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We are delighted to present to you the 2023-2024 edition of our unique and immersive deBoulle Magazine. It stars the always-inspiring, ever-stunning Niki Taylor, one of the most successful models and spokespersons of all time and the returning face of deBoulle. Adorned in an array of our colored gemstones and diamonds, she positively radiates. Whether in the studio or on location — this time, an unbelievable carriage house — Taylor takes jewelry into high gear.







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These Elements Have Defined The de Boulle Experience


t’s hard to believe — but 2023 is our 40th year in business. Time really does fly when you’re having fun — and we’ve had loads of it. What’s more, our newly expanded Houston store, in the River Oaks District, just reached its one-year anniver- sary. That’s two momentous milestones — and two very unique locations and experiences. Our Houston store boasts two shops-in-shop, for both Rolex and Patek Philippe. Our Dallas store boasts a shop-in-shop for Patek Philippe, an extensive jewelry showroom, bespoke guns by Holland & Holland and a rooftop patio that overlooks gleaming downtown Dallas in the distance. At de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry, our goal has always been to provide our customers with a premier collection of fine jewelry, luxurious timepieces and impeccable service, all in a beautiful, friend- ly environment. Then and now, these elements have defined what we call The de Boulle Experience. Our collection of diamonds, fine jewelry and fine timepieces is unsurpassed for elegance, quality and long- term value — and we have worked hard to ensure that obtaining luxury goods from us is always infor- mative, fun and rewarding. Here is part of our secret: de Boulle is a family business. With the second generation of Boulles on board — our daughter Emma and son Nick — we are building the de Boulle legacy. When we speak of de Boulle as family, that unequivocally includes our teams — many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. Our strong sense of family is all-encompassing, even when we select our partners. Just one exam- ple? de Boulle is proud to work with renowned Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe. The pairing is perfect, as de Boulle and Patek Philippe are both family-owned companies, and our vision aligns perfectly with

Patek Philippe’s, in that both repre- sent the epitome of precision, beauty, craftsmanship and luxury. On with the show! We are delighted to present to you the 2023-2024 edition of our unique and immersive de Boulle Magazine. It stars the always-inspir- ing, ever-stunning Niki Taylor, one of the most successful models and spokespersons of all time and the re- turning face of de Boulle. Adorned in an array of our colored gemstones and diamonds, she positively radiates. Whether in the studio or on location — this time, an unbelievable carriage house — Taylor takes jewelry into high gear. Thank you to our friends, and we look forward to growing.

Warmest wishes,

Denis and Nick Boulle



THE STONE WITH SOME SECRETS Royal guardians. Emblems of faith. Celestial tricksters. When it comes to symbolism and surprises, sapphires have a story.

HIGH JEWELRY COLLECTION ROYAL BLUE RING 18K white gold ring features a natural sapphire from Sri Lanka totaling more than 16 carats surrounded by diamonds totaling more than 3 carats.

Prince William to Kate Middleton some 30 years later.) I

n ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens believed blue sapphires pro- tected them from envy and harm. The ancient Persians believed the earth rested on a giant sapphire, and the reflection made the sky blue. In eras gone by, a gift of a sapphire was a pledge of trust and loyalty. (That is why sapphires have long been the choice for engagement rings. The world’s most famous one? The 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire ring given by Prince Charles to Lady Diana in 1981 for their engagement — then given by


At our core, Meridian’s primary objective is to create advanced healthcare settings for specialty and emergency care for our pets. We are incredibly proud to partner with Operation Kindness which has created an exceptional environment to shelter homeless companion animals in need of a loving home.



be from certain localities command a premium. Sapphires occur readily in sizes up to two carats. Most commercial- quality sapphires weigh less than five carats. But it is not unusual to see gemstones in sizes of five to 15 carats. Traditionally, sapphires are cut into cushion and oval shapes, though additional shapes can include rounds, emerald cuts and princess cuts. A sapphire is ranked at nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale, just below the ultimate 10 of a diamond. Because they are so durable, sapphires are an ideal choice for everyday wear — and can even be soaked in mild dish soap and gently cleaned with a toothbrush. Sapphires are the birthstone for September and — perhaps because they are so strong — the traditional gemstone for fifth, 45th and 70th wedding anniversaries.

