The Newsletter Pro - March 2020


slaughter), or are you really an entrepreneur contrarian who is going to beat their own path to success and riches regardless of what is “cool” right now?

grinding it out. These overnight successes that you read about are, at best, a lucky break, but more often than not, they are total b.s. The numbers have been messed with to make the person and business seem more successful than they really are. 2: Chasing the easy path is not a path to riches. My buddy, who is going to do more old-school marketing (by the way, he’s is in his 30s, so he isn’t some out-of-touch-with- technology guy), knows that quality typically trumps quantity, but he also knows that a complex business is nearly impossible for a competitor to rip off. This gives him a huge virtual moat around his business. Don’t be scared of complexity; it is a huge asset that is nearly impossible to steal once you have a system and process that works.


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I want to leave you with two thoughts to ponder.

1: Business is not won on shiny objects or the next Facebook hack. Business is won by being really good at the boring stuff and

I’ll leave you with this final question: Are you going to follow the herd (possibly to the


Sometimes, Persado recommends tried and true strategies, like using emotional language in the subject of an email and including an offer in the body. But in other situations, Persado’s recommendations go against the broadly accepted norms of marketing — like when the algorithm recommends a wordier headline. By using data to back up its recommendations, though, Persado’s bot-generated copy is hard to argue with. The more data you have about customer engagement, of course, the more effective Persado will be. The larger the dataset, the stronger the certainty that Persado will be spot on about which language your customers respond best to. The language in your campaigns matters, and small changes lead to big results. Persado is designed to help you optimize your brand’s voice, so customers hear your messages when you need their ear the most. Leading companies like JPMorgan Chase, Citi, American Express, and Verizon have jumped on the Persado wagon. This company is here to stay, and in a world where it is more essential than ever before to speak to your customers with the words they most want to hear, this tech tool isn’t going anywhere. To learn more, visit

is optimize copy. Persado starts by analyzing human-written marketing copy for six elements — narrative, emotion, descriptions, calls to action, formatting, and word positioning. Then, taking into account data points, like brand voice, industry, and the specific offer being promoted, Persado creates thousands of combinations of advertising copy by tweaking those individual elements. Think of it like this: Persado is like split testing on steroids. Beyond just painting a clear picture of which words are driving conversions, it leaves businesses with a clearer understanding of the bigger-picture emotional cues that are driving sales.

How you communicate with your customers matters, and in the crowded digital space, creating personalized messages that catch customer attention has never been more difficult. Enter Persado. Persado integrates AI, machine learning, and data science to help you write the very best marketing copy. And, according to, it works. Businesses that use Persado report seeing 75% more conversions, click-throughs, and open rates compared to those using human-written content.

Of course, Persado can’t replace writers entirely. What this technology does — and does well —




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