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“I have been with The Newsletter Pro for approximately nine months, and their customer service is great. They are very responsive and have custom articles, which makes it really easy to put together a quality newsletter for our customers. I am very happy with their product and look forward to a lengthy relationship.” -Ty Wilson Ty Wilson Law

focusing more on “old-school” marketing tactics with some “new-school” sprinkled in along the way. Some of the tactics used by this massive B2B business include direct mail (which we do for his company now), phone prospecting, phone sales, shock and awe packages, text opt ins, retargeting, long-term online and offline nurture campaigns, reengagement campaigns, and reactivation campaigns.

I was on the phone with a buddy and client of mine yesterday who owns a $40,000,000-per- year company that he started and built from the ground up. I always enjoy our conversations; he’s a very good marketer. In fact, the sales and marketing teams at this company are massive, with around 70 employees on these two teams alone. I asked this marketing legend what he is working on when it comes to lead generation and conversion. He answered that he is

“My processor was here in the office with me for two days after I’d first signed up with The Newsletter Pro. She saw the framed newsletter that they send out after the first publication. She read the newsletter and said, ‘OMG! I can hear your voice when I’m reading this! It sounds just like you talking!’ She took it with her and said she was going to share it with some of the other loan officers. So, The Newsletter Pro is a hit. I also picked up two loan applications around the same time from past borrowers who I hadn’t heard from since I left a previous employer. They are both purchasing homes, so we paid for about six months of the newsletter just from the first edition. I recently had another experience where a friend and past customer of mine mentioned that her husband always reads my newsletter. She said, ‘He never reads anything! But he reads your newsletter.’ I loved hearing that.” –Jamie Harrington Homeside Financial


‘TURN THE SHIP ARO A Retired Navy Captain’s Secret to Leadership

The captain was at a loss. Because of his rank, he had to authorize nearly every action. But how could he give orders on a vessel that was vastly different than the one he had been studying for more than a year? In fact, he even tried giving an impossible order to his men once, and they tried to do it — because he had said so.

In the Navy, you follow orders. When your captain says jump, you don’t say, “How high?”

You just jump.

That model was ingrained in L. David Marquet, a former U.S. Navy captain. Marquet worked his way through the ranks of the Navy and eventually received an assignment to captain the USS Olympia submarine. For over a year, Marquet studied the vessel in preparation for his new command post, but he was suddenly reassigned to the USS Santa Fe. At the time, the Santa Fe was the worst- performing submarine in its fleet. Marquet was tasked with turning it around, despite only learning about the vessel two weeks prior.

That’s when Marquet vowed to never give another order again.

When a member of Marquet’s crew would ask what they should do, Marquet asked them what they thought and why. He learned that when he gave them intent, they responded with intent. The result was a well-oiled submarine whose captain could not be picked out from a crowd by a stranger boarding the ship.




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