Yes, throughout history, sapphires have been associated with the color blue. The name is derived from the Greek word sappheiros, which actually referred to lapis lazuli, the famous blue stone used in everything from art and healing to pigments and cosmetics. Sapphires come in every hue of blue — that most celestial color symbolizes the heavens, loyalty and integrity. But, sapphires hold a surprise: They come in a veritable array of colors, including pinks, yellows, greens, oranges and violets. Referred to as fancy sapphires, these multihued stones can be every color except red. If a sapphire is red, it is classified as a ruby, as both are part of the corundum mineral family. How did sapphires happen? More than 150 million years ago, rocks containing traces of corundum went through intense pressure and extreme temperature changes at a depth of six to 18 miles below the earth’s crust. Rough corundums are

mined today in a variety of places, including Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Montana in the United States. Just like diamonds, sapphires are assessed by color, clarity, cut and carat size. The origin of the sapphire, like with other colored gemstones, can affect the price, but color is the key factor. The highest-valued sapphires are vivid blue, sometimes with a violet hue. Sapphires are often treated with heat to improve color and clarity. Heat enhancement is stable, routine and does not necessitate special care. Natural, unheated gemstones are somewhat rare and incredibly valuable. If you desire a natural sapphire, a report from a recognized gem-testing laboratory showing no evidence of heating is recommended. It is also recommended that you ask for lab verification of origin for any sapphire said to be from Kashmir, Burma or any other prestigious country of origin. Stones proved to

HIGH JEWELRY COLLECTION RING OF APOLLO A cushion-cut yellow sapphire totaling more than 11 carats is framed by alternating trilliant-cut yellow sapphires and diamonds and crafted in platinum. POSH STACKABLE RING Ring with pink sapphires (0.93 ctw.) in 18K rose gold.





1 “Diamonds really are a girls best friend. The necklace features 66 matched emerald cut diamonds with an eyecatching emerald cut diamond center.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Daimond Necklace

3 “Conch pearsl are exceedingly rare - I love the soft pink hues, & the diamonds add the right amount of sparkle.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Conch & Diamond Earrings


“The depth of color is absolutely mesmerising in this royal velvet blue sapphire surrounded by scintillating diamonds.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Sapphire & Diamond Ring


“I simply adore turquoise! This lovely cabochon is mounted eq- uisitley in an Art Deco mounting with diamonds, aquamarines & more turquoise.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Turquoise Cuff

5 “The contrast of the blackened metal with the pear and round shaped diamonds makes this piece modern and classic.” de Boulle High Jewelry Collection Noir Diamond Cuff





In another exclusive, de Boulle is now the first U.S. source for Giorgio B, the fresh and forward jewelry by Giorgio Bulgari — yes, of that Bulgari — who is injecting classic jewelry forms with powerful, modernist principles. (Think industrial posters, Futurist paintings and very fast planes.) Adapted from WWD, May 2023: When you’re the fourth generation to enter a field, there is a feeling of having to live up to your ancestors and doing justice to the name. For 46-year-old Giorgio Bulgari, there is also the add- ed impetus of making sure he leaves his own mark. “I feel the obligation to create pieces that have a certain stature,” he told WWD ahead of the launch of his Gior- gio B jewelry label at Dover Street Market in London [in May 2023]. “It gives me the motivation and pressure, if that’s the right word, to do things in a certain way.” Priced between $5,000 and $50,000, the bold volumes and striking angles of his designs are certainly not for wallflowers, and Giorgio B already counts among its clients Sharon Stone, who wore a pair of palm-shaped earrings to this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar after-party. As one of the great-grandchildren of Sotirio Bul- gari, who founded the Roman jewelry house now owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hen-


nessy Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Bulgari has been steeped in jewelry since his childhood, but also in design. “My father was very much involved in the family busi- ness, and I was pretty mesmerized by his work,” he said, recalling Gianni Bulgari sketching anything from jewels and watches to car dashboards. “And that certainly had a strong influence on me when I was a kid.” Even so, the New York-born, Rome-raised jeweler, who studied art history and advertising at Boston University in the U.S., took a circuitous route back to the familiar fold of jewelry.

