceptional cash flow. With 2022 collections totaling nearly $1.4 million and 2023 collections on pace for $1.5 million, it’s evident that this practice is on a steady path for growth. The

office is in a visible location and popular amongst the community which has resulted in a long cancellation list. The clinical space is within a 5,500 square feet area in a single-story, stand-alone building, also available for sale. Boasting seven fully- equipped operatories plus an additional four semi-finished ops that just need chairs, this opportunity holds immense potential. Contact matt.kosciewicz@mcgillhillgroup. com for more information. BELLEVILLE, IL – 1650 square feet, full brick, full basement, four or five operatories with cabinets, wired for server and eight work stations. Luxury vinyl plank flooring, new washer and dryer with warranty. Inquiries to (618) 973-6981 or jdragich@ HENRY SCHEIN DENTAL PRACTICE TRANSITIONS – JACK MINAHAN, TRANSITIONS SALES CONSULTANT – – (331) 244-0783 ST. LOUIS (ILLINOIS SIDE) – Phenomenal opportunity in greater St. Louis area (practice located in Illinois)! $770k in gross revenue on a limited doctor/ hygiene schedule. Newly built out, five (5) op facility (six ops plumbed) that’s fully digital utilizing Dentrix, Dexis, and a Sirona 2D Pan. Stand-alone building with 1,800 square feet of practice space and full basement. FFS/PPO based, no Medicaid. Real estate available for purchase. #IL3839 CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – Great jump start practice opportunity in the West Suburbs of Chicago. This practice is located in a busy strip mall off a major road in a thriving community. $175k in revenue on a very limited schedule, three ops, leased space. Flexible transition options and motivated seller. #IL3776 CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – Fantastic opportunity to own a two-location Oral Surgery practice in the West Suburbs of Chicago. $1 mil-plus in collections, six (6) total operatories, and real estate available at one of the locations. Excellent referral base, great cash flow, and flexible transition options from the doctor. Won’t last! #IL3773 CHICAGO – Well-established Pedo/ Ortho practice in Chicago! The practice is

located in a mixed-use medical building with great signage and visibility from the street. This leased space with 1675 square feet five (5) ops, and collections of $500k with a majority of the revenue being Pedo. This practice has up-to-date technology, pan-ceph, Dentrix Ascend, and Dexis imaging. Don’t miss an opportunity to own a beautiful specialty practice in a thriving community! #IL3727 CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SUBURBS – Great opportunity to acquire a 100% fee-for-service practice in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago! The practice is 800 square feet located in a professional building off a major highway with excellent signage and ample parking. The practice did $324k in collections on three and a half days a week, two equipped and one plumbed operatories, and is full digital utilizing Dentrix and a 2D Pan. Immediate growth potential as the owner refers most specialty procedures out. #IL3716 CENTRAL ILLINOIS – Beautiful two- location Ortho Practice located in Central Illinois. Primary location is 1,800 square feet with six (6) ops. Satellite office is 1,225 square feet with five (5) ops. $1.3 million in collections on four days a week with strong cash flow. 500 active patients in treatment. Both offices are fully digital including scanners, panoramic x-rays, and Orthotrac practice management software. The doctor is willing to assist with the transition. #IL3662 CHICAGO, NORTH SIDE of CITY – Calling all start-up doctors! Incredible opportunity to acquire a profitable practice and real estate on the north side of Chicago. $508k in collections, 1,300 square feet of current practice space, four (4) ops, and 39 years of goodwill. The building is 3,500 square feet with another tenant in the building on a month-to-month lease. The practice and real estate are both priced to sell! #IL3660


CHICAGO – Fantastic opportunity to acquire a two-location practice located in Chicago! The practice collected $1,004,133 in 2022 and $1,022,438 in 2021. The doctor utilizes, and is highly trained in, the most advanced technology in dentistry, including CEREC, digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, and 3D imaging. One location is four (4) ops with the ability to expand to five (2,200 square feet). The other is three (3) ops but could be expanded with additional space in the building (850 square feet with an additional 1,100 square feet available). The doctor owns the real estate at both locations and would be interested in leasing it out to the new owners. Owner is looking to partner with a DSO and stay on long term. Don’t miss an opportunity to add a phenomenal practice and an incredibly talented doctor to your organization! #IL3620 CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – Good location with room to grow, across from school and large residential area! Practice has five (5) ops, revenue in low $300k’s on only about 30 hours a week. #IL3575 CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SUBURBS – Fantastic opportunity to own a growing fee for service practice in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago! The practice has four (4) ops in a roughly 1,400 square feet leased space located in a multi-use building on a busy downtown street with great visibility and signage. 35 years of goodwill, extremely loyal patient base and the practice collected $518k in 2022. The office is utilizing a digital pan, dexis imaging software, Practice Works management software, and is fully plumbed for Nitrous. The current owner refers most specialty work out so there’s an immediate opportunity for growth through added procedures. Won’t last! #IL3582 CHICAGO, WEST SUBURB – Three ops, Tri-City area, leased space in a busy strip mall with excellent visibility and parking. Impressive financials of $635k with high cash flow. 29 years of goodwill and over 3,000 active patients. Up-to-date technology with Eaglesoft, Schick sensors, and Pano. Grow the practice by keeping specialties in-house. #IL3556 CHICAGO, SOUTH / SOUTHWEST SUBURBS – Spacious, modern, five (5)- plus op fully digital Practice in a standalone building with ample parking in a vibrant high growth area! On limited hours and procedures are referred out. Revenue is in

