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How can you improve your spinal health? You think about eating right, exercising and having a healthy heart, but what about your back? Your spine is what gives you the ability to move around, protects your spinal cord and allows you to breathe properly. In fact, almost every function in your body is directly connected to the health of your spine. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should care for your back like you do your heart. Anybody with back pain can tell you that it interferes with your life, but with the right help, back pain can be a thing of the past. Look inside for tips on how to improve your spinal health.

Do you find your back aching and nagging you when you first get up in the morning or after sitting in a chair? You may even notice your back start to bother you while standing for more than 10 minutes or having to walk distances. Back pain can come in different sensations from dull aches, to sharp stabbing pains, or even radiating pain into the legs. The bottom line is with a healthy spine, back pain can be prevented and even reversed. Is your spine healthy? Compare yourself with the ideal healthy spine below to see if your spine has the following: • Good posture and spinal curves • Strong abdominal & core muscles • Strong spinal and gluteus muscles • Good flexibility & balance with side-bending & rotation • Good nutrition & rested well at night

6 HELPFUL STEPS TO A HEALTHY SPINE Yourspine isacomplicatedstructureofvertebrae,discs, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Every second of every day your spine is moving in a delicate balance, even while you breathe! Take care of it and it will take care of you.

4. ImproveYourFlexibilityandStrength: Your spineandbody isdesigned tomove.Keepyour spineflexiblebystretchingfor10minutesevery day. It isbest togetupandmovearoundwhen possible at work. Stretch your spine out by reachingoverheadand leaningovertooneside, then the other. Also, work on gently twisting at the waist and don’t forget to stretch your

1. Eat Right: Nutrition is critical to having a healthy body. The same goes for your spine. Proteinrebuildsspinalmuscletissue, ligaments and tendons. Healthy fruits and vegetables contain thevitaminsandantioxidants tomake the spine function. They rebuild bone, muscle and connective tissues that are constantly being used throughout the day. 2. Rest: Throughout the day your spine is compressedwithstanding,sittingandbending. You can actually lose about ½ an inch over the course of a day. Adequate rest in a good position while sleeping, helps you maintain a healthy spine. It is ideal to start off lying in bed for the first 10 minutes on your side with your knees curled up. This allows the discs to 3. Avoid Smoking: Many studies show that nicotine in cigarettes directly accelerates the breakdown of the discs in the spine and destroys connective tissues that keep the joints moving properly. In addition, nicotine increases the inflammatory response in the body, disrupting the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

hamstringmusclesfrequently.Spend3-4daysaweekworkingonyourcore strength with abdominal muscle exercises, squats and other exercises to keep your spine and core muscles strong. This supports your spine and allows you to move without stressing the discs or nerves in your back. 5. Improve Your Posture and Balance: Make surethatyousitproperlywithastraight-backed chairandyourfeetflatonthefloor.Avoidsitting on very soft couches for prolonged periods as thiskeepsyourspine inaflexedposition.Make sure that you keep your spine straight when lifting, using your legs and avoiding twisting. Keepyourbalance tip-top toactivate thesmall muscles of the spine and use your nervous system. Enhance your balance by standing on one leg at a time for 10 seconds 3-4 times a week.

rehydrate.Then continue sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs or roll onto your back with a pillow under your knees. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

6. Have a Spine Check-up: Have a physical therapist check your spine alignment and function every 6 months to ensure your back ismovinghow itshould.Ourphysicaltherapists are the medical experts in helping your back operate as it should. If you are suffering with backaches and pains, come in for a check-up

sooner rather than later. Long term aches and pains can mean permanent damage is being done to your spine. Catching back pain early, leads to a healthy spine for life.

No Doctor Referral Necessary Whether you want to come in for a check-up, suffered a recent injury or you want to improve your health, a doctor referral is not needed. In the state of Michigan you have direct access to physical therapy!

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Improve your health naturally

See our physical therapists for: • Recent injury • Nagging aches and pains • Back and neck pain • Joint pain and movement problems • Walking or balance difficulties

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Try these movements if you are experiencing back pain. Exercise Essential

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Exercises designed by Neil Trickett, Dec 16 2014 — Page 2 of 2

Stretches Back

Kneel on the floor, buttocks over heels. Stretch arms forward far as you can. Let head and trunk sag to the floor and hang heavy. Keep buttocks over heels. Relax.

Child's Pose Preparation:

Kneel on the floor, buttocks over heels.


“Outstanding care by Ajay. I wouldn’t trust anyone else and he’s brought me back from debilitating pain more times than I can count. I almost hate to give him a good review because I know I’ll need an appointment for something else and I don’t want his schedule to be booked!” -C.D. “...he’s brought me back fromdebilitating painmore times than I can count.” Stretch arms forward far as you can. Let head and trunk sag to the floor and hang heavy. Keep buttocks over heels. Relax. t t m o d a a Buttocks over heels, stretch arms




Strenghtens Spine

Stand “tall”, with sturdy step stool positioned in front. Step one foot at a time onto the stool. Alternate legs.

Healthy Recipe



In a small bowl, mix together olive oil, cilantro, and 1/3 of the lime juice. Season with salt and pepper. Add shrimp to a baking dish and pour over mixture. Toss until completely coated and let marinate 20 minutes. Meanwhile, make slaw: In a large bowl, toss cabbage with mayo, remaining lime juice and sriracha. Season with salt. Heat grill to high. Skewer shrimp and grill until charred, 3 minutes per side. Grill tortillas until charred, 1 minute per side. Serve shrimp in tortillas with slaw.

• 1/4 c. extra-virgin olive oil • 3 tbsp. freshly chopped cilantro • Juice of 3 limes, divided • kosher salt • Freshly ground black pepper

• 1 lb. large shrimp, peeled and deveined • 1/4 head red cabbage, shredded • 1/4 c. mayonnaise • 1 tbsp. sriracha • 4 medium tortillas

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