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MAY 2018


A Two-for-One Lifechanging Event The Twins Finally Arrive!

more often, comforted by Lia Grace’s presence. It’s impossible to overstate how gratifying it is to see the awesome relationship they’ve built over the last two years. It makes us feel like maybe we’ve been doing something right, and it really makes me excited to see how the kids get along with their new siblings as they get a little more animated. In the months before the birth, I was completely slammed at every moment, but of course, it can’t compare to the ironclad poise, support, and positivity of my wife as she continued to care for the kids while I was at the clinic. It’s difficult to put into words the flood of emotions that overtakes me watching her become a mom for the third time. It seems appropriate that the twins were born with Mother’s Day right around the corner. Honestly, Lisa is tied withmy ownmom as the most amazingmother I’ve ever known, and those are some big shoes to fill. Nomatter what gets thrown her way—even twins! —she takes it in stride, never letting the stress of the situation get to her. I can’t even fathomhow she managed her day in the weeks before the twins arrived, keeping the kids busy in the midst of all the doctors’ appointments and the million other things that needed to get done. I can’t express to you how it felt to first see the tiny balled-up fists of my two newest children, the flood of boundless love and gratitude. The birth of your child is always one of the proudest, most important moments of a person’s life, and to have that reflected twice over — it’s beyond words. All I can say is that I’m so, so happy to have Lisa andmy wonderful family by my side, the two twins shepherding us into a brand new, vibrant stage of life together.

This month, my wife Lisa and I are excited to announce that as of April 23, we’re the proud parents of two new additions to the Russo family! Michele Stella Russo and Michael Dean Russo arrived into the world with no problem at all — though they showed up a little earlier than we expected—and we’re so thrilled to have themwith us, safe and sound. Lisa, as always, was an absolute champion, and our two older children Lia Grace and Jack are maybe somehow evenmore excited than we are to finally meet their new brother and sister. I’ve been amazed at how smoothly everything has gone since the beginning and absolutely floored by how incredible of a mom Lisa has been at every turn. Even when we were utterly booked solid with chores to prepare for the newborns, she remained a total supermom to the other kids. I’m just glad we moved Lia Grace and Jack into a single room a fewweeks ago and got the nursery all finished up in time for Michele and Michael’s arrival. For weeks, Jack was obsessed with his newThomas the Tank Engine-themed bed, but now, he’s got two new siblings to fawn over. In fact, Lia Grace and Jack have been fantastic and supportive throughout the process. They were pumped from the moment we announced Lisa’s pregnancy and are now just over the moon with their two new siblings. With some kids, losing their private space can become a cause for conflict, but they’ve loved it so far. Even before they became roommates, two-year-old Jack’s first question every morning was“Where’s sissy?”So now, he’s loving rooming with his big sister. Before, he used to wake up in the middle of the night frightened or unable to sleep, but lately, he’s been staying in his bed

–Dr. Michael Russo


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