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the conservatives came into power because QFPQMFXBOUFEDIBOHFi8JUIUIF-JCFSBMT  we were very well served,” he commented. So, I hope [Simard] will gain experience fast enough so that it can benefit the taxpayers and that she will focus on issues that will benefit the UCPR and the municipalities.” Russell Township Mayor Pierre Leroux, on his part, noted that the new provincial government can be a big help with getting the 417 Industrial Park expansion project PGGUIFHSPVOEGPSIJTNVOJDJQBMJUZi8FOFFE provincial and federal support for getting things rolling,” he said. 3PCFSU,JSCZ .BZPSPG&BTU)BXLFTCVSZ  hopes for positive results from this election. “I would like to see more flexibility for local HPWFSONFOUEFDJTJPOT uIFTBJEi8FMJWF here and we know what our needs are.” 6$138BSEFOBOE.BZPSPG5IF/BUJPO  François St-Amour, echoed this position as well. He also highlighted the need for financial support for municipalities from the province. “It is certain that there are grants that we would like to remain in place so as not to do more harm financially,” he said. “A lot of money has been spent in the big cities and I don’t think it’s very fair. They have to do something about it.” Desjardins reiterated the need for many unanswered questions to be addressed, concerning several different issues, primarily the ongoing Highway 174/County Road 17 discussion. After congratulating Simard on her win the morning after the election,

La Compagnie d’édition André Paquette (EAP) gathered reactions from the mayors of the formerly red riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, after its election of Progressive Conservative MPP Amanda Simard. Glengarry-Prescott-Russell has not elected anyone but a Liberal MPP since the creation of the riding in 1996. The district turned blue after electing PC candidate Amanda Simard in last week’s provincial elections. “It is a good thing that the counties went blue with the province because it will be more favorable for us and we will have better representation in Toronto by having Amanda Simard there,” commented Cla- rence-Rockland Mayor Guy Desjardins. “But, JUBMMSFNBJOTUPCFTFFO8FIBWFTFWFSBM RVFTUJPOTXFOFFEBOTXFSTUP8FEPOU know who the new ministers will be and we don’t know Mr. Ford’s intentions.” Most local mayors have commented that they are looking forward to meeting with Simard to discuss several issues. Hawkes- bury Mayor Jeanne Charlebois wishes to keep the focus on her town’s economic and social development projects. “It’s always a question of infrastructure,” she commented. “I would appreciate more money for our youth [projects] and for public housing.” The Mayor of Casselman, Conrad Lama- deleine, noted that he was not surprised

La Compagnie d’édition André Paquette (EAP) a recueilli les réactions des maires de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, à la suite de l’élection de la députée provinciale progressiste-conservatrice Amanda Simard. Glengarry-Prescott-Russell n’a élu personne d’autre qu’un député libéral depuis la création de la circonscription en 1996. Le district est devenu bleu après l’élection de la candidate Amanda Simard

aux élections provinciales de la semaine dernière – elle a obtenue plus de 4500 votes de plus que le candidat libéral Pierre Leroux. La plupart des maires locaux ont indiqué qu’ils avaient hâte de rencontrer Mme Simard pour discuter de plusieurs questions… —photo fournie

Desjardins has already requested a mee- ting with the new MPP. He is still awaiting a response. Mayor Fernand Dicaire, of Alfred-Plan- tagenet, emphasized that his main priority in office is securing the future of the franco- phone Collège d’Alfred. “I hope that Amanda will represent us well because it is imperative that francophones stand our ground and, as per usual, we must fight to keep our place,” he commented. Mayor Gary Barton of Champlain Township was out of town on vacation during the week following the provincial election and, there- fore, unavailable for comment. In collaboration with Caroline Prévost and Gregg Chamberlain

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TERRAINS DISPONIBLES AVEC VUE SUR L’ETANG OU LE PARC Le projet domiciliaire le plus populaire à Rockland,offre un nombre limité de magnifiques terrains arborant des vues spectaculaires soit d’un parc multi- saisons ou d’un bassin de rétention d’eau complètement aménagé. La bonne majorité de ces terrains peuvent accommoder un design architectural de maisons avec sous- sol ayant une sortie extérieure directe.

POND AND PARK LOTS NOWAVAILABLE Rockland’s most popular master- planned community now includes a limited release of building lots with great backyard long-views of either a multi-season community park or a landscaped water retention pond. Most of these lots are designed to accommodate walk-out basements architectural floorplan designs.









9 Terrains avec vue sur le parc Ces lots ont une façade de 12mètres (39 pieds) et une profondeur de 32mètres (104 pieds). 14 Terrains de première qualité avec vue sur l’Étang Ces terrains ont 18,2mètres (60 pieds) de façade et une profondeur de 38mètres (124 pieds).

9 Park Lots Lots measure 12M (39 feet) wide by 32M (104 feet) deep.








14 Premium Pond Lots Most lots measure 18.2M (60 feet) wide by 38M (124 feet) deep


Pour tout autre renseignement sur un lot spécifique ou sur le projet domiciliaire, nous écrire à

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