The Newsletter Pro - March 2020


SOMEONE TO WRITE HOME ABOUT The Remarkable Multitudes of Lex Nelson

As an aspiring journalist and a passionate environmentalist, Lex landed an internship at Boise Weekly, a popular local paper here in Idaho. That internship turned into a full-time job. Over time, Lex became a senior staff writer with beats in art, food, and, not surprisingly, environmental issues. Our big question is this: How did a journalist and an environmentalist end up at The Newsletter Pro? “I loved working at Boise Weekly, but the hours got extremely wearing,” Lex explains. “I was ready to make a career change. Writing for The Newsletter Pro appealed to me because I could still support small businesses. Even though most of our clients aren’t local, I know I’m helping local business in other communities. Plus, I still get to write and learn cool stuff from different people. Talking to my clients is hands down my favorite part of the job.” A skilled writer who supports local businesses and helps save the planet — those are some multitudes we’re proud to have at The Newsletter Pro.

nonfiction writing. She majored in creative writing and minored in sustainability. Lex’s passion for environmental sustainability is yet another interesting facet of her multitudes. In addition to being a time of bad poetry, Lex’s childhood would also define her as an environmentalist. Her summers were split between visiting one set of grandparents on their farm in Nebraska and another set of grandparents in the wilds of Montana. She grew up learning the importance of protecting nature and practicing sustainable agriculture. When it comes to embracing eco-initiatives, Lex doesn’t stop at recycling alone. In addition to implementing zero-waste practices — attempts to reduce consumption and waste and live greener on the planet — Lex was also selected to join the City of Boise’s first class of Livability Ambassadors. This organization got a firsthand look at local sustainability initiatives and helped educate other citizens about these initiatives.

Being human means being made up of different pieces. Every experience, relationship, disappointment, and passion comes together to create someone unique. As Walt Whitman once said, “I am large, I contain multitudes.” Few people are made up of such impressive multitudes as Lex Nelson, one of our writers at The Newsletter Pro. Any client fortunate enough to work with Lex knows her prowess as a writer. Years of experience as a journalist have gifted her with a talent for words and finding a story. Her writing career began at age 6 when she dedicated herself to writing, in her own words, “really bad poetry about everything.” Fortunately, like many writers, Lex’s talents grew with time. In college, Lex discovered her passion for journalism and KEEP UP With Our If you’re looking for more great content — like what you’re reading in this newsletter — to drive your business forward, take a look at these articles on our blog. The Pain Of Discipline Or The Pain Of Regret? The Secret To High Event Turnout Cold Marketing Vs. Relationship Marketing marketing/ Oops, You Did It Again: Mike McHargue’s 5 Leadership Mistakes BEST POSTS




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