Teaching at Christ's College

Teaching at Christ’s College




Nau mai haere mai Welcome to Christ’s College

One of the leading independent boys’ schools in New Zealand, College is a vibrant community of teaching and learning, renowned for the quality and strength of its academic, cultural, sport and co-curricular programmes. At College, we get boys. We enjoy their energy, their humour, their ideas and their zest for life, and we focus on creating a holistic learning environment that nurtures, challenges, motivates and encourages them to always aspire to be at their best. Our teachers are a vital part of our success – passionate, innovative, inspirational and involved. Every day they make a real difference to the lives of our students. Teaching at Christ’s College is busy, challenging and rewarding, with many opportunities for personal and professional development.

I invite you to take a closer look at College to see if our community is the right fit for you.

Garth Wynne Executive Principal

2 – Teaching at Christ’s College

About College

Established in 1850, Christ’s College is an Anglican school founded on Christian principles, with a reputation for excellence in boys’ education. Located in the heart of the city, framed by the River Avon, Hagley Park and the Botanic Gardens, College – with its mix of heritage and modern buildings and excellent facilities – is one of the most attractive school campuses in New Zealand.

Vision – Matawha¯ nui Christ’s College will be a vibrant school community that educates boys to be men of virtuous character who make a positive contribution to society.

Motto – Whakapepeha Bene tradita, bene servanda – “Good traditions, well maintained”.

Virtues – Nga¯kau Matatika Seven core Christian virtues – compassion, honesty, learning, justice, respect, spirituality and stewardship – underpin all aspects of College life.

Mission – Whakatakanga Each boy at his best . Tama tuˉ tama ora ki tuˉ i te tuˉ taioreor

The ideal College graduate At College, we focus on boys’ intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and emotional development – and, as they progress through the school, we ask the boys to consider the kind of men they aspire to become. We guide them as they develop interpersonal skills, courage and resilience, enterprise and curiosity, compassion and empathy; help them understand the importance of self-awareness, confidence and humility, and a disposition to serve; and encourage them to embrace the capacity both to lead and to follow, to aspire to personal excellence, and acquire global and bicultural competence.



Motivation – Manawa hihiko Personal and collective wellbeing relies on an understanding of character strengths and an informed appreciation of howwe can bring ourselves and the groups of which we are a part to their best. As a small, faith-based Anglican boys’ school, College will formulate an approach tomotivation informed by the latest research and ongoing self-assessment and reflection. The focus to 2025 will be to develop understandings and actions for the benefit of all, but especially the three key stakeholders in the College experience: students, staff and parents. Our aimwill be to create an atmosphere of excellence,where all aremotivated to contribute to the collective good, as well as being personally motivated to aspire to be at their best.

Connection – Tuhonotanga Relationships are the lifeblood of the Christ’s College community and the key to our ongoing success and relevance. Our bi-cultural heritage on this special site in Otautahi, connects us intrinsically with the past, and is a platform for relevant communication and outreach as we prepare for our 175th anniversary celebrations in 2025 – our dodransbicentennial. Our aim is for clear messaging about all our past history, and for understanding at every touch point, be that between teacher and student, parent and school or College and wider Otautahi.

Christianity | Positive Psyc Wellbeing /

Strategic Environment Change and Continuity

Each at his

Internationalism Our students seek out, discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding and respect.

Democracy Our students develop a sense of equality, fairness, justice and a desire to do what is right for the greater good.

Environmentalism Our students understand our place in the world, the forces that shape our surroundings and the impact humanity can have.

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4 – Teaching at Christ’s College


Philanthropy – Nga ¯ kau ohaoha Through thinking beyond self and striving to do good, we gain personal and collective strength. To give to others – of time, talent or treasure – for the betterment of humankind, is one of the most fundamental of Christian virtues. It is essential to an enriched lifelong human experience. In the College context this encompasses inclusivity – celebrating diversity and enabling differentiation across our academic, pastoral and co- curricular programmes. This will be pivotal by 2025.

Sustainability – Toitu ¯ tanga Sustainability makes sense. It is an investment in our community for the benefit of future generations. The four pillars of sustainability – economic, cultural, social and environmental – will be the focus for action within College and in the wider community towards 2025. Sustainability in the College context encompasses financial certainty, the uniqueness of the College experience, and the school’s obligation to society and our response to matters of global concern. College is a small entity within a much larger ecosystem – we must embrace sustainability, take action, and learn how to live smarter in order to thrive.

chology | Biculturalism / Hauora

Strategic Enablers Financial freedom Excellence in teaching, learning and curriculum Quality staff and culture Collaboration and partnership Advancement Policies and practices

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Digital services Infrastructure

Adventure Our students have the courage to push themselves beyond their perceived limits, cross boundaries and discover that they are capable of more than they thought.

Leadership Our students recognise that successful leaders are driven by a desire to be of service to others, to nurture, guide, develop and help them to improve and succeed.

Service Our students celebrate personal development through practical experience that brings sustainable support and benefit to others.

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Teaching at College

Although we have high expectations of our teachers, we also make a commitment to help them be at their best. We can guarantee a stimulating, interesting and collegial work environment.

Our membership of Round Square and the International Boys’ School Coalition provides

The life of a teacher at Christ’s College has a tripartite structure: 1. Teaching 2. Pastoral care 3. Co-curricular involvement We expect our teachers to be committed to all three domains of their teaching life and to gain satisfaction froma job well done in developing the whole person in our students.We put a particularly strong emphasis on relational strengths. The Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research promotes continuous improvement in teaching and learning through a dedicated professional learning programme, supporting and empowering our teaching staff to improve their practice through reflection and coaching, as well as providing access to external professional learning opportunities.

opportunities for professional growth, networking, trips, teacher exchanges, conferences and courses. Each year College invites inspirational and thought- provoking guests, all experts in their respective fields, to speak to our community – whether in a small workshop with a few staff, in the classroom, or at a public event in the Assembly Hall. Our teachers are subject specialists, passionate about sharing their skills, knowledge and experience in the classroom. However, at College we expect more. Every teacher is also assigned to one of our ten Houses, to assist with pastoral care andmentor individuals or small groups of boys, helping themwith goal planning andmonitoring their progress.We also expect our teachers to get involved with co-curricular activities. It is all part of life at College and,we believe, enriches everyone’s experience.

6 – Teaching at Christ’s College

Employee benefits

College provides a range of health, financial and wellbeing benefits for teaching staff: • Remuneration based on state sector pay plus a substantial amount above the state scale • Generous additional payments for staff involved in co-curricular activities • Subsidised education for the children of staff at Christ’s College and St Margaret’s College • Fully subsidised flu shots • Access to EAP Services Limited workplace support • Generous holiday provisions • Opportunities for career advancement and professional learning

Interested? If you would like more information about teaching at College or would like to arrange to visit, please contact the Deputy Principal on 03 366 8705 or email executiveprincipal @christscollege.com If you would like to teach at College, please email your curriculum vitae, plus a cover letter outlining your experience, skills, knowledge and attributes, to executiveprincipal@ christscollege.com


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