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Packaging Increases Environmental Role by Greg Kishbaugh LL eaders from around the world are preparing to head to Davos, Switzerland, for the 2019 annual Work Economic Forum Meeting. In a recent press conference the World Eco- nomic Forum (WEC) previewed what could be expected at the event. Not surprisingly, the WEC will analyze in great depth the ways in which environmental developments, such as climate change, pollution and sustainability will affect global economies. As always, the benefits of tackling sustainability are severalfold. Ensuring a better, more liveable environment for future genera-

Graymills Welcomes New President Kristen Shields has been named President of Graymills. Celebrating its 80th anniver sar y this year, Graymills manufactures ink pumps, metalworking pumps, and parts washers. They are best known for peristaltic or “tube” pumps, which are engineered specifically for flexo and gravure printing applications.

Global Operations Graymills manufactures all of its

global products at its headquarters and plant in Broadview, Illinois. The compa- ny has been owned by the Shields fami- ly since 1980 and Linda Shields con- tinues as Chairman. Kristen has held a variety of key roles

Kristen Shields

in sales, marketing, and operations since joining the company in 1989. She is well-known in the labels and packaging industry due to involve- ment with the FTA and TLMI.

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tions is naturally the primary driver, but it has also been proven time and again that strong environmental stewardship from companies translates into great economic rewards, as well. As part of the upcoming event, WEC released the following report from Peter Lacy, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, and Wesley Spindler, Circulars Program Director, Ac- centure Strategy.

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Flexo Wash

Introducing the Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Roll Cleaners

Lightning at your command, NEW from Flexo Wash Harnessing the power of light for a complete clean, • Deep Cleaning • No Ongoing Consumables or Waste • Easy Front-Loading of Anilox Lower your printing costs without compromising your cl Clean is clean. With Flexo Wash you choose how! ŴH[RZDVKXVFRP 866-629-1224

eaning results.

packaging community. The show will feature sellers and manufacturers of print and labelling equipment, as well as designing, branding and finishing experts. Converters Expo South Returns To Charlotte Hundreds of converters and packagers of paper, film and nonwovens will convene at the Charlotte Convention Center on February 5 for the second an- nual Converters Expo South. Attendees will have a chance to find manufacturing partners, check out testing and prototyping equip- ment, meet with producers of disposables and learn the latest in flexo printing and packaging. Local exhibiting companies from the Charlotte area include Atlas Converting North America, Inc.; Cadence, Inc.; DCS USA Corporation; Harper Corp. of America; OASIS Alignment Services, Inc.; Roll Technology; Rota- tion Dynamics Corp.; andWikoff Color Corporation, to name a few. These and other companies will be offering solu- tions for rewinding and sheeting; folding and finishing; packaging, warehousing, shipping and logistics coat- ing, laminating and adhesives; flexographic printing and inks and more.

Graymills Welcomes President ( Cont’d from Page 1)

“I’m thrilled to take over the day-to-day leadership of the company which my father and mother built into a seasoned global manufacturer while maintain- ing our three core principles of developing industry innovation, utilizing the talents of our employees and manufacturing quality equipment,” Shields said. “I look forward to celebrating our 80th anniversary in 2019 by continuing our growth trajectory, launching innovative, new products and manufacturing the highest quality of standard and cus- tomized pumps and parts washers.” Additionally, Bill Cox has been named Director of Engineering at Graymills. Cox brings to Graymills more than 17 years of experience in automated industrial equipment with a record of increasingly pro- gressive roles and responsibilities. Label&Print 2019 To Return To Birmingham Label&Print, which will return to Birmingham’s NEC on February 27-28, will showcase the latest products, services and technologies available to the Bill Cox


ith t t l Change colors in sec Quick Change Head ith Model PQS W TIC PU A PERIST L . w ou any oo s



By working together we’ll help you pick the right equipment for your needs—and we stand behind it. With a generous warranty, our products are built to last. So you can relax and get back to doing what you do best.