Four years in finance, working between New York and Mi- ami at the cusp of the 2000s, gave him “his independence.” But eventually, the call of jewels was stronger — although the first ones he worked on were of the mechanical kind, by heading to Switzerland to join his father Gianni Bul- gari, who’d gone into watchmaking in 1989. “I was very attracted to it because of its industrial design nature, and I thought I could pop down to Rome from time to time and follow up on the jewelry side,” he said. Even- tually, he worked with Ferragamo in 2011 on a fine-jew- elry line, tipping the scale definitively toward gemstones. In 2014, he joined Marina B as creative director and al- though his aunt had already exited the company, the creative process was very much a dialogue between the two of them, tapping into the brand’s archive and her “ex- traordinary style that was very much rooted in the Bulgari style, while being very identifiably [her own],” and giving them his spin. That said, Giorgio Bulgari isn’t about to rest on any fami- ly laurels. “I’m a fourth-generation jeweler, and I’ve been involved in this since my birth. I wouldn’t say it gives me legitimacy but [it] certainly casts a different perception,” he said. “There’s an element of trust, and [success] is in the relationship that one builds with a client.”


Behind the B Inspirations, briefs and backstories about Giorgio B • Giorgio B brings a strong, contemporary Italian de- sign sensibility to the traditional world of precious jewelry, injecting classic jewelry forms with powerful, modernist principles influenced by Italian industrial design. • When Giorgio Bulgari decided the time was right to shape his own collection, the process took two years, from conception to finished jewels. • Giorgio B is stylized and linear yet luscious and vo- luptuous, dramatic yet understated. It is characterized by bold proportions; symmetry or a balance of asym- metry; simplicity of shape and ornamentation; with an opulence that comes not from ornate surface dec- oration, but from generosity of form and volume, and from color and texture. • Influences: Cars, dashboards, watches, modernist furniture, Futurist paintings, 1930s typography, the jewels of Suzanne Belperron and Boivin, 20th-centu- ry industrial design, 1920s Machine Age style, speed, travel, planes, boats, trains, mechanization, factories, 1930s industrial posters. • Giorgio translates ‘rational beauty’ into his jewels. He chooses materials for comfort and practicality, using black ceramic instead of onyx, for example, for an asymmetrical, modernist diamond ring, preferring geometric cuts of gemstones. • Bulgari’s Goccia ring presents a massive, volumi- nous yet streamlined geometric form, while the ban- gle fuses a subtle retro flavor with striking modernity. • The stylized Palma earrings, inspired by 19th-centu- ry botanical prints of palm leaves, play with the light and texture of brushed gold in a way that Bulgari finds more modern than diamonds, their crisp fan-shaped lines exuding intense sun-drenched energy. • Rose gold is Bulgari’s preferred material, compli- mentary to skin and gemstones alike. He also confess- es a proclivity for stones with character, and “warmer colored diamonds,” particularly those from old mines. In the Giorgio B lines, there will also be white gold. Among the recent unique-piece designs is an octago- nal red spinel on an asymmetrical band that has been set in black ceramic, leaving only a gold outline fram- ing the stone. • Overlooking the Old Town of Geneva, the Giorgio B studio is where Giorgio Bulgari gives life to each new design creation. The jewels of Giorgio B are expertly crafted by master goldsmiths in Italy and Switzerland so that their beauty is fully aligned with their function.



GOING WAY BEYOND THE BEAUTY Longtime de Boulle brand ambassador — and one of the world’s most famous supermodels — Niki Taylor tackles 10 questions, on everything from her favorite piece of jewelry to what it means to be a parent.


t takes a strong and confident person to convey the essence of our de Boulle collections of jewelry


Taylor is one of the most successful models of all time. The South Florida native now calls Nashville home, with her children and her husband, NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. Taylor began modeling at 14 and immediately captured the heart of America, and then the world, with her girl-next-door charm and beauty. She was the youngest model to ever secure a multimillion-

