Never Too Late - November/December 2023

Philanthropy Help Us Close the Year Strong for Older Adults!

As we look back on the past few years, it's hard to believe how far we've come in our response to Covid-19. While many are eager to return to normal, the lasting effects on the economy have left many older adults facing insurmountable challenges. PCOA has been on the frontlines, providing crucial support to older adults and we now find ourselves at a critical juncture. The Covid-era funding that has sustained our efforts is ending, just as the needs of our community have reached an all-time high. One of the most pressing issues we currently face is what can only be called a housing crisis. The lack of affordable housing is an issue that arises in nearly two-thirds of our calls. Rising rents have caused many older adults to face homelessness at an alarming rate, while exacerbating food insecurity and making basic living expenses inaccessible. Our dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to prevent this crisis from deepening, but we can't do it alone. We urgently need your support to bridge the gap between dwindling resources and the growing need for assistance.

Your donation will make a tangible difference in the lives of older adults in our community in several critical ways: • Emergency Housing Assistance: Your contribution can help provide older adults with safe and stable housing, preventing homelessness and ensuring they have a secure place to call home. • Meal Delivery Services: Many older adults are struggling to afford basic necessities like groceries. Your donation will help us keep food on their table and their health in check. • Emotional Support: Loneliness and isolation have taken a toll on mental health. Your support will enable us to offer companionship and emotional support to combat the negative effects of social isolation. By donating to PCOA today, you're not just offering financial support; you're providing hope, security, and dignity to your neighbors who need it most. We firmly believe that no one should face the prospect of homelessness in their golden years, and with your help, we can make this a reality.

In consideration of your support, please note that we are a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit. This means that when you donate to PCOA, you can claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your Arizona state income taxes. Couples who file jointly can reduce their taxes by up to $800; individuals by up to $400. You can donate by filling out and mailing the slip at the bottom of this page, or in the following ways: • Online at • Call us at (520) 790-0504 • Drop off during regular office hours – 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM every weekday • Scan the QR Code below

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PCOA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 86-0251768) and a Qualified Charitable Organization for the Arizona State Tax Credit (QCO Code: 20313). All or part of any donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please consult a tax advisor.




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