Graymills • 472-9645


Flexo Market News January 21, 2019 3

Environmental Role ( Cont’d from Page 1)



Although sustainability is increasingly a priority for consumers when making purchasing decisions, with packaging often central to a product’s visual appeal for purchasers, many businesses are yet to sufficient- ly prioritize sustainability and circularity when con- sidering design, use and disposal of packaging, with the majority of packaging still single-use and non-re- cyclable, the report begins. This ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model still large- ly dominates capital production. Only 14 percent of the plastic packaging used globally is recycled, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports. A worrying 40 percent ends its useful life in landfills, while a further third does so in fragile ecosystems such as the ocean. One estimate predicts that by 2050 there could be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Industry Pioneers Fortunately, there are a number of pioneering orga- nizations attempting to improve this bleak trajectory by investing time and resources in the development of more circular packaging solutions. These leaders are creating solutions where packaging waste is ei-




ZZZȵ[RQFRP (800)756-6474

Get your company in front of the flexo industry’s key decisionmakers. Flexo Market News ’ readership is comprised of Presidents, Owners, VPs and General Managers of flexo operations — the key people who make decisions on equipment purchases. An ad in Flexo Market News is a direct sales meeting with thousands of the industry’s best thinkers and most influental leaders. Reach the Decisionmakers

Image: Source: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation - The New Plastics Economy

ther infinitely reprocessed or can re-enter the sys- tem as raw materials for other products. This is an example of the Circular Supply Chain business model identified by Accenture Strategy, a company that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Accenture partners with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 with Ac- centure Strategy focusing wholly on shaping the fu- ture at the intersection of business and technology. This model is good, according to the report, not just for environmental reasons, but it helps generate busi- ness value as well.As Unilever reported in an interna- tional study,“a third of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good”.

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4 January 21, 2019 Flexo Market News

Bobst Named Customer Service Finalist

Bobst has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Insti- tute of Customer Service’s Customer Satisfaction Awards. The company is one of eight finalists short- listed for the ‘Best Customer Service Collaboration Award’ for its Digital Inspection Table (DIT). The category is fiercely contested and reflects the importance of organizations either collaborating with one another, or with customer groups to pro- duce new products and services. Designed to enhance print quality control and vir- tually remove production errors, the Digital Inspec- tion Table incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match the product with digital proofs. Developed in collaboration with innovation part- ner, HE Inventions, the Digital Inspection Table uses HD projectors to illuminate the product sam- ple with quality control imaging enabling the op- erator to see if quality standards are matched or compromised. The UK Customer Satisfaction Awards will take place on March 5 at Hilton on Park Lane, London.

FTA INFOFLEX May 6-7, 2019 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA

Industry Events

Luxepack February 27-28, 2019 Barker Hanger Santa Monica, CA

printTHINK Summit Sept. 11-13, 2019 Hyatt Regency O’Hare Rosemont, IL

Packaging Innovations February 28-March 1, 2019

Graph Expo 19 Sept. 22-25, 2019 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL

NEC Birmingham Birmingham, UK

TLMI Converter Meeting March 10-13, 2019 Omni Grove Park Inn Asheville, NC

Labelexpo Europe Sept. 24-27, 2019 Brussels Expo Brussels, Belgium Print19 Oct. 3-5, 2019 McCormick Place Chicago, IL

American Packaging Summit April 15-17, 2019 Westin LombardYorktown Center Chicago, IL FTA Forum May 5-8, 2019 Hilton New Orleans Riverside New Orleans, LA