— pieces that are striking, stunning and masterfully crafted for today’s modern woman. That is why Niki Taylor — the world- renowned supermodel and spokesperson — returns as de Boulle’s ultimate brand


dollar contract and the first model to have been on six major American magazine covers in the same month. (Entertainment Weekly called them the Niki Six: the May 1996 covers of Vogue , Allure , Elle , Self , Shape and Marie Claire .) She also was featured on more covers of Seventeen and Allure than any other model then, or since. Taylor has been a television interviewer, launched a fragrance and started a foundation for the advancement of women in business. In an era of here-today-gone-tomorrow celebrity, Taylor continues to be recognized worldwide for her grace, charm and on- camera charisma, as well as her ongoing efforts for the welfare of others. Here, we go behind the beauty to get to know the one and only Niki Taylor just a little bit more. 1) What’s a winter-holiday tradition for you? Holidays have always been about family gatherings! It was certainly easier when we all lived in the same state, but now that we don’t, it takes a bit more planning. Nevertheless, the tradition of getting together will continue! 2) And a summer tradition? Summer has always been about the kids and their

special interests. We always try to plan a trip to discover something new. 3) A book or movie you highly recommend — and why. I watch what the kids want to watch — so it is pretty much Disney and the same goes with books! 4) Summarize being a parent in one sentence. To be a parent means to be always aware and alert, on the one hand, and to have a sense of humor and gratitude, on the other. 5) How do you quickly dress for a party that’s on the glamorous side? A black dress and a nice necklace-and-earring combination.

7) What’s a bucket-list destination to visit?

Because of my work, I’ve been lucky to visit so many great places, so now I’d like to see more of this great nation when possible — nowhere in particular and everywhere in general.

8) Are you beach or m ountains? Beach!

BASILISK COLLAR Emerald eyes, diamonds (6.70 ctw.) adorn the head and tail, set on an oversized curb chain in 18K yellow gold. SERPENT COIL BRACELET Emerald eyes, diamonds (5.84 ctw.) adorn the head and the tail in 18K yellow gold.

9) What friends mean to you. Life. 10) A piece of jewelry that you’ve had forever. My wedding ring.




The de Boulle High Jewelry collection celebrates innovative craftsmanship and timeless design — the absolute ultimate in luxury — each created to mesmerize and delight. Our collection includes new designs and new editions and features a selection of some of the world’s most rare and sought-after stones. From vibrant emeralds to fiery conch pearls, these stones exemplify nature at its finest — rendered even more exquisite, as only de Boulle can. Discover these extraordinary creations, brilliantly worn by returning de Boulle brand ambassador Niki Taylor, as she shines with elegance and ease. Glamorous, alluring, inspired: That is de Boulle High Jewelry. de Boulle’s past, present and future.























de Boulle throws an event about more than horology TIME FOR HER


n October 2022, de Boulle had the distinct honor of hosting a very special event cele- brating women and craft. The occasion? Marveling at the spectacular ladies’ timepieces of legendary watchmak- er Patek Phillipe. The setting? The stylish Joule hotel in downtown Dallas.

their hosts, the entire Boulle family: Denis, Karen, Nick and Emma.

Beyond the Boulles were displays of watch models that combine function with beauty — something that Patek Philippe has mastered for women who are intrigued as much by fine complications as they are by beautiful appearances. One collection showcased was the famous Patek Philippe Ladies’ Twenty~4. Created in 1999, the Twenty~4 epito- mizes timeless feminine elegance. Dedicated to an active and modern woman, this timepiece was conceived to fit in with every moment of her life. Proposed in dia- mond-set rose gold or stainless-steel versions, it is the

Accessed via a private glass elevator, The Terrace at The Joule boasts exciting views of the sky above and the street below (Main Street, to be exact). It was the perfect place for such an elegant affair, having both alfresco and glass-enclosed spaces. As guests arrived on The Terrace, they were greeted by flowers — and more flowers — and