low $500k’s with good upside potential. #IL3593 CHICAGO, NORTHWEST SIDE - Modern open layout 3,000 square feet digital, four (4) op office with room to expand! Located in owned stand-alone building on corner of a busy main street with excellent signage! #IL3059 CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – FFS/PPO Practice in high-traffic area near residential neighborhoods. Good upside potential with revenue around $480k on only three and a half days a week, referring out Endo/ Implants. #IL3692 CHICAGO WEST SUBURBS – Mid-$800k revenue practice with an upward trend. Modern, very well-kept, six (6) op practice with digital x-rays in a 2,500 square feet office with Conebeam. Located on main road in one story building with ample parking. #IL3317 CHICAGO, NORTH SUBURBS – Two location Orthodontic Specialty practice. One location offering clinical care two days a week is 4,891 square feet, has six open bay concept operatories with room to expand to a total of eight chairs, also including a surgical room perfect for multi-specialty. The practice utilizes a digital pan-ceph and digital scanners. The second location, offering clinical care one day a week, is 2,289 square feet has three open bay operatories with a fully equipped treatment coordinator room. The practice utilizes a digital pan-ceph. Between both locations they have 511 active patients, averaging about 22 new starts per month, $1.6 million in collections in 2022, with approximately $612k in outstanding Contracts receivables. Both offices are leased space. Tremendous upside on an already well-established specialty practice. Won’t last! #IL3532 CHICAGO, WEST SUBURBS – $900k-plus revenues, upward trend with potential for growth! Well kept six (6)-plus op, digital, 2,750 square feet office. Highly visible standalone building in town location, with ample storage and parking. #IL3458 OPPORTUNITIES Private dental practice located in Highland, IL seeking a full-time ASSOCIATE DENTIST. Potential buy-in partnership opportunity in the future. Serious inquiries only; email resume:

Looking for a guaranteed first year comp? Looking for a great work/life balance? We are looking for a full-time associate dentist in the beautiful Illinois Valley. $150,000/year! Contact us at (815) 223- 6013 ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: ASSOCIATESHIP TO OWNERSHIP THROUGH MENTORSHIP – The largest TMD practice in Chicago metro area is looking for a dentist with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ patients. The practice is limited to the treatment of TMD and Facial pain (100%). There are two offices located in the western and southwest suburbs. You must have completed Dawson or Pankey training and be proficient in centric relation, bimanual manipulation, and occlusal equilibration. Will mentor in the diagnosis, MRI imaging and treatment planning. Mentorship completion time is one year. At the end of the first year you could be eligible for an ownership buy-in opportunity. Compensation will start at a guaranteed $800 per day. Please email CV to: Dental Associates of Wisconsin – GENERAL DENTIST and SPECIALIST OPPORTUNITIES. 15 locations. Competitive Compensation. Benefit Package. Bonuses. Collaboration. Mentorship. CE. Contact kherman@ Periodontal Associate Wanted – We are looking to add a Periodontal Associate to our practice in Southern Illinois. Qualifications: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Periodontal Specialty Licensure - accredited dental school • Current/Active license in good standing in Illinois (or eligible to obtain) • Dedication to integrity and achieving the highest standards of ethical patient care We offer a competitive compensation package – days worked and pay are negotiable. Please email resumes to Two location private practice seeking a general dentist four to five days per week located in Southern Illinois 50 minutes from St. Louis, MO. Depending on location, there is a 1500 square foot office with five ops, and a 2900 square foot office with eight ops. Competitive compensation, CE reimbursement, bonus structure and retirement option, as well as potential opportunities for ownership


MISCELLANEOUS Hands On Extraction Classes – Learn advanced extraction techniques, elevating flaps, suturing, third molar removal, handling large abscesses and bleeding. Participation on live patients. Website:; phone: (843) 488-4357; e-mail: drtommymurph@

available. Both locations provide general dentistry, including sedation, orthodontics, and implants for all ages in a modern, technologically advanced setting plus our experienced, friendly and efficient team will make the transition smooth. Take advantage of this career opportunity to provide high quality, comprehensive dentistry. Please send your CV to Kim@breesedentalcare. com. For more details, please view our website or call (618) 526-2020 and ask for Kim. PARK DENTAL SPECIALISTS – ENDODONTIST and ORAL SURGEON OPPORTUNITIES. FULL-TIME or PART- TIME. Join our dentist-owned, family practice in Chicago, IL! Contact dina@

TWO SPECIAL PRACTICES AVAILABLE!! West Suburban- rare find. Over 60 years! 4 chairs, all FFS. Over $650K on 3 dys/wk! Real Estate Also, hurry! South Loop-New Office!! 5 chairs and PPO/FFS blend Over $700K gross with 1800 actives, 30 new/mo. New cone beam, chairs! Must see!! Dr Rob Uhland: (847) 814-4149

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operated by a Dentist and ISDS member!!! Keep Dentistry

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Scan the QR code to join today! The best way to keep the profession of dentistry strong and effective is to speak with one voice. Being an active member in the Illinois State Dental Society's political action committee, DENT-IL-PAC, Governor's Club or President's Club, will help the ISDS achieve this goal.

DENTISTS’ ATTORNEY STEVEN H. JESSER, PC Affordable dentists’ legal services, including practice purchases and sales, other contracting, collection, licensing and disciplinary problems. Representing practitioners since 1980. (800)424-0060 (847)707-1032 (mobile) (800)330-9710 (fax)

Basic Membership:.............$125 Governor’s Club: ...............$250 President’s Club: ................$500 Ambassador Club: ..........$1,000

A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( ) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois. 2700 Patriot Blvd., Suite 250, Glenview, IL 60026-8021

Questions about DENT-IL-PAC? Contact Lindsay Wagahoff at or 217-525-1406.


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