TLMI Annual Meeting October 27-30, 2019 Omni LaCosta Resort & Spa Carlsbad, CA

Flexo Market News January 21, 2019 5

by millions of people around the world every day. Consumers are often unaware how to take the extra steps needed to recycle or return packaging prod- ucts, such as bottles and cans, or unwilling to change behaviors as clear benefit to doing so are lacking. Furthermore, the systems are often not in place to support the recycling process; according to a UPS/GreenBiz Research Study developed in the Unit- ed States, the logistical cost in reclaiming used prod- ucts is the second biggest bar r ier to firms’ implementation of circular economy strategies. Entrepreneurial Spirit Some entrepreneurial organizations, recognized for their leadership in the circular economy through the award program, The Circulars, have approached this topical issue from a different angle, creating packag- ing solutions that harness unique circular material in- puts. Ecovative Design has developed a technology that uses mushroom roots to produce biodegradable packaging with the same quality standards as typical plastic and foam packaging. Multinationals such as IKEA and Dell are already using Ecovative’s packag- ing for a subset of their products.

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Several corporations are adopting targets as ambi- tious as using 100 percent recycled materials in the production of new packaging, to limit unnecessary use of virgin materials. A partnership between Indorama Ventures and Loop Industries has enabled a joint ven- ture using Loop’s technology to develop 100 percent sustainably produced PET resin and polyester fiber. Commercial production is planned for early 2020. Procter & Gamble is also re-thinking how they can increase usage of recycled plastics — through inter- nal R&D efforts, they have developed PureCycle tech- nology to recycle polypropylene plastic, resulting in a material that can act as a high-quality substitute vir- gin polypropylene plastic. This recycled polypropy- lene plastic is then used as an input for products such as electronics, construction materials, and food and beverage packaging. Overcoming Limitations However, recyclable packaging has its limitations. Collecting packaging at the end of a product’s useful life in order to kick-start the recycling process is one of the biggest barriers for organizations, especially for consumer goods companies whose products are used

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6 January 21, 2019 Flexo Market News







Uteco range of coating and laminating machines offers high performance solutions LQGLIIHUHQWDQGFXVWRPL]HGFRQ¿JXUDWLRQVDW the most competitive costs of investments.




Environmental Role ( Cont’d from Page 6)

Other businesses are tackling packaging challenges by crowdsourcing ideas from a broad audience of bright minds. Multinational brewer, AB InBev, has launched the 100+ Accelerator program through which they are collaborating with entrepreneurs to co-create solutions that will help them reach their own sustainability goals, such as their circular pack- aging target. In parallel, AB InBev are supporting these entrepreneurs in scaling their sustainable inno- vations, through funding and mentoring. Do Eat, which produces 100 percent edible and creative packaging containers, is one of the 21 initial start-ups chosen to participate in the program. AB InBev will work with each of the start-ups to implement and scale their solutions across the AB InBev business and with their partners. Saving The Environment The deterioration of the environment caused by discarded manmade materials has reached critical levels, with proven negative impacts on ecosystems and now also potentially human health. As con- sumers become more environmentally conscious and hold businesses and their packaging standards to ac- count, the hope is that companies will be incen- tivized to produce and package more responsibly. However, environmental and societal benefits are not the only incentives for change; as leading compa- nies address this global challenge, shifting their strategies toward sustainable and innovative packag- ing design, they succeed in unlocking new revenue streams and creating unique competitive advantages within their industry. As PACE reports, innovative de- livery models and changing use patterns are calculat- ed to be worth approximately $9 billion to the plastics industry. Economic Opportunities Through harnessing design and after-use system im- provements, economic opportunities for a further 50 percent of all plastic packaging are now possible.The economic value of implementing best practice in packaging design and heralding recycling as an end- use alternative to incineration, landfill and energy re- covery is estimated at $2-$3 billion annually across Organization for Economic Co-operation and Devel- opment countries. The competitive advantage to be gained, coupled with the opportunity to leverage brand power to shift consumer behavior, make compelling arguments en- couraging all industries to join the packaging revolu- tion. Certainly, as we lean in to the Fourth Industrial (Cont’d on Page 10)

