Never Too Late - November/December 2023

Aging in Our Community A Message from W. Mark Clark, President and CEO

( volunteer/) involvement, has the power to profoundly impact the lives of those who depend on our services. As we approach the year's end, please consider the significant difference you can make by supporting PCOA ( PCOAdonation) . Your generosity will enable us to continue providing essential resources, support, and assistance to older adults in need. Together, we can build a community where the later stages of life are marked by compassion, dignity, and active community engagement.

As we enter the months of November and December, a time of reflection and gratitude, our awareness deepens regarding the importance of family bonds and the spirit of giving. November, celebrated as National Family Caregivers Month, places a well-deserved spotlight on the invaluable role caregivers play in supporting their loved ones. All of us at PCOA are wholeheartedly committed to providing unwavering support to family caregivers within our community. It's worth noting that many of us may not even recognize ourselves as caregivers. We might assume that it's merely part of our familial responsibilities, not realizing that we are indeed “caregivers”. At PCOA, we understand the unique challenges faced by caregivers as they provide care and support to aging family members or loved ones, and we take pride in being a steadfast source of support for these unsung heroes in our community. When a loved one requires extra care, it reverberates throughout the family on numerous levels, encompassing financial strain due to healthcare costs, emotional and physical exhaustion from tending to ailing family members, a lack of formal caregiver training, the complexity of navigating the healthcare system, the need to develop new time management skills when balancing caregiving with other life commitments, and much more. Our comprehensive caregiver training program ( PCOAcaregivertraining) at PCOA is designed to equip caregivers with the essential tools and knowledge required to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities effectively. Our aim is to empower

caregivers, alleviate the burdens they face, and enhance the overall quality of life for both caregivers and the older adults they care for. Our support extends beyond education; we offer valuable resources, guidance, and a compassionate community where caregivers can exchange experiences and find solace. As we transition into December, the Season of Giving takes center stage. During this time, we urge everyone to reflect on the significance of community and the roles we play in supporting one another, particularly our older adults. PCOA, through our extensive array of programs, services, and advocacy efforts, serves as a vital lifeline to older adults in our community. Our support encompasses nutrition and wellness programs, caregiver training to address our community's crisis-level shortage, opportunities for social engagement, educational resources on Medicare and ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) to ensure that older adults receive the services they need without exploitation, and comprehensive resources aimed at enhancing their well-being. The current economic landscape has made our mission even more critical, with an increasing number of older adults seeking our assistance. The Season of Giving provides an opportunity for us all to unite and make a profound difference in the lives of these vulnerable community members. I invite you to join us in our mission to support family caregivers and older adults in our community. Your contribution, whether it's through a donation (https:// or volunteer

W.Mark Clark President & CEO

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