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November 2019


Adjusting to the Seasonal Changes and Embracing the Cold

How do you feel about the time change? When daylight saving time ends this month, our family begins our countdown until it changes again in April. We’re more of a sunshine family as

windows in our house, where the warming afternoon sunlight streams through. I’ve noticed I go out of my way to find sunshine, whether that’s by taking a walk outside or sitting near a window. I have the luxury of having windows in my office, and I’m grateful for even the bit of winter light that comes through them. Jacob does love the sun, but he doesn’t care about the cold. He’s the kid who would rather go outside without a jacket and just wear a sweatshirt and hoodie. When he was little, his nanny was very concerned about making sure he was bundled up. I’m a mom who’s not afraid of old wives’ tales, and I know that not having a jacket isn’t going to give him a cold. I’d rather fight with him about screen time than whether or not he’s wearing a coat. Jacob has even made up a song about how he embraces the cold East Coast weather: “I can survive in 35,” he sings as he goes out to play in the winter. He’s a pretty great kid. I guess Jacob might take after me a little bit — while I’m not as impervious to the cold as he is, when I was in a running group, I was always the first one to start taking off layers in the winter. Still, I prefer warmer weather to the cold. That makes it pretty nice to have family who live in warmer places. We have our trip planned and ready this month to go to Florida and see my family for Thanksgiving, and I know we’re all excited to be somewhere sunny and warm. Jacob is excited to be somewhere where he gets to play with his uncle and cousins. While the weather isn’t my favorite this time of year, there is one thing I always look forward to this season: pumpkin everything. I’ll take the shorter days as long as I get to have a pumpkin spice latte and drink it in a sunny spot.

a whole, so as the days get shorter and we see the sun less, we patiently wait until the days grow longer. During the colder months, Jacob counts down the days until he can play baseball and ride his bike outside again. As for Josh and me, we just want to be able to go outside comfortably! While we’re not a super outdoorsy family, we do crave the sun.

The change of seasons here in Maryland is more marked than it is in Puerto Rico, and I’ve noticed how I adjust to the colder weather each day. On weekends in the fall and winter, even though it’s cold, we try to spend a lot of time close to the

Have a happy season and Thanksgiving with your family, and until next time,

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