8 January 21, 2019 Flexo Market News

ICG Patriarchs Reflect On Industry Evolution


The Independent Carton Group (ICG), an associa- tion of 17 independently owned and operated fold- ing car ton manufacturer s, counts among its patriarchs four men who have given a lifetime of contributions to the industry. With careers originat- ing in the 1950s and 1960s, and continued ties to the industry today, Andy Willie, Bob Zumbiel, Charlie Hirsh and Jay Dee have all witnessed decades of in- dustry evolution.There are likely few individuals who have been around this industry longer. “Folding cartons have become easier to produce,”said

Andy Willie, noting that the technology-driven presses on the market today are a far cry from the ones he climbed inside to repair in his early days at Curtis Pack- aging.Willie joined the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, man- ufacturer in 1959 and spent 32 years there, including 10 years as co-owner and general manager. As the technology has evolved, so too has the work of the press operator.“You still need good people, but their roles are different. It’s more technical, less me- chanical,” saidWillie. Despite the more technical, and seemingly more in- teresting, nature of the work, Bob Zumbiel said it’s hard to find good people.“It’s not enough to just find people.You have to find the ones who will stay,” said Zumbiel, whose career began in the maintenance de- partment of his family’s folding carton business in 1955. Zumbiel only recently retired after more than 60 years at Zumbiel Packaging, 40 of which he spent serv- ing as President of the Hebron, Kentucky, converter. “The quality is better today, and equipment is faster and easier to use,” said Dee, who ran the printing de- partment and sales of Dee Packaging Solutions, Chester, Pennsylvania, then served as President for 15 years before retiring in 2016.“It’s very exciting to get new equipment.” ( Left to right ) Bob Zumbiel, Andy Willie, and Charlie Hirsh. ( Inset ) Jay Dee.

Flexo operations are tough to keep healthy. Margins rely on everyone and everything performing and delivering according to plan. That’s why The ARChitects of Flexo should be part of that plan. Behind your ARC International representative is a team of flexo-focused gurus. They’re all trained to ensure that everything rolling on your flexo line is engineered to give you healthy profits. From ink consumption, to volumes and densities, to hard lines and soft fades— if it involves moving, coating, or printing a substrate, The ARChitects of Flexo have the evidence-based proof and scientific insight to make your line run true and fruitful. Why not put your best team on the line? Contact ARC today. Together we’ll draw up a plan to give you a healthy bottom line. 800-526-4569

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The ARChitects of Flexo

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Environmental Role ( Cont’d from Page 8)


Revolution and the technological advances it offers, the time has arrived for industry to align on this press- ing global challenge and forge a new reality together, through ambitious targets and innovations at scale. Alliance To End Plastic Waste In a related development, a global alliance of nearly 30 companies has been formed to advance products and technologies that reduce and eliminate plastic waste in the environment, especially in the ocean. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AESOP) has com- mitted more than $1 billion with the goal of invest- ing $1.5 billion over the next five years to help end plastic waste in the environment. New technologies and products will be developed and brought to scale that will minimize and manage plastic waste. This also includes the promotion products for used plas- tics by helping to enable a circular economy. The following companies are the founding mem- bers of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste: BALF, Berry Global, Brakes, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Clarinda, Coresort, CPU Group, Dow, DOS, Exosmo- sis, Formosa Plastics Corporation USA, Hankel, Lycop- erdales, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Misti Chemicals, Nova Chemicals, Oxysome, Polynome, Procter & Gamble, Reliance Industries, SALIC, Salol, Shell, Suez, SCOG Chemicals, Sumiton Chemical, Total,Velika and Vesalius (Enid). The alliance is a not-for-profit organization that in- cludes companies from across the global plastics and consumer goods value chain: chemical and plastic manufacturers, consumer goods companies, retailers, converters, and waste management companies. The alliance will work with governments, intergov- ernmental organizations, academia, non-government organizations and civil society to invest in joint pro- jects to eliminate plastic waste from the environment. Origin Of A Problem Research by the Ocean Conservancy shows that plastics in the ocean predominantly originate from litter on land. Most of the plastic waste is spread through rivers and can be traced back to 10 major rivers around the world, mainly in Asia and Africa. Many of these rivers flow through densely populated areas which have a lack of adequate waste collection and recycling infrastructure, leading to significant waste leakage.The AESOP will initiate actions where they are most needed.This will include projects that contribute to solutions in four key areas: • Infrastructure development to collect and manage waste and increase recycling;

Adheso-Graphics, Inc.

