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For Father’s Day, there’s no better gift I could ever receive than to see my three daughters live their lives with passion, finding success in the things they care about most. Luckily, I get to watch them succeed all the time, as they’re constantly trying new things and working hard to master their skills. Though I’m pretty confident their talent and drive comes mostly from their mom and not me, I still have the privilege of cheering each of them on at every turn. Before I sat down to write this, I did a lot of thinking about my proudest moments as a father. Of course, there are some big ones: locking eyes with my daughters for the first time after they came into this world, their first words, and their first steps into school and thus independence. But really, what came immediately to mind were the little victories that come with every passing day, the small moments that show me the fantastic people my kids are growing up to be. Honestly, I just enjoy watching them get into the things they enjoy. Right now, for my 13-year-old Lindsay, that means travel soccer, flying up and down the entire field in her role as defender. We’ve been watching her play for years now, but every time she makes a stellar play or a dramatic save, it’s impossible not to feel a rush of pride. And then, back at home, I get to see her take on the classic

role of big sister with my 7-year-old Natalie, consoling her when she’s upset and protecting her if she ever needs it.

Meanwhile, Natalie is just about to finish first grade and is starting to come into her own. It’s so fun to watch her little-kid curiosity as it latches onto everything around her. For sure, though, her favorite activity right now is gymnastics. She’s got a bar at home and a mat, and whenever she has a free moment, she’s out jumping on the trampoline. I’m excited to watch her as she gets more into it, learning new techniques and finding new challenges to conquer. Then there’s my middle daughter, 11-year-old Paige, who is all about singing. Just last month, she was one of four kids from her school selected to be in the All-County Chorus, a choir for some of the most talented young vocalists from the area. I have to admit that I got a little sappy listening to her belt it out up there alongside a couple of her closest friends. One of my biggest priorities as a dad is to raise my daughters into strong and confident women. Of course, with my wife Karen at the helm, they’ve got about the best role model I could ever imagine. Though it takes time to run a small business, I make sure to be there for my kids as often as I can, in whatever way works for them. For Lindsay, that usually means a chat for about 30 minutes a week, since she’s a teenager, after all, and knows everything already. Natalie is always hanging out with me, running errands and spending every possible moment she can catch. And then there’s Paige, who’s a bit selective with her time but still lets me put her to bed every night. This Father’s Day, I can’t think of anything more meaningful to celebrate. –Chris Earley

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