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It is common aspiration to become healthier, stronger, or more active. However, this can sometimes be a difficult feat, with lack of time, pain, injuries, or difficulty sticking to a nutritious diet. When you are in pain, undesirable chemicals within your body are heightened, which can increase stress. As a result, your endocrine system becomes affected, which works to regulate the hormones in your body. Fortunately, the vast majority of aches and pains can be successfully treated by a licensed physical therapist. At Next Level Physio, our team is comprised of movement experts who have the knowledge and training to diagnose, evaluate, and treat any musculoskeletal condition that comes their way. To find out more about how our services can help you live a healthier, stronger, and more active life, contact our office today! (continued inside)


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The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body NEWSLETTER



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Your health and you: The term “health” is all relative. It essentially means that your body is operating at its highest levels of function in regards to breathing, circulation, digestion, and more. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the most athletic person in the room. Any step you make toward helping your body function at its optimum levels is a step toward becoming a healthier you. Your physical therapist can provide you with exercises, stretches, and nutritional tips that can help increase your health and help you feel physically better overall.

Increasing your strength and flexibility: It is no secret that strength and flexibility both play important roles in your health. Did you know that there are approximately 642 skeletal muscles in the human body? Your muscles work hard, not only to help you move, but also to support your circulatory and breathing systems. When you become stronger and more flexible, you become healthier overall. Our physical therapists can guide you through proper exercises and specialized treatments in order to relieve your joint and muscle pain, increase your strength and flexibility, and improve your overall health.

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7 Tips You Can Do On Your Own

Physical therapy treatments can help improve your health, but they only work if you apply healthy lifestyle choices in your everyday life, as well. Some tips you can do on your own to become healthier, stronger, and more active include: 1. Limiting your sitting. Get up every 30 minutes to walk around at work and home. 2. Getting out and moving. Exercise regularly, even if it’s just taking a short walk every day. 3. Maintaining a nutritious diet and controlling portion. Make sure your food intake is nutritious and portioned. By chewing your food thoroughly, you won’t feel as if you have to eat as much. 4. Drinking more water. Water keeps your body systems functioning at an optimum level. 5. Breathing. Work on your deep breathing in order to increase your oxygen intake and get your lymphatic system moving. 6. Getting enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is best to get into a routine where you are going to bed and waking up on a regular cycle. This helps your endocrine system. 7. Taking care of aches and pains. Don’t let these long-term problems linger. Contact Next Level Physio for professional help.

Contact Next Level Physio today! Are you looking for assistance with increasing your health, strength, and physical activity? Our team at Next Level Physio would love to help you live your highest quality of life. Contact us today to begin your new chapter toward becoming a healthier you!

Exercises of the Month Try these movements if you are experiencing aches & pains

EXERCISE BALL - PRAYER STRETCH While kneeling with an exercise ball in front of you, slowly lean forward and roll the ball forward until a stretch is felt.

IT BAND - STRETCH - SIDELYING Start by lying on your side with your back near the edge of your bed or table. Your affected leg should be on top. Next, let the top leg lower behind you as you maintain an extended knee as shown. You should feel a gentle stretch along the side of your leg.

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“Amazing place. I had unbearable knee pain for about 5 years and it limited me a lot playing sports. In one week after they started working on me, my knee pain is GONE!! Thanks to the Next Level Sports Therapy Team I’m able to enjoy what I love to do again without setbacks!!! Thanks guys, much appreciated!" - Miguel A. "In one week after they started working on me, my knee pain is GONE!"

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FITNESS CHALLENGE Next Level Physio is now accepting candidates for our April Fitness Challenge. Interested in learning more about our challenge and how it can help you get accountable to your fitness and nutrition goals for 2020? Contact Coach Valerie McQuade at: NEXT LEVEL TRI CLUB Are you a triathlete looking for a club to train with? The Next Level Tri Club is here! All levels are welcome to join! For more information on membership, coaching, and training schedule, contact Dr. John Mendenhall II at j.mnextlevel@

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