perfect complement to fashionable business or casual wear and the most elegant dress watch for any evening wear. With 2018 marking the launch of the Twenty~4 Automatic collection, the new models complimented the existing range. The new series of self-winding mechan- ical ladies’ watches was the first model of the Twenty~4 collection featuring a round case and the caliber 324SC self-winding movement, with its date aperture and sweep seconds. The Ref. 4997/200R, a rose-gold version of Patek Phillipe’s iconic, white-gold Ladies’ Calatrava Reference 4897 was also highlighted at the event. The new timepiece fea- tures a unique purple hue — calfskin strap included — a refreshing and refined color that enhances the warm nu- ances of the rose gold. The domed dial is embossed with a concentric wave pattern and coated with more than 50 successive layers of translucent purple lacquer — a rich decor that creates a fascinating depth effect, over which the rose-gilt-powdered hour markers and the faceted rose-gold hands appear to float. The bezel, set with 76 round, internally flawless diamonds, highlights the dial and the entirely polished case. This was most definitely a crowd favorite among the guests. They admired and

learned about all of the exquisite timepieces, while a skilled watchmaker from Patek Philippe demonstrated her watchmaking skills for both watch connoisseurs and novices alike. The finale for such a stylish evening? A sumptuous seat- ed luncheon where guests enjoyed lively conversations— perfect way to celebrate exquisite ladies’ timepieces from Patek Philippe.



NEW WAVE The iconic Patek Philippe Ladies’ Calatrava is

In 2021, Patek Philippe revisited the iconic model through a new Reference 4997/200G-001, equipped with a self-wind- ing movement and a slightly larger white-gold case of 35 mm instead of 33 mm. In 2023, the Swiss watchmaker enriched its range of ladies’ timepieces with a new rose-gold version featuring a unique purple hue — an original and refined color perfectly match- ing the warm nuances of the precious metal —the Reference 4997/200R. Every Patek Philippe timepiece is built with precision and passion. In the new 4997/200R, an ultra-thin, self-winding 240 caliber with an off-center, 22K gold mini-rotor makes it possible to offer a very slim case of just 7.4 mm. The move- ment’s design and finishing reflect the Patek Philippe Seal criteria — the watch industry’s strictest hallmark of qual-

presented with a refined new hue

Unveiled in 2009 by legendary watchmaker Patek Philippe, the Ladies’ Calatrava Reference 4897 — with its embossed and lacquered dial framed by a diamond-set bezel — was the epit- ome of classic feminine elegance.


ity, applying to all aesthetic and functional aspects of a timepiece. The ultra-thin movement is visible through the transparent sapphire case back. The domed dial requires long and careful work. The un- derlying base, embossed with a concentric wave pattern, is coated with more than 50 successive layers of translu- cent purple lacquer. This decor creates a fascinating depth effect, over which the rose-gilt-powdered, arrow-shaped hour markers and the faceted rose-gold dauphine hands appear to be delicately floating. The shade of the dial is

echoed by the purple calfskin strap, with its satinated fin- ish and rose-gold prong buckle. The bezel is, set with 76 round, internally flawless Top Wesselton diamonds (0.55 cts.) and highlights the dial’s embossed pattern of concentric waves and the entirely pol- ished case. The new rose gold Reference 4997/200R-001 joins the white gold Reference 4997/200G-001 in the current collection.

A CLOSER LOOK T he special features of Patek Philippe’s new Ladies’ Calatrava Reference 4997/200R • Ultra-thin, self-winding 240 caliber with 22K gold mini-rotor • 35 mm-diameter rose-gold case, entirely polished • Bezel set with 76 internally flawless, Top Wesselton diamonds (0.55 cts.) • Purple lacquered dial with embossed pattern and rose- gilt-powdered hour markers • Rose-gold faceted dauphine hands • Purple calfskin strap with satinated finish and rose-gold prong buckle

Case • Height: 7.4 mm

• Water-resistant to 30 meters • Sapphire crystal case back Gemsetting • 76 diamonds: 0.55 cts. Movement • Caliber 240 • Ultra-thin • Self-winding • Diameter: 27.50 mm • Height: 2.53 mm • Number of parts: 161 • Winding rotor: 22K gold off-center mini-rotor • Frequency: 21,600 semi-os cillations/hour (3 Hz) • Power reserve: minimum