AGI manufactures, distributes and converts current tech- nology flexo mounting tapes and backing systems for cor- rugated plate mounting. Flexstik hard vinyl, FlexSoft, bi.esse brand, Gold Series Thin tapes for sleeve and Narrow web plate mounting. Specialty tapes that cover the vast thickness range re- quirements and specific adhesion systems for all flexo mounting requirements. We provide technical service and problem solving services for unique customers & applications.

Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.

A&V manufactures a complete line of photopolymer plate processing systems and is a leading distributor of flexo- graphic platemaking materials. A&V also sells digital imag- ing systems and software specifically designed for flexography.

ARC International

ARC International is a world leader in the manufacturing of roller products for flexography. The latest nanotechnolo- gy laser engraving in our Charlotte and Las Vegas manu- facturing facilities ensures superior quality and consistency in anilox rollers.

Comexi Group Industries S.A.U.

The Comexi Group is a leading supplier of quality flexographic C.I. presses for the flexible packaging indus- try worldwide. We also provide solventless laminators, slitter/rewinders and related peripheral equipment such as automatic wash-up systems, solvent recovery sys- tems, automatic roll unloaders, and plate cylinder/sleeve storage systems. DuPont Packaging Graphics is the world’s leading suppli- er of flexographic printing systems in digital and conven- tional formats; including Cyrel® brand photopolymer plates, Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves, mounting and finishing products. For more than 35 years, beginning with Cyrel®, the first photopolymer printing plate, through to today’s digital workflow revolution, DuPont has been driving innovation in the Flexo and package printing industries. The Digital Cyrel® FAST imaging system has been broad- ly recognized for its efficiency, productivity, print perfor- mance, and environmental benefits. DuPont Packaging Graphics

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10 January 21, 2019 Flexo Market News

Partnership adds true value to my business

The FA-Line from Nilpeter gives us the upper hand when competing in the modern market with our focus on high quality products and fast production time. The FA-Line delivers excellently.

Deanne Sinclair, Cambridge Label


Tapecon Grows With Flexo Wash Partnership


When Tapecon, Buffalo, New York, needed to ex- pand its print quality processes back in 2007, the company turned to Flexo Wash.The partnership with Flexo Wash allowed the company to clean its anilox rolls more efficiently and thoroughly without damage or increased downtime on press. They purchased a single roll Flexo Wash Anilox Cleaner and reportedly saw increases in productivity immediately. Growing Business That single stationAnilox Cleaner servedTapecon well but with business growing, the company once again turned to Flexo Wash and bought a FW Handy 2×2 Anilox Cleaner, large enough to clean four anilox rolls at a time. As a result,FMN the company reports that it prints 253 days a year and spends about two minutes cleaning each roll whereas before the Flexo Wash tech- nology, it spent 15 minutes per roll. Cleaning supply cost, the company reports, is too minimal to categorize. Cause And Effect Tapecon utilizes the 6M Method of Cause and Ef- fect Analysis in all of their operational processes: Manpower, Materials, Measurements, Mother Nature, Methods and Machines. If any person or process is down for 15 minutes, they write down the name, date and issue and post

