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April 2019

Dr. Paul Braadt

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I’ve spoken to you in the past about my two main goals for my patients: getting you out of pain and educating you on how to create a healthy lifestyle so you can focus on chasing your dreams as you move through life. Part of creating a healthy lifestyle is taking action to increase your happiness and longevity. I’ve met many elderly people throughout my life, and those who were the happiest and lived the longest communicated with others to minimize loneliness; they actively participated in living. My wife and I watched a program on CBS called “Sunday Morning” that described a new “epidemic.” The former surgeon general of the U.S. under President Obama stated that loneliness affects your health as much as 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness contributes to a predisposition for all diseases. The British Government has established a “Loneliness Secretary” in response to this problem. Like many of you, I grew up with holiday traditions. On Easter Sunday, we all dressed in our finest, went to church, and then came home to personalized Easter baskets for my five siblings and me. My favorite treats were a huge chocolate egg with my name on it filled with coconut — including a yellow yolk — and a chocolate bunny which I loved biting the ears off. My parents were prepared for the resulting “sugar high” as they watched us running around the house. They kept us focused on our visiting family and friends who arrived for the Easter feast my mother prepared. I grew up in a 16-room, three-story, 100-year-old home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I was the oldest of six children with live-in grandparents and uncles and aunts always stopping by to visit. Needless to say, I was rarely alone and never felt lonely. I grew to learn that I was lucky to have

with others. Maybe join a group, like a church or a gym, that does an activity you enjoy. Communities need volunteers. Maybe invite someone lonely over for dinner like a relative, neighbor, friend or coworker. Think about how you can increase your communication with others aside from texting and online platforms. Have you been meaning to call someone or meet in person but just haven’t taken the time to schedule it? So have I. Whatever action you decide to take, hopefully it will help increase your communication, minimize loneliness for yourself or another, and increase your happiness and longevity. Have fun chasing your dreams!

such an involved family, despite the fact that, as a teen, I would lock myself in my room since it was my only available hiding space. My wife, daughter, and I try to keep holiday traditions alive by including family and friends. I realize that not everyone had a positive family experience, but regardless of your family situation, I think you can agree that it’s hard to be lonely when you invest time in an activity you can look forward to enjoying. On this same “Sunday Morning” episode, they profiled a man who, at age 27, retreated into the woods and never spoke to anyone for 17 long years. During this time, he came to the conclusion that he needed to be in communication with others. So he decided to do something about it; he found a wife, and together, they created a family.

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

If we want to increase our happiness and longevity, we need to be in communication

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