48 hours Displays • Hour hand • Minute hand

• Two-position crown: Pushed in to wind the watch, pulled out to set the time






12 lucky guests have a morning they’ll always remember had a lot of fun unveiling the latest collec- tion. Many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind with bespoke jewels. Over 200 pieces in all were unveiled. An insider FYI: This was the same studio where our returning brand ambassador, supermodel Niki Taylor, had been recent- ly photographed for this issue of de Boulle Magazine. Guests got a sneak peek at the new images and our special Bahamas shoot, which features our very own Emma Boul- le and two other new brand ambassadors. Gazing at the stunning images — from still lifes of jewelry to breathtaking shots of all the brand ambassadors — our guests were truly in awe. And then the real fun began: The same team that worked with Taylor was again here, this time to make our clients supermodels for the day. Clyde Haygood styled the hair, Heather Fitzgerald and Lisa Nik applied the makeup and an on-site manicurist ap- plied beautiful colors to nails. (Yes, this was the full supermodel treatment.) Once each guest determined what jewels to wear for her shoot — and what amazing choices! — she took center stage for her own session with fashion photographer Judson Baker, who has photographed Taylor for our mag- azine and campaigns.

On a perfect September morning, de Boul - le revealed an exclusive peak of our newest designs at a pho-

to studio in Dallas. The in- vitation-only event was for just 12 lucky clients, who were greeted by mother-daughter hosts Karen Boulle and Emma Boulle. There were elegant noshes for snacking and delicious

bubbles for sipping.

All the while, invitees viewed some of the most lavish pieces featuring emeralds and the newest creation: a magnificent sapphire ring totaling more than 21 carats, surround- ed by baguette diamonds. And, because one of the many things that distinguishes de Boulle is our own line of jew- elry — the de Boulle Collection, designed and curated by Karen and Emma Boulle — we

This was a picture-perfect day, indeed.


danielle saunders

barbara bancroft

catalina garza

ashley noble


jeanette graFF

hayley pOdestA

Victoria Dixon

anne seanor


angela trinH

kathleen jacobson

sara perry

laura deymoa




of the most legendary tracks in the world, across the Unit- ed States and Europe, specializing in endurance racing at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. Here is an inside look at the latest season of racing — where only de Boulle can mix cars, curves and camaraderie like this.

WOUND UP The world’s fastest Boulle ends another racing season with veers & cheers A year full of twists and turns — and blasts down the straightaways — is behind Nick Boulle. The president of de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry has a well-known passion for race-car driving, having become the first and only authorized Rolex dealer to win the famed Rolex 24 At Daytona, in 2017. Based in Dallas, de Boulle Motorsports was founded in 2004 with Boulle’s debut on the North American karting scene. Today, de Boulle Motorsports is a living, moving illustration of the passion for excellence that de Boulle has for both jewelry and timepieces. The de Boulle Motorsports team has competed in races at some

Follow de Boulle Motorsports: @deBoulleMotorsports

ROLEX 24 AT DAYTONA Nick Boulle’s racing career just keeps revving up.

In January 2023, Boulle joined FastMD Racing for the prestigious Rolex 24 At Daytona, which sits alongside the 24 Hours of Le Mans as one of the most famous and re- vered endurance races in the world. Enticing the world’s greatest drivers and continuously pushing the modern automobile beyond the established limits of reliability, the competition — held at the legendary Daytona Internation- al Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida — is the ultimate test of team, driver and machine. A partner of track racing in Daytona Beach from its very beginnings in the late 1950s, Rolex has been title sponsor of the celebrated ‘twice-around-the-clock’ motor sport challenge since 1992. In his sixth time on the historic track, Boulle completed


