Hourly pay gap

The median difference is driven by the significant number of individuals identifying as women employed in senior management or managerial roles. Many of these individuals were not furloughed due to the strategic importance of their role also. Jockey Club Racecourses recognises the importance of supporting working families and carers by offering flexible working opportunities to all our employees. We are proud to support flexible working and this is reflected in the number of employees who have opted to work on a part-time basis. Our commitment to family friendly working practices however, impacts the figures cited here as it is predominantly those who identify as female that opt to work part- time. In accordance with the gender pay gap guidelines, “casual workers” that support our many racedays are included in our calculations. As such, we experience a year-on-year variance in our gender pay gap results. This is due to the numbers of casual workers engaged by us on the snapshot date of the 5th April, and is normally dictated by which of our racing fixtures fall on that date. These individuals identify predominantly as male, fall within the lower salary quartile and do not receive a bonus, therefore greater or lesser numbers results in a differing year-on-year impact upon our results. In 2021, we had significantly fewer casual workers included in our calculations than 2020, and the effect of that is demonstrated in our 2021 figures, especially when contemplating our bonus and pay quartile figures. At Jockey Club Racecourses we are confident that irrespective of how our employees identify, they are paid equally for doing the equivalent role throughout the business. Further analysis of our gender pay gap, omitting some of the aforementioned influencing factors, has been conducted which demonstrates a lesser fluctuation in the year on year results. We are committed to addressing any gaps and vigorously scrutinise annual salary and performance bonus reviews, ensuring our practices and policies are fair to all employees.

As per the April 5th 2020 snapshot date and 12 month reference point, the above information demonstrates the median and mean hourly gender pay gap for employees of Jockey Club Racecourses Ltd. Our 2021 calculations continue to reflect the unprecedented circumstances that the global Covid-19 pandemic and utilising the Government Furlough and Flexi-Furlough scheme created. Through our analysis of the Company’s hourly gender pay gap, it shows that there is a mean 10% difference between employees that identify as males and females, while conversely at the median point those who identify as females are paid 17% more than male identifying employees. The mean difference is accounted for by there being more people who identify as male than female, currently employed in the most senior executive positions at Jockey Club Racecourses. Most of these individuals were not furloughed on the snapshot date due to the strategic need of their roles as we continued to navigate our way during the pandemic.

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