Eaglewood Technologies, LLC

Eaglewood Technologies is the Anilox Roll Cleaning Ex- pert! We are the creators of Laserlox™ Systems, Sanilox™ Systems and Sani-Blast™ Mobile Service. Laserlox™ and Laserlox™ Flexi are the latest technology in anilox roll cleaning. Sanilox™ Systems are the global standard of reli- able, environmentally safe anilox roll cleaning. Sani-Blast™ cleaning service has been cleaning rolls for over 20 years and offers several cleaning options to minimize downtime. Flint Group Flexographic Products develops, manufactur- ers and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consum- ables, including: nyloflex® photopolymer printing plates and processing equipment, and dayCorr® die-cutting blankets and anvil covers. With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world. Flint Group

Harper Corporation of America

We’ve made ceramic anilox rolls longer than anyone in the world and pride ourselves on being the best in the world. Whether wide web, narrow web, newspaper, or cor- rugated markets, Harper continuously strives to bring new flexographic products and services to the printing industry that will improve the quality of your graphics.

J I MacWilliam Co., Inc.

Used equipment for flexible packaging, folding carton, paper, film, foil and non-woven industries. Professional, knowledgeable service for more than 30 years.

KBA-Flexotecnica – Get the Edge

Flexotecnica’s patented Safe Sleeve Change® system and Speedy Clean® auto washup system are designed to give converters a competitive edge through Flexotecnica’s commitment to research and development. Sales, service and support for Flexotecnica presses is provided by KBA North America, Inc. in Dallas, Texas with U.S. resident technicians, an extensive spare parts inventory and an ex- perienced, dedicated service staff. Mark Andy, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of nar- row and mid-web printing and converting equipment. The company has a rich history of delivering solutions to in- crease productivity and profitability for the label and pack- aging markets. The company supplies leading global brands including Comco printing/converting machinery, Mark Andy printing/converting machinery and UVTechnolo- gy curing systems and replacement parts. Mark Andy, Inc. is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with sales and dis- tribution offices in France, Switzerland, and the UK. Mark Andy, Inc.

on a public message board that gets addressed week- ly by a group of Tapecon engineers.They analyze and solve the problem, using this 6M process. Since the purchase of the new FW Handy 2×2, dirty anilox has never come up as a problem. “This is a testimony to the new system because be- fore, it was a pain point,” according to Director of Op- erations, Michael Gerbera. Technology from Flexo Wash has allowed Tapecon to control the quality of its print quality processes and reduce its downtime.

12 January 21, 2019 Flexo Market News

ICG Patriarchs ( Cont’d from Page 9)

“When I first started, we didn’t buy new equip- ment.We couldn’t afford it.The big guys bought new, and we bought their old stuff,” said Hirsh, who, in 1950, began working with his father at Accurate Box in Paterson, New Jersey. “We could live with used back then because our competitors also had used.To be competitive now, you have to buy new.” In addi- tion to speed and quality, advancements in inks and special effects are only available on newer machines. Buying new just wasn’t realistic when these four in- dustry veterans were rookies. It was difficult to se- cure loans, and if you were among the fortunate few, the interest rates could cripple you. According to Willie, it’s easier to borrow money today, and at lower interest rates. New Ideas Delivering great service and introducing new ideas, while keeping costs down, can drive repeat business, said Willie, who once sold a sporting goods company on the idea of packaging one of its products in foil. He had a theory that fluorescent lighting above the glass cases where the product was displayed would bounce off the foil, and consumers would notice this product first. Willie’s idea worked. The customer’s sales increased, and he earned their loyalty. It’s been 57 years since Hirsh boarded a plane toTerra Haute, Indiana, to sign his first high-volume account.Ac- curate Box had just invested in a new die cutter that could produce the inner fold-over chipboard piece in- side record jackets.When Hirsh brought on Columbia Record Club, he opened the door to a niche market. Serving niche markets differentiates you,he said. Dee’s first big deal came from a toy company out- side of Philadelphia.“They placed an order for a mil- lion boxes for a small novelty toy,” he said. “I remember feeling like I had finally made it.” These men still recall a time when the market was saturated with independently owned carton convert- ers. “There were more of us back then. Many went out of business, some have been acquired, and the big guys got bigger,” said Hirsh. Willie fears someday all the independents will be gone, though he has spent decades making sure that doesn’t happen on his watch.“Customers would feel the consolidation. They won’t have as much selec- tion,” he said. The ICG works tirelessly to make sure that its mem- bers have access to competitive pricing on raw mate- rials, equipment and consumables as well as learning and networking opportunities and other programs that help them continue to be successful.