the driver squad of James Vance and Antonio Serravalle, both of Canada, and Yu Kanamaru of Japan. Each brought a wealth of experience to the FastMD Racing team, enter- ing the Rolex 24 confident that both crew and car — the No. 87 Duqueine M30-D08 Nissan, in the LMP3 class — were prepared to take on the monumental challenge. Everyone worked tirelessly in anticipation of the event. Boulle brings years of experience on the world’s greatest endurance racecourses, including Le Mans in France and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. His greatest notoriety may be when he became the first certified Rolex retailer to win the Rolex 24 At Daytona in the LMPC class, with Performance Tech Motorsports, in 2017. Boulle has previ- ously secured several podium placements. Kicking off the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Champi- onship 2023 season, the race was the 61st running of the famed 24-hour endurance challenge. The crown jewel of the championship, the race features competition in five classes: the headlining Daytona Prototype International (DPi); Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2); Le Mans Prototype 3 (LMP3); and GT Daytona Pro (GTD PRO). This year, 61 cars, including nine in the LMP3 class, were on the entry list, all competing for a podium finish. The Rolex 24 At Daytona took the green flag on Satur- day, January 28, at 1:40 in the afternoon, Eastern time. Here is Boulle’s own recap: “What a crazy 24 hours! We ended up finishing in posi- tion 6 in our class, which is no easy feat. Eighteen hours into the race, we were sitting in position 3 in our class before suffering an issue that forced us to go back to the garage. Absolutely gutting. Our rock-star crew was able to fix the car and get us back on the track, to finish what we started. A mega shout-out to our crew guys for grinding it out all night long and pushing until the end. Our drivers did an outstanding job and we are proud of the effort they put forward, along with the engineering team on the pit wall. We are extremely thankful for all our fans and part- ners for making this experience possible.”

WATKINS GLEN Inside two roaring races at one of the most famous tracks in the world, direct from one of the drivers — our own Nick Boulle Over a long weekend in June, Nick Boulle strapped into a 510-horsepower racing Porsche for two hair-rais- ing races — all part of the Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup North America during the Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen, a six-hour endurance race held since 1969 at the famous Watkins Glen International raceway in New York. The winners of that legendary race have included Bruce McLaren and Mario Andretti. Attracting the best Pro, Pro-Am and Amateur sports car drivers from North America and around the world, the Porsche Carrera Cup is the premier one-make champion- ship on the continent, with drivers competing in identical Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race cars — the racing version based on the current 922 generation road car. The Carrera Cup races across the country at the biggest motorsport events on the North American racing calendar, including the 12 Hours of Sebring and the Long Beach Grand Prix. With capacity fields, breathtaking racing cars and some of the world’s best drivers, 2023 again raised the bar for this incredible championship. Our Nick Boulle was behind the wheel for part of it, driving for 762 Motorsports at 110 miles per hour. For 40 minutes straight. Twice. Here are his raw reactions to the challenge:


THURSDAY “All smiles here at Watkins Glen In- ternational, despite a tough first day getting through some teething issues in the Porsche Carrera Cup car. We’ll have it sorted for Qualifying tomor- row morning and find out where a new set of tires puts us. Quali session goes green at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. Race 1 is at 1:20 pm, for 40 minutes.”

FRIDAY “First race in the Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup North America is done & dusted. Ended up in position 14 of 20 in the Pro Class. I have a long way to go but loving my first rip in the car and the competitive field. Every session gets easier as we learn the tricky car, so we’ll see how we end up! We also have 40 minutes for race 2, which starts at 12:20 pm.”

SUNDAY “My first run in the 992 Porsche GT3 Cup car wrapped up with race 2 yesterday. The results aren’t there yet, but we know what needs to happen next. We knew it would not be easy jumping in for a first round at Watkins Glen midway through the season, so we’ll push to move it for- ward, next round. Looking forward to another weekend in the Porsche Carrera Cup soon and getting some more laps behind the wheel. Big thanks to de Boulle, de Boulle Motor - sports, John Mossey, Trevor Andrus- ko, 762 Motorsports, Harris Levitas, TPC Racing and the crew for all of their support this weekend!” In late September, more than 90,000 passionate car fans gathered in Mon- terey, California, over four days to thrill to classics, newly minted leg- ends — like the all-new 911 GT3 R Rennsport — and racing. The hook? It’s was all Porsche, all the time. Held at the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca and billed as the world’s largest gathering of Porsche race cars and drivers, the Rennsport Reunion is called “a time when new and long- time Porsche enthusiasts, owners and collectors stand shoulder to shoulder with renowned drivers and legendary engineers. A place where new-vehicle reveals and some of the rarest Porsche models ever made are found just steps away from exciting racing action, e-sports, fan zones and meet-and- greets with living icons.” Nick Boulle drove in two races with MDK Motorsports in the No. 3 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, competing in the Pro Class. In the first race, Boulle finished 14th in his class, moving up from 20th at the start. In the second, he started 18th and moved up to 12th, briefly af- ter the start, before being forced off the track and having to recover, finishing a hard-won 18th. In its seventh installment, the Rennsport Reunion celebrated the cars, people and moments at the heart of the Porsche experience. It was a weekend for the books — four days filled with iconic Porsche vehicles and drivers, including one we happen to be quite familiar with.

