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September 2017

Caring for the Community WHY I AM INSPIRED TO SPREAD LOVE

L ast month, Rue & Primavera sponsored a successful and fun-filled Run In Color event at Windjammer Park. Our participants took great pride in raising funds for the Island County Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and we are so thrilled to have helped such an amazing organization. Many people know that Rue & Primavera has sponsored a Run In Color event for the past few years, but not many people know the story behind our event. After the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon in April of 2013, I was touched by one of the victim’s stories, who happened to be a dancer. The woman had lost her leg in the attack, but she refused to give up dance. I decided to honor that woman and every single person affected by the Boston bombing through our Run In Color event with this metaphor: fighting back with an explosion of color. The first organization that Rue & Primavera sponsored was one that hit close to home. With the help of our community, we raised over $3,000 for Citizens Against Domestic Violence.

“One of the many people in my life who encouraged me to care for my community was my grandmother.” and she even came to a few of my ballet recitals. Oftentimes, my grandmother would dance alongside me in the living room. One of my favorite memories of my grandmother was when I was living with her in Michigan during the winter. It was just the two of us in the house, and a severe storm was dumping several feet of snow on our town. The power eventually failed, and being only 6 years old at the time, I was scared! We crawled into bed together to keep warm and turned on the radio. My grandmother made me chocolate milk, which I was allowed to drink in bed, and then she held me all night while the storm raged on. I am so thankful for the memories I have of my grandmother; she is one of the people in my life who showed me how to love others. This month, we celebrate Grandparents’ Day on September 10. Remember to give your loved ones a call or think fondly of the memories you hold dear.

We were so touched by our community’s willingness to help that we knew we had to plan a race the next year. We did, and the rest is history. Rue & Primavera strives to be a warm and welcoming atmosphere for those needing to heal, and our Run In Color event is one of the many ways we encourage healing in our community. One of the many people in my life who encouraged me to care for my community was my grandmother. Both of my parents were Broadway actors in New York City when I was growing up, and I spent an incredible amount of time at the theater. There were a few times during my life when my grandmother raised me, and I look fondly back at those memories with her. My grandmother was a school teacher in Michigan, and she lived in the same house that her father built for their family when my great grandparents married. My grandmother took me to many dance classes — I was too shy to follow my parents’ footsteps and act in the theater —

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