the proper pr In r epeatability r ess hitting LAB tar and other condit ge Anilox selection been one of flexo Getting the corre

eady ink is critical f esponse to this need ts, but starting with ions all play a part in -r plate type, substrate, 's biggest challenge ct color has always



specifications combine to pr l d Speed, impr ll bo s uilt to converter anilox r i d l i f ess on, an a se ect on o doctor blades in an automatic system, hand proofers and hand pr Iris r Utilizing the company's well-known foo ers with automatic precision proofer: Iris. , eleased for sale its hco as r Pamar . h hl i o uce ig y cons stent resu ts. emoves operator inconsistencies.

katie.graham@pamar Contact us today for your f I i P Pamarco r s roo er 678 799 5915 - - or | +404-691-1700 | katie.graham@pamar .pamar www

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Environmental Role ( Cont’d from Page 10)

Classified Advertising

• Innovation to advance and scale up new tech- nologies that make recycling and recovering plastics easier and create value from post-use plastics; • Education and engagement of governments, busi- nesses, and communities to mobilize action; and • Clean-up of concentrated areas of plastic waste in the environment, particularly the major conduits of waste, such as rivers, that carry land-based waste to the ocean. ICPF Provides Awards To Expand College Programs In 2008, the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation installed a CAD table and design software at Millersville University (MU), Millersville, Pennsylva- nia, to introduce a packaging design program for the University’s graphic design students within the uni- versity’s Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. Upon receiving an award request this past year from MU, ICPF placed a TMI crush tester and a TMI burst tester to initiate new corrugated test- ing lab courses at the university that will commence this winter/summer 2019 semester. As part of the award agreement, Millersville Univer- sity additionally purchased a densometer and a TMI cobb sizing tester to add to the lab. In addition to providing MU design students further knowledge on corrugated materials, the testing lab also will be used for early outreach and education for Pennsylvania high school STEM students that is provided each summer by MU’s College of Technology and Science. Indiana State University (ISU) also conducts a packag- ing design track within its graphic communication pro- gram that is administered under the College of Technology.The university applied to ICPF’s university packaging award program this past year as well. Indiana State will be provided up to $126,375 over three years to expand its corrugated packaging curriculum, to cre- ate new certificate programs for corrugated sales, corru- gated design and structural design, and to conduct annual outreach to recruit upcoming high school gradu- ates into ISU’s packaging design program. The short- term goal for the end of the second year is a 25 percent or more increase in the annual number of ISU students being prepared for a corrugated packaging career. The assistance provided to Millersville and Indiana State is a part of the ICPF’s 2018 - 2021 Corrugated Packaging University Endowment Awards program in which ICPF’s 25 partner universities, as well as other colleges around the country were invited to submit pro- posals to expand or create new corrugated curricula.

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14 January 21, 2019 Flexo Market News

Tailor made solutions from Koenig & Bauer

Koenig & Bauer presses are tailored to your specifications  ÀÍܺ¹×¥–’ģ–만§´§×ìȽV¥§º² ŒÀÜק×Ⱥ"–͹º–º¡§º––ͧº¡ȸ (ׁ´§ºÍ ×ѹºÑ¥§ÊȸÊ´ÜÑ American customer service – ×¥–Œ–Ñ×À ´´æÀÍ´’ÑȽ "§å–Üс´´×À´–Íº¹À͖Ƚ Koenig & Bauer +1 (800) 522-7521 ºə¹Í²–קº¡ˉ²À–º§¡əŒÜ–ÍȽÀ¹ ²À–º§¡əŒÜ–ÍȽÀ¹

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