Part motorsport, part car show, part family reunion’: Inside the world’s most oh-wow weekend for a beloved brand THE PORSCHE PEOPLE

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About the Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup North America: Attracting the best Pro, Pro-Am and Amateur sports car drivers from North America and around the world, the Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup North America is the premier one-make champi- onship on the continent, with drivers competing in identical Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Type 992) race cars. Carrera Cup races across the country at the biggest motor- sport events in the USA, de- livering market-leading event attendees, broadcast reach and premium experiences for all drivers, teams and partners in- volved. The new 922 generation 911 GT3 cup car made its world compe- tition debut in Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup North America in 2021. The spectacularly styled cup car is the first racing version based on the current 922 generation road car and the first one-make cup racer of the German sports car manufacturer to feature a wide turbo-spec body. Producing around 375 kw (510 hp), the new 911 GT3 Cup Type 992 exceeds the output of its immediate predecessor by 25 horsepower. The overall increase in perfor- mance of the 992 generation — over the type 991 II generation — was immediately apparent in the championship, with lap times nearly as quick as that year’s 911 GT3 R race cars in the IMSA WeatherTech Sports- Car Championship. The devel- opment also showed itself in the Porsche Mobil1 Supercup rounds in 2021, where lap times were slashed by up to three sec- onds at most European circuits.

PUSHING & PULLING Our daring driver and his powerful Porsche make some memories in Austin, one turn at a time Racing as part of a wild Formula 1 weekend at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, makes for some unforgettable moments. On the third weekend of October 2023, our Nick Boulle drove in two races — the final two rounds of the Porsche Deluxe Carrera Cup North America, the pre- mier one-make championship on the continent, all leading up to a main-event Formula 1 race on Sunday. The weekend started for de Boulle Motorsports and Boulle — piloting the No. 3 deBoulle Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car in the Pro Class — with one 25-minute prac- tice on Friday, followed by a qualifying round and the first of the two races on Saturday, then the second race on Sunday. The practice race held promise, with decent pace in the car despite the limited track time. The qualifying round did not go to plan, with varying track condi- tions playing a role in a less-than-ideal fast-lap attempt, putting Boulle 20th on the grid for race 1 and 2. Race 1 did start well and, in the fray of Turn 1 near the end of the race, Boulle was able to push all the way from 20th position to finish 13th in the Pro Class, chasing down full-time series regulars just outside of the top 10. Sunday did not go to plan. Boulle spun on the first lap of the race and went to last place of the almost 40-car field. Despite this, and with only limited green- flag laps, Boulle was able to make his way through the field in the 40-minute race. Eventually, he crossed the finish line in 11th position in the Pro Class. It was bittersweet, as there was great potential for a great result on Sunday — in front of the big Formula 1 Texas crowds! But, de Boulle Motorsports is already planning for 2024 and looks forward to a major racing year in both endurance and GT3 racing, all around the world. More memories are in the making.



The de Boulle High Jewelry collection celebrates innovative craftsmanship and timeless design — the absolute ultimate in luxury — each created to mesmerize and delight. Our collection includes new designs and new editions and features a selection of some of the world’s most rare and sought-after stones. From vibrant emeralds to fiery conch pearls, these stones exemplify nature at its finest — rendered even more exquisite, as only de Boulle can. Discover these extraordinary creations, brilliantly worn by returning de Boulle Brand Ambas- sador Niki Taylor, as she shines with elegance and ease. Glamorous, alluring, inspired: That is de Boulle High Jewelry. de Boulles past, present and future.

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PAGE 22-23 Masterpiece Emerald Riviere Necklace fea - tures 96 carats of emeralds in 18K yellow gold. Tubogaz Cuff with diamonds in 18K yellow gold. High Jewelry Collection Black Opal Ring features a 3.75 ct. opal center accented with emeralds, sapphires and diamonds in platinum. High Jewelry Collection Trellis Bracelet with Colombian emeralds (27.62 ct.) and diamonds in 18K yewllow gold

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